Another Forever

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Bonus Chapter 1

I knock on Paige’s door ready to help her with whatever she needs. I know it must be nerve wrecking for her today. The door opens in a rush and I am pulled in quickly, before she locks the door behind us.

“Wow. you look beautiful Paige.” I gush, giving her a gentle hug.

Her brown hair is in elegant curls that flow softly past her shoulders. Her white gown flows down just past her knees, the lace covering her arms and chest in beautiful designs.

“Thank you. I can’t believe it’s actually here. Hailey I am so nervous.”

“You’ll make a great Luna.” I tell her honestly.

I was a little worried about a rogue being Luna, but Jake told me about her brother and how she became a rogue in the first place. It wasn’t her fault and the more I got to know Paige, the more I realized that she was a perfect fit not only for the pack but for Jake.

“Thank you Hailey.” she grabs me into another tight hug.

“I love your dress by the way.” She adds as she admires my pink chiffon dress. But I shrug her off because it’s not my day.

Admittedly though, when I first saw it, I was in love with it. I even bought Thomas a matching color tie. I don’t want to outshine at the Alpha ceremony but as the daughter of the current Alpha and sister of the new one, I have to look nice.

A knock on the door pulls me out of my thought and my mom pokes her head in. Her greying blonde hair in a neat bun.

“You both look so beautiful. It’s time.” She opens the door for us before kissing us both on the cheek.

The backyard was extravagantly decorated to say the least. A stage had been set up just off to the side of the pack house. Twinkly lights were strung up through the trees and crisscrossed overhead with lanterns, to illuminate the night. Tables were set up along the edges of a makeshift dance floor and the smell of all the delicious foods filled the air.

As soon as my mom, Paige and I stepped out the backdoor, three pairs of eyes snapped to us from the stage. All three of them in suits, but Thomas looked the best in his.

It folds at all the right places, and I don’t care what anyone says, there is hardly anything sexier than a man in a fitted suit. I somehow managed to pull my gaze away from him to look at Jake and my dad who were staring at their mates with the same loved filled gaze Thomas gave me.

I took my place next to Thomas.

“You look beautiful tonight” He kisses the side of my head, keeping his arm firmly around my waist as my dad begins speaking.

“Good Evening everyone. Thank you for joining us tonight.” My dad’s voice rang clear through the crowd.

“Being your Alpha has been a great honor. One that I never took lightly. It is with mixed emotions that Ellie and I officially abdicate the title of Alpha and Luna to our son Jake and his mate Paige.” Jake stepped forward, his arm tight around Paige.

“Jake, being Alpha is putting the pack first. It’s listening to the opinions and needs of its members, not only as wolves but as humans.” My dad says, holding a book of matches out to Jake.

Mason walks up the steps to the stage holding a sky lantern. Alpha Jake Stone - Crest Moon written in beautiful script on the white fabric.

“Alpha is not just a title, it is a responsibility. Send this lantern to the Moon Goddess as a sworn promise to fulfill the duties and needs required of a good Alpha.”

Jake takes the matches from my dad and stares out at the pack. With one flick of the wrist, the match comes to life and the lantern is lit; a promise that Jake will be a great Alpha.

Jake takes the lantern and walks it to Paige and together they release it to the Goddess. A few people shifted and howls ring out in the crowd as they welcome their new Alpha. The lantern floats higher and higher to the Goddess and I can feel the power beginning to roll of Jake. My dad raises his hand, a symbol to silence the crowd for only a moment.

“Thank you for being so loyal to us.” He said, his voice thick with emotion as my mom wipes her wet eyes.

I can’t deny that a few tears rolled down my cheeks as my parents gave a little bow to the pack, before stepping back to stand next to Thomas and I.

“We promise to do right by you all. Thank you for being our pack.” Paige says and Jake smiles in approval.

The entire pack bows their heads in respect to the new Alpha, including me, Thomas and my parents. Jake better not get used to me bowing down to him though.

A small laugh escapes my lips, but Thomas was the only who heard. He looks at me in confusion before smiling and shaking his head.

“I think planning the wedding has made you crazy.” He whispers as we walk off the stage.

“I’m not crazy. I made a joke in my head that made me laugh.” I defend.

He stops walking and pulls me into him, swaying our bodies to the song that is playing softly through the yard.

“And maybe if you helped plan the wedding, I wouldn’t be going seemingly crazy.” Every time I bring up food or colors he seems uninterested and it’s frustrating.

“What kind of questions do you ask me about the wedding?” He has a smirk on his face.

“What colors you want? What food you want?” I ask cautiously as his smirk turns to a smile.

He spins us around before suddenly dipping me. He pulls me up slowly, never breaking eye contact. The movement so simple and yet somehow it has left me nearly breathless.

“We could get married in a bathroom, wearing robes and eating toast for all I care. The only thing I want at the wedding, is you.” his lips meet mine and though I want to chastise him for insinuating that we should get married in the bathroom, I just want to be his wife.

"And that's why I've stopped asking you," i say as we pull apart and he straightens us.

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