Book One

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Chapter 2 The three rulers of the planet of the Gods.

“Hegaendea, Jendesua, Tronpasona” read Robert then he opened the heavy book to page one.

“Thousands of years ago in the planet of the gods there live three powerful kingdom, Hagaendea, Jendesua and Tronpasona. “as Robert reads the first page of Book One.

The first kingdom, Hagaendea.

They are Majestic beings with wings. Their white hair and white wings are luminous image of divinity and perfection against the full moon. One cannot fathom the beauty of such sight. They are beautiful, perfectly proportioned individuals. Their hair and ivory skin are adorned elegantly with gold and precious stones. They love music and arts which much of their time are spent on. They are great thinkers, writers and artist. Hagaendea is a great seat of learning and culture.

Young Boys were taught by their mothers at home until they reached age 9 where they starts to go to school. Young boys and girls are taught arts and music every day. Their arts and music depicts peace, harmony, love, bountiful harvest, festivities and the like.

At age 15 they are divided into three groups. The 1st group studies music, arts, arithmetic, geometry and astronomy and agriculture. The 2nd group studies what the first group are studying plus Oratory and Rhetoric. They are the ones being trained to be leaders and advisers of the kingdom. The 3rd group studies all what the first group are studying plus Fighting and Medicine. They are the ones who will belong to the kings guard and the army.

The kingdom of Hagaendea are bountiful of natural resources. The soil is conducive to agriculture. They don’t have to work as much for nature has gifted them with lush greeneries and animals which they gladly share some of their blessings to the smaller kingdoms.

Because of lush greens the women of Hagaendea through the years have mastered medicinal herbs. This is why they live a long and healthy life. Thousands of years ago an elite group of medicine women were formed by Queen Sheba . They swore never to marry and dedicate their life to serve the royal family.

The Ileirai were chosen at an early age base on their birth month, day and year a child is born. They must possess intelligence, agility and strength. Once identified, they are taken from their family and live in seclusion to receive teaching in specific skills. They live like monks until the time comes when the High Ieirai calls them to live closely with the royal family. Their life are spent hidden on the forest mainly meditating and training in Arkhendal. It is an ancient art of fighting specifically known only to the Ileirai and Royal Guards. It is said that they can kick like 10 horses. And with just a touch of a finger can render a man unconscious. Aside from fighting of course there is planting, harvesting rare herbs and transforming them into powerful potions. These potions are given to the women of Hagaendea to keep them healthy and heal the sick. Some of their duties also include working together with scholars to write books, preserve scrolls and books of the kingdom. They are a mystery. Their white robes are long to cover the entire body and a veil to cover the face. No one has ever seen their face except their glowing eyes against the full moon where they draw their strength.

Hagaendea honors the moon god Luna. Every festivities is centered in their goddess Luna which shines in their river and gives it luminous colors during full moon. This river which they drink gives them health and strong wings. This strengthens the power of their royalty who are believe to be descendant of the Goddess . This same river that waters their land assures them of bountiful harvest. This waters also gives them bountiful harvest from the sea. Truly the Goddess Luna has blessed them abundantly.

The second kingdom, Jendesua.

The man of Jendesua are strong, fast and rock. They have broad shoulders, muscular arms, body chiseled like a statue and with flowing golden hair like the sun. The king wears a wreath of golden ivy on his head and so is his young prince.

The young men of Jendesua kingdom are train in combat at an early age. They were sent to military school at the young age of 7. They are force to leave home and undergo a rigid military training under a great military general. They were taught survival skills, hunting and warfare. They were taught combat using their bare hands to lift heavy rocks, and to pound them to pieces. Although they were taught to read and write more time are spent on teaching them warfare. The purpose is to produce a well-disciplined soldiers. At age 18 to 20 they have to pass a rigid military and leadership exams to be included in the army. Those who do not pass this exam became palace servers or ordinary men.

And because of these Jendesua are feared by other kingdoms .During war they wished that Jendesua would come to their side.

Legends has it that their ancestors are well muscled giant that can lift a mountain. They can teleport himself to vast distance . And are believe to transform themselves into three headed beast. Those gift, somehow where lost in time.

But every so often a child is born out of the ordinary. Same golden hair but with a lean body. They are the shape shifters, the gifted children of Jendesua. At birth they are kept in the monastery so as not to disrupt the normality. The priest teaches them to meditate and control their gift. At the ripe age they stood next to the king as their protector. But many king have pass since and no gifted child were born to stood by them .

Jendesua boast of magnificent edifice which their bare hands built. Made of marbles, lime stones, granite from their mountains . Their women are adorn with diamonds and crystals from the mountains which they gladly trade with the nearby kingdom for produce.

They live a simple life. The men showcase their brute force in training, hunting and building houses. The women on the other hand are left in the house for the kids to care for.

Jendesua honors the sun god Sol which is the source of their might. Every Royalty is presented trice to the sun god. At birth, at the right age and at death. The first king is believe to be youngest son of the nine children of the sun God. The commoners have their yearly festivities to present their son to the sun god before they start their training in combat.

The third kingdom, Tronpasona.

Their ancestors are small, pale light porcelain skin, with dark hair, thin built and small eyes. Snobbish , conceited and ill tempered individuals. They are famous for their wisdom and cleverness. And with this they look at other kingdoms as something beneath them and avoid inter action with them.

They have high technological knowledge. They are the author of many inventions. Inventions to compensate their lack of prowess and strength possess by Jendesua kingdom and the wealth of the Hagaendea kingdom. They experimented on animals creating beast of all sorts.

Their environment have taken a toll on their thirst to amass weapons of mass destruction. Not long before a deadly disease crippled the kingdom, some of the kings best mind and their families seek asylum to the neighboring kingdom and they were sent to safety.

The king and its advisers with their innate arrogance refuse all the help offered by other kingdom. Their pride cause them their downfall.

Not long the disease reached the palace. Only a few survived, but it caused them their souls. The magic potion from the wings of a murdered hagaendae have kept them alive. But it has transform them into a half beast .Today the Tronpasona people are a sight terrifying to anyone. Horns, hunchback, frog like skin, half melting face, long fingers with black nails.

Lurking, working its black magic with its obsession to improve its physique and youthful appearance. They are still there hidden in their dying kingdom headed by a new and ambitious young king Methis.

Tronpasona honors no God. They honor only their royalty, their invention and their black magic. Legend has it that the first king of Tronpasona was the brother of the sun God who was exiled.

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