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chapter7: summoned

I woke up a little later at Danielle’s soft calling.

I sat up rubbing the heavy sleep out of my eyes and followed her voice “The tactical team wants us both down at the medical center?” she was still in her emerald green robe she’d worn in the morning two nights ago when I slept over, standing over me with two cups of black coffee I looked around the room only to meet eyes with one of Brady’s friends from high school.

“Danielle and I are already mated together we don’t have to go with you.” I said gruffly and defiantly.

His lips slowly tugged upwards an amused smug grin sitting on his features and folded the sleeves of his grey shirt revealing an eagle tattoo. “Not my fault your names aren’t marked on the sacred walls sweetheart.” He mocked...clear he hadn’t changed.

I defiantly stayed in bed “Well we’re waiting for the vows to happen first. You wouldn’t understand the concept of waiting.”

He traded his gaze between Dani and I, checked his pager and left the room with a lazy dismissive wave “Then you have nothing to worry about. Just dress up and be there in ten minutes or your families will be charged. And that’s by the order of the blue bloods besides. You don’t want to upset your old man now do you?” he stopped by the door and smirked then looked at Dani “hey sweetheart, if you’re waiting because you’re scared of the pain from your hymen breaking” he paused to chuckle and finished “don’t be you won’t feel a thing. Assure her Malik.” Then he and his men left laughing.

“You’re average sized I know baby.” She beat me to the defense her hand running soothing circles on my back.

Soon as we watched him drive away from Dani’s window she dropped her face in her hands and landed on the floor crying. She was freaking out again and I hurriedly pulled in for support? I rubbed circles on her back and occasionally dropping a kiss on the top of her head reminding her that nothing would happen to either of us and especially her if I got made.

And that was a huge if, only her and i knew the truth and neither of us would tell, we’d stick with our abstinence story. Noone had questioned it for years and the distraction would be large and focused on girls anyway.

And in the case i were caught, I’m the mate right? To save their Alpha they should be willing to submit to at least one of my conditions right? To make me comply and submit to Brady. And that’s only if they find out anyway.

I had to help Dani out of her robe and into a pair of high waisted dark jeans and a tank top. Even on the drive on our way to I tried to convince her not to panic but she looked so sullen and In this state everyone would know something was wrong with us. She knew too so she made me stop by the gas station so we could buy a bottle of whiskey and some mouthwash.

I couldn’t share the drink because I was driving plus alcohol made me...sustainable to embarrassing myself. Which was the last thing we needed right now.

We made a U-turn going back in the direction of the Alpha’s estate.

The place stood distinct and taller than most if not all houses in town. The gates were made of iron steel and heavily guarded by men holding up rifles with scowls of intimidation on their faces. They let us in and inside was no different from the outside in terms of armored guards and vigilante pack members walking on all fours or two feet loitering around unarmed huffing and puffing their chests out for this ‘cowardly mate’

We were ushered to a spot to park in and a siren blared off soon as we got out of the car. Noise filled the surrounding as everyone made a run for the stone built mansion excitedly.

Danielle and I were hesitant she held my arm and whispered “Brady never liked me as much as he liked you. He will not have mercy on my soul. I’ve thought about it let’s run away.”

I surveyed our surrounding area and smiled “you mean that?”

She nodded

I reminded her “If we run then it’s really treason, we’ll be living as wolf fugitives not to mention disbanded from our families.”

She nodded

I reminded her again “It means less for me as I’ll be dying soon enough as I’d have denied my mate anyway but you haven’t even found your mate yet and you’re kinda famous.”

I felt her arms shaking as she snaked them around my neck for the benefit of Tyler who was advancing towards us “I’m dead either way Malik at least if we run I’ll have more time.”

I squeezed one of her hands and whispered “running means running from everyone including your family Danielle.”

She dropped her head on the crook of my neck and softly whispered “I’m just really terrified of dying more.”

Tyler cleared his throat “Your mate review records checked out, you can both leave and happily practice abstinence or fear.” He looked at me a loop sided smile “unlike the rest of us who don’t even know the concept.”

Danielle squealed beside me just as a stream of howling went up and soon enough a few men from the task forces came up with one whispering something in Tyler’s ear. Tyler checked his pager and I started trotting towards our car with Dani still shrieking beside me when one of the men stopped us from moving.

“What’s going?” I asked.

The stranger took my car keys and yelled out to no one in particular “WE’RE ON LOCKDOWN!!!NOONE’S TO LEAVE OR COME IN WITHOUT IDENTIFICATION!!”

A few guys with metal arrows and some with guns riding on their backs came up between Dani and me to escort us from the parking lot. Dani practically screamed drunk on the bottle and fear laced with panic “What the hell is going on? We were excused Tyler!!!”

Tyler replied “Your future Alpha is now breathing better which means his mate just entered the gates. Noone’s leaving anymore.”

“But you checked our records; it can’t be either of us besides two minutes ago you said we could go.” my best friend cried

“That was two minutes ago, this is now.” Tyler growled as he pumped a fist in the air and commanded “EVERYONE TO YOUR STATIONS NOW!!”

“Ok but Malik has a work deadline a very important surgery on a crazy disadvantaged kid can he be excused at least? I’ll stay.” Dani pleaded her lie

“I said everyone is subject for inspection. Everyone.” Tyler said as he led us and his team at a faster pace and as we neared the crowd he added “This isn’t the time to be selfish Malik it’s just one day for your Alpha.”

“Brady is not an Alpha yet” i retorted

“Very soon he groaned” unintelligibly as he measured the compound area littered with plenty other pack members.

“Same Alpha who bullied me all my life until I made sure we wouldn’t run into each other?” I yelled at Tyler’s back hatefully.

He stopped and faced me “When did he actually bully you petiso?" Tyler scoffed as he left us running ahead of us to another team of the forces.

The guards then separated us taking us in opposite sides based on gender.

Dani’s cried got louder and piercing.

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