The Truth About Jay Mauser

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Chapter Twelve; Faults And Crimes

July 21, 2017 – On the road

Jay felt a sudden itch in his throat after the thought of being infested with small parasites. They were travelling for days, staying at motels that were incredibly cheap—but unfortunately disgusting. Jay had suggested to his brother that they should stay at a hotel, but Jude only shook his head stubbornly and crossed his arms, telling him that “he was the older brother and he got to choose the manly decisions”. That was the story of his life—almost literally.

Although it wasn’t far to his extent, the male decided to not fight his brother and just pushed through and choose the bed furthest from the front door.

Research, Jay thought, will be my gateway of freedom—for now. Pulling out Jude’s laptop, the male started typing away, going from Erica E. Mauser all the way to Revelations.

Sometimes Jay wondered what was real and what wasn’t. Every day people pretended to be something different; every day some one lied; and every day something just didn’t seem… real. Today was that day, and maybe it was everyday since Jude showed up at his door and brought him on this impossible hunt.

He felt as if claws were scratching every inch of his brain, and he wasn’t able to stop it. The irritation was nearly too much to deal with, especially as they sat in this awful motel room that stunk of urine. He scratched at his head with the phantom thought of a flea crawling on his hair.

“You look like a dog who’s got a bad case of fleas,” Jude muttered.

“I feel like I do because of this motel,” Jay shot back as he scratched at his black hair.

Jude snorted and leaned back into the ripped, 70’s rose-pink sofa. “It’s not that bad.”

“Yeah, says the one who’ll eat a two dollar burger made by a coke addict.” At that point, his words were meant to be a joke, but Jude only scoffed.

“And he made a hell of a good burger!” he exclaimed, taking a large bite of his food and chewed with his mouth open.

Jay cringed. “Not even a seven year old would chew with their mouth open.”

Jude smirked and gulped dramatically. “But you know I’m a six-year-old at heart.” He winked, and Jay let out a laugh of amusement.

He felt more connected with his brother now—he never expected anything so genuine to happen between them. But joking around with his brother like they were kids? Everything felt like it should be. He only hoped things could stay like this, at least for a little while.

The feeling of the scratching eventually went away, and he resisted going back on Jude’s laptop to research about their parents. Mostly he was afraid of what he’d find, and that he’d see something that he should have never discovered. He knew they must have died for a reason, but the reason was what he could not depict.

He just prayed that they didn’t get themselves into a battle with powerful figures. Jude believed demons had caused this crime of prejudice and violence, but that just seemed ridiculous.

Denial, he heard a voice whisper in his mind. You just don’t want to believe the truth. He shook his head and closed his eyes, trying to block out his sub-conscious. Sometimes he hated his mind.

“You okay there?” he heard Jude ask him as his brother set down his nearly demolished burger.

Jay opened his eyes slightly and nodded hesitantly. “Yeah, I’m all right,” he told him reassuringly.

He didn’t look convinced, but he didn’t push him. “If you say so.” His brother then stood up to grab the laptop from beside him. “What’d you find? Anything resourceful?”

He shrugged, and he rested his chin in the palm of his hand as he leaned into the small, kitchen table the motel had given the sad and disgusting room. “Nothing that we didn’t know already.”

The articles repeated everything the police had said, and he found it utterly useless to research something that probably had no reason to it.

“Huh,” Jude muttered and scrolled through the articles. “Well, the media clearly sucks.”

Jay smiled at his brother’s remark. “You could preach that.”

Jude grinned. “I know.”

“Then I saw an angel coming down from heaven, holding in his hand the key to the bottomless pit and a great chain,” from Revelations. The key to Hell. He always thought that the prophets of such a story was ridiculous, and the things that they would say just made him cringe. But, theoretically, and hypothetically, this two thousand year old folk tale could, possibly, be the key to this monstrosity.

No, he then thought. It wasn’t real, nor was it fake—it was the foresight of men who could “see” the future.

Maybe Donald Trump is the Devil; Jay then mused to himself silently and continued scrolling through the laptop.

There was nothing on Erica E. Mauser, nor was there a single comment on any social media about the “curse” that was bestowed upon their family. Of course, he then thought, why would anyone tell the world about this?

Sighing to himself with defeat, he ran both hands through his black hair that was starting to grow out. Sarah always told him that his hair looked better short, but with her… gone, would it hurt to make it a little longer?

Deciding to search for “Amulet of Redemption”, it yet again came to another failure. Absolutely nothing—not even a single necklace showed up. Not even a story like what Shannon had told him and his brother.


Tapping his finger on the MacBook, the male rolled his eyes to himself and sat back in the chair that might as well, too, be infested.

But he instantly sat up to the sound of the motel door being knocked on. Jay’s gaze flicked to his brother with warning, and his brother furrowed his brows. Who the Hell knows that we’re here? Jay stood up from the chair, and alongside his brother—who had managed to grab a pistol that he had stuffed in his pillow case—they made their way to the window and peaked through the curtains.

One a male, and the other a female. Both wore well-fitted black suits, and while the male wore sunglasses at eight-thirty p.m., he couldn’t help but think that they were apart of The Men in Black.

Shit. Cops.

Jay pointed a finger at the door and mouthed to his brother: how did they find us?

Jude glared at him. He mouthed back; you’re the one that works for them!

He rolled his eyes. It’s not like they’re tracking me down.

Unless they think you went bad cop, Jude countered.

A fist pounded on the door again and the male announced, “I know you’re in there. The light’s on.”

An idiot could leave a light on if they leave… Jay pointed at the door again. Open it. We’ll get them to leave.

Letting out an exasperated sigh, Jude slowly opened the door and hid the gun in the back of his pants and covered it with his orange and brown flannel.

The cops revealed their badges, showing that they weren’t just cops—they were apart of the RCMP. Jay could feel sweat bead atop his brow.

“I’m Agent Jones, and this is my partner Agent Roswell. We’d like to ask you boys a couple o’questions.”

Jay and Jude both exchanged nervous looks before they hesitantly nodded and allowed the agents inside. What on earth did they want from them?

They both moved to the other side of the motel room and looked around—probably seeing if nothing could jump out and kill them—before they both eyed them like wolves.

Shit shit shit shit shit

They know about the fake Credit Cards, the fake ID’s, the theft, and the murder… They know everything.

Jay felt his body begin to shake, and when the door shut, Jay nearly jumped out of his socks.

“Dammit, Jude,” he whispered under his breath when he realized his brother was the one who had shut it.

This time, in the first time ever, Jude looked serious. That playful grin always on his chapped lips were tense, and his eyes were narrowed. Jay knew that none of this was a joke. They were in trouble for sure.

“Before you do anything—“ Jay tried to cover his skin, but the agents interrupted him.

“We have reason to believe that you’re in danger,” they began. The instant flow of relief like a flooding dam hit him like a bullet.

Danger?” Jude inquired, and Jay saw his stiff shoulders turn relaxed. It wasn’t like they already didn’t know that they were in danger.

Agent Roswell nodded, and her eyes glowered. Her blonde hair was kinky, and somewhat knotty. Her red lipstick could be seen for miles, and her mascara was ultimately overdone. Agent Jones, however, was rather bland. With the sunglasses and pale skin without a single mole on his blank skin, there wasn’t much about the man.

“We’ve been tracking you down for a while now,” Agent Roswell said, “and we want to escort you both to safety.”

Jude snorted. “Safety? Hun, no where’s safe for people like us.”

Jay felt like elbowing him in the gut. “People like you?” Agent Jones inquired, and Jude realized his mistake.

“Well, you see, in a world where people like to murder, I’d say we could be next.”

“This is Canada,” Agent Jones said. “No one’s gonna murder you—unless you don’t come with us.”

Jay raised a brow. “Is that a threat?”

“A minor warning,” the agent replied.

This was crazy. All of this was crazy.

“Nothing’s going to kill us,” Jay muttered and rolled his eyes. It was a common act to lie for he knew exactly what was after him—the Devil himself. The mark burned, and Jay held it close to his side, resisting to scratch the upside down cross.

Agent Roswell shook her head. “There are many things you don’t know, Jay Mauser,” she said and lifted her hand towards the motel front door. “Come with us and you’ll be safe.”

Jay and Jude exchanged looks of suspicion. “Why should we trust you?” Jude then asked her.

The agents nearly scoffed, but then they kept their demeanor. “We’d prefer if you didn’t ask so many questions,” Agent Jones said without emotion. His gaze was laced without a trace of, well, anything. Jay thought it might have been the glasses, but not even a smile from his lip could be shown on his bland face.

Creep, Jay thought and crossed his arms. “We’re not going anywhere with you.”

Then there it was, the anger that the agent was missing. He stepped forward, and his shoulders became tense as he bared his yellowing teeth. “You have no choice,” he growled.

“But just as you said: this is Canada. Everyone has a choice,” Jude shot back, and he glared at the man.

“You boys don’t have a choice,” Agent Roswell said and placed a hand on her belt, and Jude instinctively removed his gun from the back of his jeans and pointed it at them.

“Don’t you dare go for that gun,” Jude warned.

The two agents slowly moved their hands over their shoulders, showing their surrender. “I wouldn’t do that if I were you,” Agent Jones said slowly.

Jude only rolled his eyes, and the gun in his hands still pointed at the two strangers. “Leave before I do something I’d regret,” he advised.

Agent Roswell shook her head, and Jay could see the uneasiness in her gaze. “We were only trying to help you.”

“Well you did a shit job at doing so,” Jude countered and jerked the gun towards the door before returning it to face the agents. “Leave, slowly, and no one will get hurt.”

The agents eyed each other before nodding and began to shuffle to the motel’s front door. “This won’t be the last of us,” Agent Roswell said before Jay opened the door for them and glared at the agents.

“You’ll regret it when you learn what’s after you,” Agent Jones said before he exited and they both disappeared into the dark of the night.

Jay eyed outside the door before he shut it once again and locked the door. Quickly he shut the blinds and hit his brother’s arm. “What was that!” he exclaimed with anger. “You made a stupid mistake by doing that, Jude.”

Jude placed the gun on the bed and raised his arms up and then dropped them. “What do you expect? Me to not react when the agent moved to get a gun from her belt? I won’t let them hurt you.”

“I don’t care for your intentions. You could have killed two human beings.” He already killed Sarah, although of her being possessed, she could have still been… alive. He shook his head and squeezed his blue eyes shut. “Just don’t do that again, please.” Jay was begging him now.

His brother sighed, and after a long moment, he nodded with defeat. “Fine,” he said with a sigh. “I won’t do that again.”

Relief flooded him, and he felt himself collapse onto the bed. “We need a break,” he said.

Jude raised a brow and sat down beside his brother, looking down at him. “A break?” he inquired. “You had a break for five years,” he added. “I’m sure we’ll get one after this is all done.”

Jay shrugged. “I mean, we’re constantly running, fighting and pretending. I just wish our family never had this damn curse…”

“Things happen for a reason,” Jude reasoned.

He shook his head and pressed two fingers into the bridge of his nose as he felt an oncoming migraine. “Our parents weren’t meant to cross fates, quoted by the Headmaster,” Jay said to his brother. “We weren’t ever meant to be born.”

A snort escaped Jude and he rolled his eyes with amusement. “The Headmaster seems like a freaking liar. That psychopath would say anything to get his way, and he almost did. We knew to get out of it while we could.”

“You’re not hearing me, Jude,” he continued and he sat up, looking up at the moldy roof. “Something caused our parents to meet—and interference with something… I want to figure this out, together.”

“But just as I said, he probably just said that for us to agree to do his dirty work.”

Jay looked at his brother for a second before he looked away, unsure. He could be right… but there was also something in his gut telling him that there was a lot more to this than ever.

Your parents were never meant to cross fates. Maybe the Headmaster lied, but maybe he was telling the truth.

But yet again… how would he know? Who would have told him?

It’s not like… It’s not like Uncle Ben would have been keeping something hidden from him and his brother—right?

Impossible. Uncle Ben would have never done such a thing.

“I guess you’re right…” Jay said and stood up to move to his own bed.

Jude let out a tired yawn. “We’ve had enough thinking for the day, brother. Get some sleep, and we’ll discuss this more in the morning.”

Jay nodded with agreement and warmed himself beneath the motel bed’s covers. Without another word, the male reached over to the side lamp and shut off the light, allowing the room to be enveloped with darkness.

Something moved in the dark.

Jay Mauser let out a panicked cry as he hid beneath his bed sheets. He was alone with only his brother in their childhood home, and as he watched a shadow creep towards him, he couldn’t help but scream.

The door swung open, and his brother appeared on the other side, exclaiming: “What’s wrong?”

Jay shook his paled face. “There’s something over there…”

Jude rolled his eyes with annoyance. The smell of intoxication and alcohol enveloped his nose over the smell of fear. “There’s nothing there, Jay.”

“I saw it—“

“Just go back to bed.” He started to close the door, and Jay jumped out of his bed, running towards his brother and holding the door opening.

“Don’t lose the door. Please don’t close the door…”

Jude stared at him for a long moment before he released the door. “There are no monsters, Jay. They aren’t real. It’s just your imagination.”

“I don’t know if that’s true,” was all Jay said before he slowly made his way back to bed, staring into the darkness. His brother hadn’t comforted him in a year. He didn’t believe in the dark.

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