Book One

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Chapter 4 The rise of Tronpasona Empire

With the kingdom in political and military chaos Prince Persius at an early age joined his father in uniting their army in what little there is left of it. The king saw a great military mind in the young Prince and made him his most trusted general. Not long after that, he took control of his father’s kingdom when he conquered a neighboring small kingdom Ptoya to the east. He turned it into a military camp and further strengthen his army. Despite being a brutal conqueror he also valued learning. With his newly formed science advisers he preserved the kingdom scrolls and books of learning. His science advisers immediately went to work on them and gobbling every bit knowledge they can to help them advance in weaponry and medicine. Learning from their ancestors mistake, they however was ordered to exercise caution with their science.

King Persius then conquered the fertile land of Saktos to feed his dying kingdom. They raid and loot the kingdom. Even the combined forces of three nearby small kingdom joined forces to help the kingdom of Saktos but they were no match for advance weaponry of Tronpasona. Their kingdom also fell to ashes from the greatest war strategist Tronpasona has ever known. King Persius combined the 4 neighboring kingdom into a Tronpasona empire. He rebuild its temple and took residency in the center. He was captivated by Lady Bolivias a fierce Tronpasona and took her as wife. The king made sure that his eldest son Methis was tutored by the great minds of the empire. Prince Deodas the king’s youngest brother made sure that the soon to be king was taught to fight, to be fearless and raise him a royal ruthless Tronpasona royalty. His toughness and strength he owe to his uncle. His great mind and cunning he owe to his father and his science adviser.

The king’s brother Nepton grew tired of his kings domesticity and wanted to conquer more. He device a plan to assassinate king Persius. He created chaos at the west side of Tronpasona. While the kings greatest men including his youngest brother Deodas where at the west border he carried out his evil plan. He decapitated the king and declared himself ruler. But not all supported his claim. Queen Bolivias and her 3 children escaped. Few days after king Persius death , his youngest brother Deodas and supporters arrived. Together with king Persius wife they stormed the palace and defeated Nepton.

After his father’s death king Methis inherited a very powerful and feared kingdom. He got the support from two kingdom in the east of Tronpasona. And when the time has come for him to rule the empire, they help him eliminate his enemies and his empire grew bigger. The young Prince grew up to be a great military man like his father and even more. He was destined for greatness which his father’s success has already laid out for him. He continued conquering small kingdoms, using their natural resources and enslaving its people. Like his father he took his science adviser with him in his conquest. He tried learning everything about the place. He examined methodically the information recorded by his scientist.

Though ruthless like his father, he is also respected by his supporters . He offered royalty to rebuild their palace and negotiate to other kingdoms to surrender thus avoiding bloodshed. He made sure he is in good relations with the royalty. Now with the southern kingdoms united in Tronpasona rule he is now ready to put into play the plan his father has been meticulously preparing , the conquest of the two biggest kingdom of the planet. He still remembers every word his father has spoken about it. Every plan and every map his father showed him. The young king Methis have his eye fix on Hagaendea and Jendesua .

“The prophecy has started” the high Ileirai muttered.

For years the young unwinged princess where hidden in the castle and its secret safe.

Until a spy heard a murmur that the current princess have no wings.

King Methis interest grew. His obsession with eternal life and the golden wings grew much stronger every day. He gathered his best generals and advisers and headed the invasion himself . He and his army of 100,000 men headed north to Hagaendea. The first kingdom on his path is headed by Queen Nada. She surrendered and open the central plane to king Methis making it easy to conquer the next two kingdom. With Queen Nada’s knowledge of central topography and weather, King Methis was able to plan the attacked on Hagaendea. King Methis send most of his army to Mullos a secret narrow pass. Defeating only 20000 men guarding that side of Hagaendea. Tronpasona where able to pass through and open the front gate encircling the Hagaendea army. Peace loving Hagaendea are no match for the cunning , advance weapons and vast army of king Methis.

As king Methis enters the throne room of Hagaendea, the royal guards and Ileirai position themselves to fight but the king spoke words that only Hagaendea understood.

“The stars will protect the princess and her line” said the king.

They bent their knees in obedience to their king.

King Methis entered the throne room. Looks at the 3 princess. Walk behind the two older and walk around the youngest princess. King Methis took off one wing by grabbing it tightly. The princess did not move an inch or show any sign of fear. It was clear that she has been discovered. The one King Methis been waiting for, the princess with no wings.

King Methis beheaded the royal guard, the king and the queen and claim the princess as his prize.

He saw that he could use the princess charm to woe the royals of other kingdom and does avoiding expensive war. He also saw the use of the wealth of the kingdom to make his army more powerful.

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