Another Forever

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Bonus Chapter

Hailey’s Dad (Aiden) POV

I kiss Ellie for what seems to be like the millionth time since I got her back. My arms tighten around her as I vow to the Moon Goddess to never let her go again.

Hailey races into the kitchen like a blur and I can feel Ellie trying to reach for her. Oh Come on, I just vowed to the moon Goddess to not let her go... But Hailey missed her mom.

I tune out most of what is said as a new smell hits my nose. Immediately my eyes zero in on Hailey’s neck.

My baby is marked.

I don’t know how to feel about tha- Wait... Did they Mate too!?

I can feel my hands begin to shake, but my body stills when I see Hailey clutching her chest. What did I miss? Before I can even step towards her, Thomas appears out of nowhere.

“What’s wrong?! What Happened?! Are you okay? Hailey, Breathe!” He cups her face in his hands as he searches every inch of her.

“Jake?” Hailey clutches a fistful of his shirt, pulling it down just enough that I can a perfect view of the mark on his neck too.

I narrow my eyes at him. I don’t care if they are mates. I don’t care if they are adults. She is MY daughter and the urge to protect my pup is one I can’t ignore. No matter how old.

“Jake’s fine, babycakes. I’ll take to you.” Ellie and Hailey link arms and start to walk out with Thomas close behind.

“Actually Thomas, can you stay here for a minute.” I keep my face blank as best I can.

I won’t punch my daughters mate. I won’t punch my daughters mate.

Thomas nods and kisses Hailey on the forehead, before she disappears from the kitchen. I notice Mason and Sam slipping out of the kitchen as well, both with knowing smirks on their faces.

“I couldn’t help but notice my daughters scent has changed. As well as a scar on the once flawless skin her mother and I gave her.” I take a few calculated steps closer to him.

His eyes widen slightly and I see him gulp. He stuffs his hands in his pockets as the silence stretches on.

“I know you know about her past and Cade.” Thomas’ stiffens slightly at Cade’s name.

He raises his hand up and touches his mark and instantly his posture changed to a more relaxed one before he nods at me.

“I don’t think I’ll have to tell you twice that if you hurt her, there is a line of people waiting to kick your ass. And my wife will castrate you before I can even get to you.” His hands reach down instinctively to protect himself and I can’t help the satisfied smirk that crosses my face.

When Thomas returns my smile I know we are on the same page. He stretches his hand out and I take it with a firm grip of my own. Both of us tightening our grips, waiting for the other to give up first.

What can I say, we are both Alphas.

“Welcome to the family, Thomas.”

“Thank you, Alpha.”

“You’re my daughters mate. Call me Aiden. Eventually I might be okay with Dad.” I chuckle and we both release our hands at the same time in a draw.

Thomas gets a mischievous glint in his eye and smirks at me.

“How about we call you Grandpa?” he teases.

And that’s how I ended up chasing my daughter’s mate through the house and into the front yard.

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