The Truth About Jay Mauser

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Chapter Eleven; Shadows of The Night

July 20, 2017 – On the road

“What we need to focus on is finding that god-damned Amulet of Redemption,” Jude said to the duo as he parked the car on the side of the road. There wasn’t a motel for miles, nor was there a pit stop, and bloody hell, Jay needed to pee.

“Fuck it,” Jay said and got it out of the car. “I’m taking a piss on the side.”

“Whatever you need,” Jude replied with a cringed nose, but Shannon didn’t even look disgusted.

With a slight cough, Shannon said, “If I’m going to… ‘Betray’ Heaven, I suppose I can help you out.”

Jay zipped his fly down and relieved himself at the edge of the road and let out a sigh. Although the feeling of being watched made the hairs on the back of his neck rise, the male didn’t give a damn what anyone thought. If he had to pee, he would do what he had to do. Once he finished, he returned to the Mustang and closed the door behind him.

“You could at least try to clean your hands,” Jude muttered with uneasiness.

Jay rolled his eyes. “It’s not like we have hand sanitizer, and I’m not going to spit on my hands to ‘clean’ them.”

“That would be more efficient,” Jude sighed and looked back to Shannon. “So, the Amulet of Redemption… Tell me that you know where it is.”

“I mean, I have an idea,” she said, unsure.

“You’re not betraying Heaven, Shannon,” Jay said to her. “You’re helping us, and they won’t ever find out.”

“They figure out everything.” She scratched at her chin and leaned forward to them. “I know it’s here in Canada, but not in Ontario. There was a legend in Heaven about how the most powerful necklace laid in a floating boat in a small stream, but it never moves. It just… floats. I find it quite remarkable, but I’ve never seen it for myself.”

Jude nodded. “At least we have something in common.”

Shannon smiled thoughtfully and pointed East. “It’s that way,” she said to them.

“You can just sense it?” Jay inquired with fascination.

She raised her shoulders and then dropped them. “I mean, angels can do more than just teleport from on spot to the other. But that’s not the problem. The Amulet of Redemption couldn’t be more than a thousand kilometers away.”

Jude’s jaw nearly dropped. “That’s a long way to drive,” he said.

“Weren’t you planning on going to Nova Scotia?”

Jude sucked on a tooth. “Well… yeah.”

“That’s not much of a difference is it?”

“I guess not,” Jude replied to the angel and took out a map from the compartment. Studying it for a moment, a face of relief crossed his face. “It’ll be just before Charlotte Town, no further. So we might hit Nova Scotia, Jay.”

Jay smiled at that. “That’s good to hear,” he replied and took a look at the map. “We’ll get some more of that ‘brotherly bonding’ that you wanted so badly.”

He wasn’t sure if a speck of hurt crossed of eyes, or if it was slight hope. “I’m already feeling like I’m getting to know you better.”

Well, that was a surprise. He wasn’t even sure if Jude was capable of learning something so specific about someone in particular. “Oh yeah?” he decided to reply with. “Since when were you so observant?”

“Doesn’t it come with the job description? To understand patterns, to understand how something acts and behaves?”

“So… you’re saying that you’re studying me like a demon?” Jay challenged.

“Oh, c’mon Jay, you know that that’s not what I meant,” he sighed.

Jay offered him a careless shrug. “Well, I guess you don’t know me that well, then.”

A scoff escaped his lips and he started the car. “You’re unbelievable.”

“At least you’re starting to realize that,” Jay said and folded to map into a small square before placing it back in the compartment. “You know where we’re going?”

“Just put it on the phone’s GPS,” was all Jude said before he cranked the volume of the radio. He could basically feel the tension in the Mustang, and he didn’t even realize that Shannon had flown away to escape their brotherly drama.

“The movie was great!” Jay exclaimed as the screen turned black. “I’ve never seen anything so awesome.”’

Jude chuckled and stood up, taking the last handful of popcorn and stuffing it into his mouth. “I have to admit, Superman is definitely more cool than Batman.”

“I told you,” Jay said with triumph and followed his brother down the aisle and they both exited the theatre. “We should go again.”

“Not anytime soon, though,” Jude sighed, and disappointment crossed Jay’s features.

“Why not?”

“My job cut back my shifts,” he explained, “and they’re saying that they’re not making enough money to give me more than two shifts a week. I’m only making minimum wage.”

“But that’s not fair for you,” Jay whined.

“Life’s not fair, sometimes.” Jude shook his head. “But I’ll find another job, and when I make more money, we can go as many times as you want to the theatre.”

Jay smiled. “I like that idea.” He brightened up. “We could watch your Batman movie, and more Marvel.”

“Isn’t there a Batman and Superman movie coming out soon?”

“I think so…”

“Then we’ll go and see that, then,” Jude concluded.

They exited the theatre, and the neon light still illuminated the street, and it turned their faces red when the faced it. But when they went to turn the corner, Jude stopped him immediately from continuing.


A gunshot rang through the air.

“Get back inside,” Jude ordered.

“What’s going on—“


Jude grabbed his hand and forced him back inside, and he could hear screaming from behind him. There was a man outside wearing a black Stetson, and he had just murdered a woman walking down the street—she was murdered right beside them.

They’ve been hunted for far longer than they knew.

Darkness was hiding in every corner, every shadow—waiting to pounce when they didn’t expect it to. Someday, at some point of time, the shadows of the night will decide to strike once again.

They had to be prepared.

Paranoia was common these days, especially in families that witnessed a traumatic event. Go back, go back, go back… the words repeated in his mind like a broken record. Maybe, perhaps, he had already gone insane for letting those two simple words get to him from a dream, but this itching feeling all around his body had cursed him ever since.

Only a few days passed by after his dream, but how could he forget it after such a short amount of time? He couldn’t help but wonder what those two words meant, and what would happen if he didn’t listen to what his brother had told him.

He knew he had to solve it, but did he have time for the case of his parent’s deaths and words from a dream? It was probably nothing—just his subconscious trying to make him back off from all of this.

He wouldn’t abandon his brother just because of their feud and disagreements. It’s what siblings did, right? Be there for each other?

Even when everyone he loved was ripped away from him.

Jay had his brother left, and everyone else aside from Uncle Ben had been murdered. What were they supposed to do?

He let out a tired sigh, and he knew that stressing about two words from a strange dream was idiotic. Rubbing the back of his neck and looking outside the window, he noticed the sun was slowly going down, and there wasn’t a motel for miles.

“You’re pale,” Jude stated, looking over at him from the windshield.

Jay furrowed his brows. “I am?”

He nodded. “Like a ghost.” Apparently the dream got more to him than he had thought. “Do you need something to eat?”

“I’m not hungry.” In seconds his stomach growled, and it showed otherwise. Dammit.

“Uh huh…” Jude muttered slowly. “Dude, you sound like a freaking monster.”

“There isn’t a motel for miles, and you ate all the snacks that you stole.”

“Well, once we come across something, we’ll get some food. Okay?” Jude asked with a raised brow, and Jay curtly nodded.

There was a long, deafening silence, and Jay felt like screaming his lungs out.

This built up anger inside him felt like a thousand daggers being stuffed down his throat, and had to get rid of them somehow.

Everything that they’ve done… from before Jude left to hunt monsters on his own, and when they did these insane crusades to bring justice—and now they finally know the truth.

It was too much.

Go back go back go back…

Jay felt like he was going insane.

Jay looked up at him then, and Jude’s eyes were cold, but there was silver lining his blue eyes. He felt his heart clench and threaten to break. He had never seen his brother cry—ever.

“Because I’m afraid,” he got out.

“Afraid? Of what?” He sounded angry.

“Of losing you!” he cried, and he received a bunch of looks from around the diner. He didn’t care at the moment. “This is dangerous what we’re doing, and if this turns out to be something more than we can handle, I just don’t want you to die…”

“I’m not going to die.”

“You don’t know that.” He felt tears threaten to burn, but he didn’t let them come.

Jude shook his head. “Maybe I will, maybe I won’t. But it’ll be for a good cause, and I’ll go down doing something that’s right.”

“How can you say that?” he asked in disbelief. “How can you say you’re all right with death?”

“That’s all we do! All we do is die! Living a life like how I’ve wasted it? It’s no way to live, and it’s a burden on my soul. I’m not just doing this for mom and dad, Jay. I’m doing this for me. For us.”

Jay felt his heart break into a thousand different pieces at his brother’s words. Jude didn’t deserve to die. And he told him just that. “You don’t deserve to die, Jude. You’re the last person to ever deserve to die!”

“But I let them die!”

“You didn’t kill mom and dad. That demon killed them. Not you. You were only a child, and you couldn’t have done anything for them.”

“But I—“

“Jude, it wasn’t your fault. It never was.”

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