Book One

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Chapter 6 General Aeris and the new king Remus.

Jendesua army is headed by General Aeris. The young general was summoned back to Jendesua to witness the coronation of the young king.

“Your highness, I’m so sorry for your lost. Your father was a great king ” .

“You are late for my coronation” as the new king summoned everyone to leave.

“Oh you” the new king hit the general in the shoulder.

Then they started wrestling for quite a bit.

“ I went here right away to see your highness. I haven’t had a shower” Aeris complained.

“Oh I know I can smell you from a mile” the king teased.

The general offered a candle and flower to the dead king.

“He is now with my mother”.

The queen entered the room with the baby prince on her hand. She gave the baby to his father.

“oh and did I also missed the christening of your son?” asked the general.

“Yes” replied the king.

“Oh hello my prince” Aeris vowed and played with the baby.

“This is prince Robert” said the proud king.

The two friends celebrated. They talk about the kings family. They talk and talk about the war.

Then the young general bid the royal family good bye and headed home to his mother.

“Oh let me” as he lift an old ladies carriage up the mud.

“There you go” said the general .

The general may be ruthless at war but when home he is lighthearted and always offers help to anyone.

He entered the back of the house where his mother was surely cooking a feast for him.

“Oh my boy is home” his mother embraced him.

“So good to see you mother”.

“Oh go to the table, food will be serve’ said the mother.

As the young general remembers every part of the house he grew in. it was as if only yesterday that he stood in the house, young and eager to go to war. Now his body and soul ache. For he has seen the horrors of war. For he has become a merciless monster.

As he reach the table he realized that her mother was in the room readying the food.

“I just saw you…”.

‘how did you pass by me?… I didn’t see you’.

“oh you where in deep thought, you didn’t see me pass” argued the mother.

“did she just transported herself from the kitchen” the baffled general said to himself.

The two had a long dinner. Talking about his young brother joining the war. And her little sister the joining the medidean.

“I’m sorry about your lost. Your brother was a great king‘ he consoled his mother.

“He is. And Remus will be a great one too with you by his side’ replied the mother.

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