Book One

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Chapter 8 The rise of the dark prince

The Prince riding his black Pegasus brought more triumph to his father’s kingdom. Ruthless to those who oppose him and with uncontrollable temper. He grew impatient of his father’s advisers who constantly push his ideas aside. Surrounded by King Methis advisers a heated argument with his father about him killing general Gallos erupted.

“He was a foolish man ” the Prince told his father.

“He was my general and I am your king, you shall do as I say” the angry king replied.

“And I am your son. Your heir, I demand a right to have control of my army” the prince insisted.

“I am your father and your king. bow down and leave the room ” said the king and raise his staff.

Everyone cowered in terror but the young prince just stood there. He did not move , he just stared at his father.

King Methis look into Pollus eyes. He saw his soul. Black as the night. He was taken aback in fear.

With one whisk of his hands Methis staff flew into Pollus hands. Another whisk of the hand and a large column was taken off the palace and crushed king Methis and his advisers.

“See this doesn’t do anything” as he raised up and down his father’s staff.

“A fake” as he threw his fathers staff.

He raise his hands , a strong wind circles the palace . Turns the light into darkness. Thunder strikes and rain falls.

’Now… that is real!” as he raise his hands down .

“Long live the …ahhhrg”.

Before one general could finish his words a small lightning came out of Pollus fingers and burn the man.

“now that ….I have to work on. Not quite there yet” the prince said in disappointment.

That night the new king travelled to Hagaendea to celebrate his coronation.

He was met at the gate with news in Arnaheiz.

“And my sister ?” ask the dark prince.

The messenger shakes his head.

He was devastated with the news of his sister’s death and at the same time relieved. He knew that with his sister’s death, his bloodline is the only one that will produce a princess with a golden wings .

“Immortality is mine” he whispered.

He was triumphant.

He summoned his mother to join him in dinner.

“Mother, please join me” requested the prince.

His mother tried to smile.

“Im so sad to hear about Eleusia. I arrive too late … I tried to save her… but the fire….and father… so many death in the family”.

“how …how do you honor your dead?” the Prince ask his mother.

“We celebrate Orcus”.

“Yeah we will do that.... Never mind my coronation”

’Here… im the king” he place his father’s crown in his head.

Hagaendae turned into a dark gloomy kingdom like Tronpansona.

With the growth of Pollus power comes the death of his mothers kingdom.

King Pollus killed all the Ileira but one to care for his old mother.

With his father’s death there’s no one to stop him from unleashing the Hasati.

Hasati are super beings created from the awakened dead generals of his ancestors. He used his Hagaendae blood to awaken the dead. He used his Hagaendae blood with his Tronpasona blood Not to cure but to create monsters. Monsters he will use to crush all those who refuse to kneel before him as king and conqueror. Those who oppose his ways met its death in the most gruesome way.

His powers grew every day. Victory in every war, for his powers are dark. New territories conquered to give him more wealth and resources. Out of fear they swore an oath of allegiance to the Black Prince.

Unlike his father his empire is built in fear and blood. Riding his black winged Pegasus he basked in his triumph.

Then he fixed his gazed upon Jendesua. Jendesua is the only kingdom his father fears.

Though Jendesua can rely on their strength, their crude weapons of swords , catapult and arrows are no match to the Tronpasona new army of death.

“Spare no one” ordered the Black Prince. Then the army of darkness headed by 13 Hasati rode onto the night .

Jendesua fought bravely to its last breathe when Pollus unleashed his monsters and army of darkness. The strong and mighty Jendesua fell like a leaf from a tree.

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