Book One

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Chapter 5 The unity

King Methis determined to change destiny in favor of him and to claim the golden wings as one of his own took Princess Dapne as his bride.

That night king Methis married princess Daphne and made her queen of Tronpasona and all the kingdom under its rule. It was an elaborate wedding feast. Though they were no love among them, king Methis was kind to queen Daphne. They seldom see each other and when they do, the king speak kindly to his queen.

Months past and the queen bore the king an heir. Their first born Prince Pollus, heir of Methis.

“I am pleased’ King Methis told the queen as he took his son into his arms.

He has his mothers beauty, grace and beautiful white wings. But has his father’s thorns, dark hair and dark heart . The king commanded that the prince be cared for by Tronpansona and only in the ways of Tronpansona. The queen was given only limited time to visit his son. And always with Tronpansona guard around.

Two years past and another child was born. A beautiful princess, a splitting image of queen Daphne . On princess Eleusia birth, king Methis rush to the palace to be by the queens bedside . He was there to examine the child’s wings.

“She is beautiful like you my queen” he said kindly to the queen.

“White wings” the king said.

In his mind he was a little disappointed not to see a golden wing. But at the same time he was triumphant. He thought he cheated destiny. No golden wings to stop him from conquering. And so he thought. He then never took interest in the child and let the queen raise the princess as Hagaendea. The Queen taught her daughter all the ways of Hagaendea and all the secrets of the royal family. All Religious ceremony befitted a royal Hagaendea were conducted for the Princess.

As the years past Pollus shows ability in warfare and science that made his father proud. He was wise and cunning that any Tronpansona is expected to be and even more. He shows cruel nature that scared those who care for him. He once put on fire a sheshare, a furry pet to one of the conquered royal family when he was awaken by it while taking a nap. From then on his father brings him only on special occasions when he travels to foreign land.

Princess Eluesia like him was far intelligent than any being. She was taught mostly in the ways of the Hagaendea than Tronpasona. The queen made sure that the princess learned all the powers royal Hagaendae have. The queen in one of her visit to the prince tried to ask the young prince to read a book about their ancestors. But the young prince has no interest.

“Does it have any tricks?” ask the prince to his sister.

“Power not tricks” she answered.

“Does Tronpanona have powers?” ask the princess to his brother.

“Just magic and tricks and a staff father carry around. Not clear what it does really” said the prince to his little sister.

“But you know Tronpasana ancestors have the power to command the wind , the rain and lightning” says Princess Eleusia.

“But Olgar the Tronpasona priest said it was all gone when the great disease almost wipe them out” narrated the prince.

“yeah I read about that” Eleusia added in disappointnent.

Little did the young Prince knew that Olgar saw something in the Princess and gave her a book. The one he hid from the arrogant Prince.

“will I learn the trick?” ask the prince.

“You are half Hageandea royal you know” said the princess.

“Yeah yeah yeah” the uninterested prince answered.

“Its boring , why don’t you just teach me.“ the young Prince told his sister.

“Teach me one trick and I will give u a sheshare when I come back from hedus next month “ offered the prince.

“But you must not tell father” the prince continued.

“yeah yeah yeah” agreed the little princess.

So the little princess taught his brother.

“Think of the object you want” she started the learning session.

“Concentrate’ she commanded.

’Now flick your hand gently as if commanding it to come to you” as she teaches his brother.

The book just barely wiggle.

“Try again. Concentrate” she commanded.

The book then flew and hit the Prince in the head. The princess laugh and made the young prince mad. He whisk his hand but her sister is fast and far more superior in the ways of Hagaendea.

Before the prince could move, a dozen books swiftly flew and stop inches away from his face. The Prince then raise both of his arms in surrender to the Princess.

On the day of the visit of queen Daphne, the young Prince woken up Eleusia.

“Get up” said the excited prince .

“Get up” he said again to his little sister.

“Alright I’m up your highness” said the annoyed princess.

“Get ready mother will be here soon” said the prince.

“Dress her up. Hurry “ he commanded the palace maidens .

Then he left the room. He entered his room and sat patiently on his chair. He smoothens out his dress making sure he looks flawless to his mother. He waited patiently.

Soon the Queen and Eleusia entered the Prince room.

He looks at his 6 royal guards as if to ask them to leave.

“But your father said” said the royal guard.

“What? She’s my mother. Is she gonna murder me?” ask the Prince.

“But your highness” argued the royal guard.

“Leave or I’ll have all your head on a spike ” commanded the young Prince.

The six royal guard left the room and joined the other guard and waited outside the door.

“Mother I have a surprise for you ” he whisk his hands and the flowers from the vase flew from the air and gracefully landed on his mothers hand.

“Oh you read the book. Thank you my prince . Our ancestor will be proud” his mother replied .

He has never seen her mother so happy. They talk about the place the prince has been this month. The vast army his father have. Glorious victory and lavish ceremonies given to them. At the back of his mother stood a happy little Princess cuddling her new pet sheshare.

One morning when King Methis was home. The queen and princess was waiting for the king and the prince at the breakfast table. The princess was toying with the file of bread in front of her as her mother watches her. She flicks her fingers and a small lightning burst from her finger. Her mother gave her a look and she hid her hands under the table.

“Whats that burning?” enters the king and the prince .

“Get rid of that burnt bread. I swear I’m gonna behead all of you if u dare give my daughter a burnt bread again” commanded the king.

They then had their family meal together.

When his father is in Hagaendea, He often go to the seeker but the Prince was not once allowed to come. One night he ask his sister about the seeker. That night the young prince curiosity kept him awake. He then proceeded to the seekers chamber.

“ You read me the stars” commanded the young prince.

The seeker just look at the prince.

“Read me the stars or I’ll take your eyes off” the young Prince was determined.

Several minutes past then “aaaaaahhhh” a loud cry was heard.

He left the room with a new light. Holding on one hand an eye. Did the seeker refuse to read him the stars? or maybe he didn’t like what the seeker saw in the stars. It made him indifferent to his mother’s kind, most especially the Ileirai.

One day on the hallway the prince talk to his father.

“Father we should kill the Ilerai” said the young prince to his father.

“They are a threat to us. Look at them. All they do is follow Mother. Walk walk walk walk” said the prince mockingly.

“Growing bored in the castle are we?” ask the king to his son.

“You know one day they will walk behind your back and stab you” gesturing to the king.

“Pay no attention to them. They are useless monks ” assured the king.

He was then taken from the castle and left to the care of the kings trusted general Gallos. Where he was disciplined in the ways of tronpasona military and learn to be ruthless.

While the Prince and the king are conquering, the queen grew weary of her people dying.

One day when King Methis was having a conversion with his trusted generals in Hagaendea the queen entered the throne room. Everyone was captivated by the beauty of the queen as she walk towards the king.

’Your highness” the queen bowed.

The king motioned everyone to leave.

“Yes my queen” he ask the queen.

The queen ask that a group of medidean an army hospital be allowed to care for the wounded and the dying. The queen have well thought of this plan before going to the king. The king agreed but only for Hagaendea .

“You cure only for Hagaendea, there is no place for a wounded or dying in my army”.

Princess Eleusia sneak out unnoticed to be part of the medidean. She saw ruthlessness of what his father and brother has done. Her hearts break to see his kind lying helpless. She fell on her knees and tears fall from her eyes as she saw the vast destruction. Under princess Eleusia’s command the medidean tend to all the wounded both his fathers army and the enemies. After being gone for months the Princess return to the palace a different being. Told her mother what she saw.

“when will this madness stop” the princess cried.

The same day the young Prince Graduated from military school . He ask his father to lead one of his army battalion. The young Prince military genius and his magic and monster s lead many victories. Slowly Jendesua controlled kingdom trembles. The young Prince thirst for expansion became insatiable.

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