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Chapter 7 Eleusia and Aeris

The enemies are only one kingdom away from Jendesua.

In one of the battle ground near the Anaheiz kingdom the group of general Aeris questioned some medidean.

“We are here only to cure the wounded. We pose no threat to you general Aeris “ Princess Eleusia explained .

“ You can’t be here, you will be caught in the crossfire” the general said.

’Where is my sister?” ask the general.

“Your sister was wounded. I sent her home” she answered.

Looking at some Ileirai the young general wondered. Why are they protecting this tronpasona.

“Alright then you are allowed to cure the wounded but never to leave the camp” commanded the general.

That night the young princess entered the tent of the young general. She treated the wound of the handsome young general.

The princess notice the handsome prince glancing several times.

“It’s real” said the princess.

“What?” the general pretended not to look at the horns of the princess.

“The horns” irritably said the princess.

“I’m sorry. I haven’t seen one this close” he remarked.

“Your horn is different, it’s more ……elegant” he added.

The Princess just gave her a stern look and continued bandaging Aeris wound.

“And its not that scary… ok I’m gonna stop talking now” the embarrass young genral said.

“Lie down and rest. Goodnight. I hope next time we talk about my wings ” said the lovely princess.

“O yeah , beautiful white wings… is it heavy?” said the nervous handsome general.

The princess just gave an annoyed look and left the tent of the general.

Two days have pass since the general went to war and the princess secretly awaiting any news .

That night the young general came from the batlle . The princess was happy to see him but when he turn his gaze towards her direction she pretended not to see the general. The general go about his business, glancing every now and then towards the direction of the princess. After dinner they finally had a moment to themselves. They talked ,laugh and strolled down the river. They spend the night together talking by the moonlight. The General trying to impress the princess with his strength and the princess trying to impress the handsome general with her powers when treating his wounds.

Many moons have past and The general and the young princess grew fond of each other.

On the days that the general did not go back to the camp she would go ask for news about the general. She was always worried that the general would go back to the camp severely wounded.

He always looks forward to going back to the camp after long days of battle.

And one night under the full moon they profess their love for each other.

Long days and night have pass and not a sight of the young general. Until one night she was awaken and summoned to the kingdom of Anaheiz. For months the army of general Aeris were the stronghold. They tried to hold back the army of the dark Prince. But now their numbers are diminished and they are retreating.

“Aeris” Eleusia embraced the general.

“It’s only a matter of time before Anaheiz is crushed and the army of Pollus set their eyes on Jendesua” king Remus said.

“Time to go my king. Bring her and my unborn child to safety” ask Aeris to king Remus.

“Aeris” the worried princess said.

“I will see u in Jendesua my love ” Aeris re-assured the princess.

It was then settled. King Remus and his soldier, Princess Eleusia protected by some Ileira left Anaheiz.

The fake Eleusia an ileira and medidean stood in the military hospital with Aeris awaiting the enemies.

They burnt the hospital to disguise the death of Princess Eleusia.

Upon reaching Jendesua Princess Eleusia died giving birth to a young princess with a golden wings.

The High iIleira place a necklace to the young Princess ” a gift from her grand mother Queen Daphne”.

“It will protect her until she reach her 10th birthday where she will be baptized and she will have her power”.

A little bolt of lightning splash thru the necklace. It was then all clear to everyone. She is the chosen one.

“you must take her to safety. She is our savior” said the king.

The high illeira bowed. She notices a sort of mark in the right arm of little prince Robert as he tries to walk holding his father’s fingers.

“a lightning” observed the Ileira.

’What?” ask the king.

“Your higness. How long do think before they crushed the barriers?” pointed out the high Ileirai.

” Its only a matter of time before prince Pollus army reach Jendesua. You must let me take the Prince to safety as well” she begs the king.

The king looks at his queen. The queen understood that the line must protected. The queen nodded and kissed her son goodbye.

The king kissed Prince Robert and handed him to the high Ileira.

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