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chapter6: You should come out

My phone buzzed in my pocket saving me from dad. I pettily held my phone screen up blatant waving in front of Mateo’s face to read the caller ID ”Nevanji may you please tell everyone I’ll be out in the house taking this.” I spoke my gaze solemly fixed on dad despite my phone being in Mateo’s face where I waved it for emphasis.

I didn’t mean to be defiant, but I had been drinking and the bottle does nothing to calm my nerves which were making my skin itch in ...fear?

On the other end of the line Danielle was livid.

Turns out the political wing of the council was making the investigation of what had been duped ′the coward mate’ high and first priority thereby her parents had called her up letting her know we were both needed back and that’s probably why dad had gotten all too unreasonably upset with me coming alone.

That was his wing after all.

“But everyone thinks we’re mates, couldn’t they spare us the check?” I asked nervously biting into my fingernails.

Danielle scoffed and whispered back through the phone as I had been the whole conversation “Do you know what’s supposed to happen when mates consummate for the first time?” she paused and I heard a door on her end of the line close behind before she carried on “our initials are supposed to appear on the coveted cave stones at the Alpha’s compound not everyone has access to them but select members of the council do. So your family plus the others in the council must suspect something is fishy.” She paused a second and carried on “Malik honey, we moved out of state, same college, living together through the heat seasons. We’re supposed to be mates and yet our names haven’t appeared on the caves?”

I caught onto what she was implying.

“And the stones don’t lie.” I spoke into the phone going upstairs to my old room In case someone walked in.

Danielle sniffed through the phone “And the council is anything but stupid. The Alpha will have my head.” Her voice broke at the end and I knew my best friend was panicking “You have to come out Malik. The Victrollis will have my head on a stick.” She was seething, panicking and sounding muffled like she was crying into a shirt sleeve or pillow or something.

And honestly so was I-panicking-not crying but I still didn’t want Brady and at this point I didn’t care for anyone’s judgement not even dad.

“When do you land?”

“My manager and Dad booked a flight for me right after you left. So I’m here, I’m home.” She replied still sniffing

“Can I come over?” I asked picking up dad’s car keys.

“Please. Now if you can.” She replied before we got off the phone.

Minutes later I was climbing through her window, she opened up amused at the high school throwback and helped me in.

The night sky showed through the open slit of the curtains and in my arms lay a worn out Danielle who’d fed on half a tub of ice cream I’d brought for her.

It literally took over three hours of her tears and words begging me to fess up to the Alphas. She was understandably terrified to lose her life over something so simple like childish vendettas also she was scared for my family’s heritage that would be shot to flames at my misconduct...well act of treason actually. I was terrified too, even though it was getting harder to remember why I hated Brady so much I never let myself forget everything.

It was no secret that although not heartless our Alpha Brady’s dad was famously ruthless and for when the truth would come out if it ever came out there was no shadow of doubt he would demand Danielle’s head on a stick for being an accomplice and he would personally rip my heart before going after my whole family’s bloodline out if his Nevanji and only son dies.

Night sweats and the sound of my cruel bitter heart beating out of my chest kept me up that night even after I cradled my best friend to sleep and called mom to let her know I’d be staying over at Danielle’s.

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