Book One

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Chapter 3 The prophecy

Long before the Tronpasona met its destruction, the counsel of elders of the three kingdom met together to welcome the birth of the child of the Hagaendea king. An old and dying seeker came also to bless the child. As he touch the forehead of the child he saw a glimpse of the child’s future and was shaken by what he saw.

“A great death and rise of a black prince shall enslave all the kingdoms. Death and destruction follows its path. A great and powerful one will be born from the Hagaendea princess with no wings. It shall have golden wings and a bolt of lightning to protect her. She with her bolt of lightning will save the three kingdoms”.

“When the time comes..” whispered the seeker to the king with his last breathe.

Rumors after the death of a great seeker and the prophecy spread throughout the kingdom. It was believed that the golden wings has the power to heal, to give life, and give eternal life. It was recorded by Ileirai in one of its books and stored . Time past and new entries where written in the book.

Like what the seeker saw in the future Tronpasona met it’s killer disease. With the promise of cure from the golden wings , Tronpasona royalty kept it’s watchful eyes on Hagaendea royalty. New king was place to the throne of Hagaendea several times. Tronpasona royalty still creeping in the dark, determined and desperately awaiting and ready to pounce at the birth of a royalty with golden wings.

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