Another Forever

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Chapter 9


I thrust my fists towards Jake and he continued to deflect them easily.

It's been three weeks since we started to train and I can see and feel a difference.

My arms are more defined with muscle and my flat stomach has a bit of definition. Although it's nowhere near the six packs the guys have.

Still, it's enough that I'm comfortable just being in shorts and my black sports bra.

Jake switches up and throws a punch at me, but I easily dodge and retaliate.

"That's good, Hails!" he catches my fist in his hand, letting me know we are stopping.

He tosses me a towel and water bottle before grabbing his own.

As I take a big swig, I notice Jake's eyes get a far-off look and I know he's mind linking.

A sly smirk crosses my lips as I slowly move toward him, wanting to catch him off guard.

Just as I'm about to attack him, he turns and wraps his arm around my neck, rubbing his fist on my head.

"NOOGIE!" he laughs I struggle a minute before breaking his hold.

He continues to laugh as I scowl at him while fixing my ponytail.

"You're gonna train with Alex for a bit. There's an Alpha here demanding an emergency meeting," We both turn to watch Alex jog over in his red shorts that he seems to wear every day.

Does he own multiple pairs in the same color?

"Emergency? Everything Okay, Jake?" I take another drink of my water as Jake and Alex do their bro handshake.

Jake smiles at me with a small nod, but I don't miss the look he shares with Alex.

"Just go easy on my Beta, Hails," he pats me on the shoulder before jogging towards the house.

"No Promises!" I shout after Jake, earning a scoff from Alex.

I raise my eyebrow at him while crossing my arms over my chest. A smirk plays on his lips as he mimics my stance.

"You may be older and a girl, but I can still kick your ass," He says before breaking into a full grin, "Loser buys lunch at Wendy's?"

I narrow my eyes at him, He's cocky I'll give him that, but I'm confident I'll win this fight.

"Fine, but when I win, remember that I like a frosty and sea salt fries." We both get into a defensive stance at the same time.

"Maybe we should see what you can do in wolf form?" My smirk drops at his suggestion.

"You know I can't control her yet," I whisper and I can see the guilt crossing his face.

He had meant it as a joke, I know, but I'm still kind of sensitive about it.

"Doesn't matter, I can whoop you in any form," He jokes to try and bring back the playful mood.

I watch his movements like a hawk. I haven't fought Alex before, so I have to find his weakness.

I can hear Jake in my head telling me how to breathe and how to defend.

He steps forward to throw a punch that I easily dodge. He steps forward again and I smile, knowing I found his weakness.

He steps left and throws right.

I deflect his punch again and throw my own into his left side causing him to grunt. We separate and he nods at the hit but gives me a playful smirk.

I watch him lean in, ready to take a step and I quickly inhale, preparing myself for another punch.

My wolf suddenly becomes agitated and I lose focus trying to reign her back in.

Alex uses the distraction to his advantage and lands a clean punch on my jaw.

A growl echoes around us, sending a shiver to my spine and goosenumps to my skin.

Before I can return the punch, my view is blocked by a t-shirt clad back.

My eyes roam greedily over the contours of muscle that are visible under the stretched fabric. The most amazing woodsy smell hit my nose, but I push that aside when I see the man's arm spring back ready to punch Alex.

Without thinking, I kick the back of the strangers knees and watch as he crumples to the ground.

Two men grab reach out and grab an arm, but I quickly use the man's back and kick off and flip over them, breaking their hold.

Who the hell are these people?

"Nice! Way to think on your feet!" Jake says proudly as he pulls me into a hug.

Another growl sounds from around us and Jake quickly pulls me behind him. Did he not just see me take the big one down and get out of the other twos hold?

The man got off the ground and looked at us with a murderous look on his face. His ice blue eyes shifting to black immediately when they land on Jake and me.

I cling to Jakes' arm, wheter out of fear or comfort I don't know, but it pisses the man off more.

"MINE!" he roars, staring at my hand on Jakes' arm as he stalks towards us.

My eyes widen and a smile splits across my face. My baby brother found his mate!

Wait, Jake's gay? Why didn't he tell me?

"Jake, why didn't you tell me? I'd support you no matter what! And now to meet your mate like this?!" I give a small pout and the man stops walking towards us.

He and Jake give me a funny look but they must be to stunned to introduce me. I mean, did Jake really think I wouldn't support him?

"Hi. I'm Hailey." I step around Jake, extending my hand to his mate.

The man's eyes switched back to clear blue and I find myself unable to look away. They're absolutely beautiful and I am taken aback by how handsome he is.

I slowly put my hand back down realizing he isn't going to shake it, but his eyes stayed glued to mine.

I can feel my wolf clawing in my mind and i focus on pushing her down.

What has gotten into her?

"Hailey," the man says, his deep voice sending another chill down my spine.

I vaguely heard someone say Oh shit before Jake and Alex are in front of me blocking my view of Jake's mate.

My cheeks burn with embarrasment. I can't believe I just stared at Jake's mate like I've never seen a man before.

Great first impression.

"Let's go back to my dad's office and talk, Alpha Thomas,"Jake says hurriedly, pointing to the house.

"Mate!" Alpha Thomas said through clenched teeth.

I turn to see his hands clenching into fists. What's got him so worked up? Jake is trying to talk to him, even trying to take him somewhere private.

Oh, my Goddess!

His wolf must think there is something going on between Jake and me.

"Oh Goddess, please don't get the wrong idea Jake is my brother," I push between Alex and Jake looking at Alpha Thomas so that he can see the sincerity in my face.

Jake and Alex both ask him to stop and take steps back as he moves closer, but he doesn't listen. Jake is even trying to get me to move back but I'm frozen.

I feel like prey stuck in the predators path. Anger floods my vein as Alpha Thomas steps closer, pushing Alex and Jake slightly away.

Who does he think he is?

"You're even more beautiful than I could've imagined, my little mate," his hands cup my cheeks and I gasp at the tingles that fill my body.

He thinks I'm his mate?!

Images of Cade flash before my eyes. His voice rings through my ears as if he was here and just spoke.

My chest tightens uncomfortably. Cade was my mate. I've known that since my wolf shifted out of heartache when he left.

The sparks dancing across my skin ignited my anger until it feels like a raging inferno inside of me.

All control slipped from my grasp and I shifted into my wolf.

My wolf's growl mix with her cries for her mate as she stands defensively facing the small group.

Shock is written on everyone's face as they watch my wolf get into a defensive position.

Alpha Thomas reaches his hand out to calm me, but my wolf doesn't want to be calm and nips at his hand.

"No, Don't!" he shouts but before I can turn I feel a sharp poke in my neck.

My legs give out immediately and I crumble to the ground.

I look up to see Alex holding an empty syringe and giving me an apologetic look.

I can hear chaos breaking out around me but reality is slowly slipping away as darkness surrounds me.

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