Another Forever

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Chapter 2

I groan in annoyance as I feel something repeatedly poking me between the eyes. I open my eyes slowly wondering why there is a mass laying next to me.

Jake smiles at me, a mischevious glint in his eyes as he moves to poke me again.

"Ugh, why did Uncle Ryder show you that?" I swat his hand away as his chuckle shakes the bed.

"Because it annoys our sisters," he says in a duh tone.

He drops his hand and his expression turns serious as he looks me over.

"I didn't ask for this Hails. I had no idea." He drops his eyes in shame and my heart sinks as guilt gnaws at me.

It has been a week since my dad told me about his decision and I have thought about it over and over since.

I hate to admit it, but my dad was right. I was just too upset over it to see the truth behind his words. I had wanted to lead the pack since I was a kid and in a matter of seconds, that dream shattered.

I never once thought about how Jake would feel about it. How he would suddenly handle the new pressure and expectations put on him. I feel more selfish at this moment than I probably have my entire life.

I give him a smile and thank my lucky stars that I have a pretty awesome brother.

"I know Jakey. But dad was right in his choice."

"Bet you'll never say those words again." he laughs and I can't help but join in as he sits up in the bed.

"Hey," I sit up next to him, waiting until he looks me in the eyes, "You'll make a good Alpha."

He smiles before standing and walking to my curtains. Before I can tell him to stop, he dramatically flings them open, revealing the bright sunlight morning.

I hiss dramatically as the sun blinds me causing Jake to just laugh.

Maybe I should take back my awesome brother comment.

"Come on, Mom made breakfast for Cades' birthday and she wants us down there before they get back." Jake sits on the edge of my bed, pushing me until I stand to get ready.

"Where'd they go?" I dig through my closet, finding a suitable outfit before stepping into my bathroom.

"Uncle Mason took Cade camping last night as a Beta-Training-Moment," I laugh at his mock impression of Mason as I finish brushing my hair and washing my face.

"Finally!" he sighs dramatically before standing and opening the door for me.

I smirk playfully before shoving him and running towards the stairs. Of course, he catches up with ease.

"Cheater!" I roll my eyes before slowing to a walk. There is no way I could beat a wolf.

"she looked at me like I betrayed, Ellie. She'll never forgive me." I stop just outside the kitchen at the sound of my dads' voice.

"She was upset, Aiden. She's been told she'd be Alpha since she was born and then it was pulled from her in a blink of an eye." my mom tries to soothe him, but I don't think it works.

The pain in my dads' voice tugs at my heart and not for the first time today, I feel completely selfish.

I rush into the kitchen and wrap my arms around my dad's waist, pushing myself into his chest. He is shocked but recovers quickly, hugging me back tightly and kissing the top of my head.

"Hailey, I-"

"No dad, I understand." he smiles sadly at me before pressing another kiss to my forehead.

No matter what, he's my dad and I love him.

My mom smiles and pushes a plate of chocolate chip pancakes towards us with a smile and a wink at my dad.

"Will you please put candles on these for Cade?" my dad grabs the candles from the counter and begins arranging them on the plate.

"Mason just linked, they're on their way." Aunt Sam walks in with her other son, Alex, behind her.

"I can't believe my baby is eighteen!" she says with a fake sob causing me and Jake to laugh.

"Technically, isn't Hannah your baby, mom?" Alex laughs while sitting next to Jake.

Those two are thick as thieves considering, like Cade and I, they're only a month apart. I wonder if htey planned it that way or if it just happened? Guess it doesn't matter, I'm not gonna ask.

"Hannah is my baby-baby but Cade is my oldest baby. Just as you're my middle baby." Sam slaps his head gently before smothering his face with kisses, much to Alex's annoyance.

"Where is Hannah?" My mom asks Sam suddenly.

Sam sighs moving to help my mom finish breakfast. I glance over at my dad who is so focused on putting the candles perfectly on the pancakes that I can't help but laugh.

Cade will literally rip the candles off and eat the pancakes so why does it have to be perfect?

"She's in her room. She thinks Cade is going to leave her now that he can look for his mate."

"I'll go talk to her." I offer before anything else can be said.

Hannah and I are close, probably from being the only girls surrounded by brothers.

Whatever the case, whenever Hannah is upset, I'm good at making it better.

I knock gently before opening the door to her overly pink princess room. Mason definitely spoils his little princess and went overboard with the decorations. Who am I to judge though, my dad was the same age when I was little.

I look around the room, my eyes landing on the steadily rising lump on her pink canopy bed. I smile at her five-year-old antics.

She probably thinks I can't see her.

"Hannah? It's Hailey. Where are you?" I tap my chin playfully and walk around the room pretending to search for her.

"I guess she isn't here." I sigh overdramatically before collapsing on the bed and gently landing right on her.

"Wow! This bed isn't very comfortable. It's kind of lumpy." I wiggle around pretending I don't hear her tiny laughs.

"Hailey!" She finally giggles out.

"Oh my! Hannah is that you?" my dramatics are over the top as I rip the blanket away from the bed.

Hannah sits up, her dark hair sticking up in every direction as she tries her best to look mad.

She fixes her pink Paw Patrol shirt before crossing her little arms over her chest.

"What's wrong, Kid?" I sit next to her, mimicking her pose.

I even through in an overdramatic pout, trying extremely hard not to break character and laugh.

"Cade's gonna leave me!" tears rim her eyes and her bottom lips trembles as she looks up at me.

I reach out and grab her into a big hug. My hand strokes her hair gently as I shush her softly.

"Cade's not going to leave you. Why would you think that?"

"He's gonna find his mate and not want to play with me anymore!" she sniffles adorably before pulling away and wiping her nose with her hand.

"Cade would never do that. Besides, I think you're forgetting that you'll be getting a new sister when he finds her. He'll have to try and get her back from you." I attack her stomach with tickles and she laughs loudly.

My mom calls out to get downstairs so I tickle her one more time before standing. I bend down on one knee and without missing a beat, she jumps onto my shoulders, hugging me like a backpack.

I jump around a little bit, making her laugh more as we gallop to the kitchen.

"Pancakes!" she squeals, wiggling free of my grip and running to the table.

"Okay, Mason said they just pulled in!" Sam says rushing to finish setting the table.

The front door opens and I realize no one grabbed his pancakes from the counter. I rush into the kitchen hoping to beat them back to the dining room.

"Happy Birthday!" Everyone shouted at once.

Guess, I wasn't quick enough. I mentally kick myself for missing the surprise. Although we have a breakfast on every birthday we celebrate, so he had to have been expecting it.

"Hailey," Cade's voice is barely above a whisper and I turn around quickly with his pancakes hoping he isn't mad I missed the surprise.

The entire house goes silent as if we're in a library as my eyes meet Cades.

"Mine," he says and the plate drops from my hands, shattering on the ground.

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