The Truth About Jay Mauser

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Chapter Seventeen; Three Keys of Despair

July 30, 2017 – On The Road

They were driving far away, where Shannon had taken them to a place he didn’t recognize, and now, they drove in a rental car that Jay didn’t plan on returning. It’s funny how much changes when everything in your life is bound to disappear. And that drum inside him… it never ended, even as they drove back home where they’d hope Uncle Ben would never find them.

Three keys, two hidden, and one buried deep inside of his soul. But where were the other two? One found most likely in fire, and the other found by one’s desire… Jay shook his head, scratching at his hair in thought. Why couldn’t his life be normal like most people? Why was he chosen?

He’d hope that Shannon would have an idea, but she told him everything that she had known. And when he’d looked at his brother, who was soundly asleep, the drumming stopped. Something drained him, and he wanted to know what had done that, even if it had just been anger or exhaustion.

“You need to learn how to use your abilities,” Shannon began. It was shocking to hear her voice—neither them had spoken since yesterday. “You can do so much, and we need to learn how far they can go.”

“I’m Nephilim”—the words felt like acid on his tongue—“aren’t I? I can do what most supernatural beings can do?”

Shannon was silent for a long moment.

Maybe he was far more dangerous than he thought.

There must be balance. But why? Why had darkness and light had to co-exist? It just wasn’t fair. None of this was.

And his parents? They knew about this, and that’s why they truly died. Yes, they had been cursed, but it wasn’t about saving themselves—they would have accepted their fates long ago—and they had protected them. Or at least tried to.

Shannon then finally spoke, “Nephilim are forbidden, and being half demon… I have no idea what the costs are. You’re powerful, indeed, and perhaps more powerful than I am—especially with the… key.” He winced at that. “The basics are to concentrate what you want to do, and hearing thoughts come in time. It isn’t a choice to hear them; it just… happens.”

“So my powers will decide to… come?” he asked, and she nodded with approval.

“Exactly,” she said. “In time. But your instincts have already taken place, haven’t they?” Jay nodded ever so slowly. “That’s what I figured. You could feel him, couldn’t you?” The evilness inside Uncle Ben, she meant? Yes, of course he could feel that. It wasn’t normal, nor could it match with something being unnatural. Darkness dwelled inside himself, but in there, too, he felt the good, and he planned to keep it that way.

He was dangerous, he knew. But he didn’t want to hurt anyone, and if he discovered what he could do, would he be able to control it?

It was his destiny, and he was born like this… But, did that mean one of his parents had been a demon? It would be the only explanation for whom—no, what—he truly was.

But what was inside of him… was it the same as the demon that dwelled inside is uncle’s body? Perhaps he was far darker than he realized, or he wasn’t as bad as he thought. He’d never touched the powers inside of him, and didn’t dare doing so. Who knows what the consequences would be.

“I won’t be like him, right?” he decided to inquire to the angel, and the wince in her eyes told him the answer.

There wasn’t enough time.

“What can I do to stop the darkness?”

She touched Jude’s hair with a delicate hand, and she looked like she’d caught her breath. “You can’t,” she choked.

And there it was, the horrible truth he was afraid to hear. I can’t stop it. The darkness is too strong.

How much time did he have left before he was consumed in its suffocating flames? And… will he hurt those he loves?

“We need to find the last two keys,” Shannon whispered with a shallow voice. “With those, maybe, but I’m not saying you can… But maybe we can use them to rid of the darkness. Just maybe, they can hold the power to greater things.”

Greater things. That was an understatement. What he was, it was great and mighty and horrible—and he hated it. He hated it with everything he had. Jay could get rid of it, quicker than a blinking eye. And when he let out a breathless laugh, he could feel Shannon becoming stiff. Her very essence stopped.

If I’m thinking what you’re thinking, I will stop this car and put you down before you can move that pinky of yours. Am I clear?

Jay looked through the rear-view mirror and grinned at the angel. Oh, she was clear. But he could save his brother, and that angel—and maybe even Uncle Ben, if it wasn’t too late for him.

“Those keys are a curse,” the angel said with panic. “And you cannot break one of the greatest sins. You can’t.”

And without another word, Jude jumped up from his seat and let out a yelp, and Jay quickly slammed on the breaks and felt himself jolt forward. With a few inhalations of breath, he turned to face his brother with furrowed brows, and Jude grabbed his shoulder and whispered into his ear.

There never is an end,” he said with the quietness of a mouse.

Shannon just stared at his older brother, completely silent.

There’s an army, bold and clear. Furious, blood-thirsty… They won’t stop fighting until they have you for their own.”

He could have sworn a claw dragged itself down his arm, and when he turned to face it, nothing was there.

Demons and angels, swords drawn…” Jude was shaking. “Get them out of my head!

Shannon then took Jude in her arms and let out a hushed whistle. He’d gone mad, hadn’t he? After learning what Jay was… he was insane. Jay stared out the windshield, unmoving.

An army.

They wanted him. No one else but him.

Run,” was the last thing Jude whispered before Shannon put him back to sleep, and a long silence passed between the angel and Nephilim.

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