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Emma's life is turned upside down when she gets to know that she and her twin brother are adopted and it all gets even more messed up as she discovers that her true roots lie in the supernatural world "Hey! If you're going to fight atleast have the decency of fighting fair." I shouted at him. "Mate!" the Alpha said, pulling me towards him and hugged me tightly. I turned to Ethan and looked him over. He looked very different from two years back. The elemental change was evident in him just as it was in me. "Who the hell do you think you you are? I'm royal. I could kill you in seconds." he said, not knowing I was his twin, his Emma. "I know. I know you're royal. What do you expect me to do? Fall on your feet and pray?" I asked him sarcastically. "Because that's not going to happen. I don't know what's the norm here. But I'm not going to sit back and watch something unfair happening." "If you can't just sit and watch this 'unfair' fight happening, Why don't you help your mate with it?" he asked. "Sure." I replied. "You start. I give the first chance to those weaker than me." He threw multiple fireballs at me. I dodged them easily. "That's all you have? And you call yourself royal." I snickered. Maybe I said a bit too much because the next moment I was surrounded by fire. As the fire used up all the oxygen it was getting difficult for me to breathe.

Fantasy / Romance
Anusha Prabhu
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Chapter 1

Emma’s pov :

Today is my birthday. My sweet sixteen. Well, mine and my twin brother, Ethan’s birthday. And the program for today is all planned. We’re going trekking up the hills and then watching a movie before a nice family dinner. Trekking, being mine and Ethan’s favorite activity will be lots of fun. And I’m really really looking forward to the day.

“Ethan! Get up you sleepyhead. Its our birthday today. Get up soon or we’ll get late to trekking.” I tried to wake him up but my efforts were all in vain. Now, just because he’s lazy I couldn’t have afforded to get there late and spoil my day. So I calmly took a glass of water from his bedside table and poured it on his face. “And that’s how you get your lazy brother out of bed!” I exclaimed running down at lightning speed.

“Oh you didn’t. I’m coming after you Em! You better run!” I heard him scream before his footsteps were heard thundering down the stairs. And not-so-surprisingly soon, he caught up with me and threw,the nearest thing on my face, which happened to be our birthday cake. I retaliated by pouring the juice on him. And that’s how we ended up wasting all the food in our food fight and dirtying what was once a clean kitchen.

“Ethan and Emma! What have you both been up to? You could have been a little more behaved today, it is your birthday after all. But, I should have known not to expect anything better.” Mom entered the kitchen and looked at us disapprovingly.

“Let them be dear, it’s their birthday today and you shouldn’t be taking much stress right now. It isn’t good for the baby.” Dad said motioning to mom’s pregnant belly. Mom was 8 months pregnant with our little brother and so would not be joining us today for the Trek.

“Your mom is actually right you know. You’re sixteen now and so you’re supposed to be more responsible. So, clean up the mess and get the food replaced as soon as possible.” Dad said after leading mom out. “Oh and after that get ready soon coz we don’t want to miss the trek, now do we? Happy Birthday kids.” he added.

The both of us mumbled our okays and took a broom each when we heard a whoosh sound. I looked up and there was water, fire, wind and soil swirling around just in front of us. And in no time, it was replaced by a couple, who were wearing what seemed to be royal clothes. I quickly looked at Ethan, to find him staring at them in awe. Afraid of who they were and what they wanted, I quickly pulled Reese two steps back with me.

“Emma, Ethan, it’s been a while. I hope you both have been taught and brought up well but your present condition makes me state otherwise.” The man said, eyeing us as if assessing us from top to bottom.

“Oh dear, this is not what we expected. But we’ll have to manage. But before we begin it would be best if the both of you would get cleaned up.” The lady spoke up.

“Emma, Ethan what are you....Oh! Your highness, I’m sorry for the mess here. We weren’t expecting anyone today.” Mom said looking surprised at seeing them. But she knew them. Who were these people and why on earth did she refer them to as “Your highness”?

“Olivia, good to see you after such a long time. This was an spontaneous decision for us too. Some events took place sooner than expected and we had to come here earlier than planned.” she looked worried for a moment but then put on a smile.

“But, they don’t know anything yet and they’re still kids.” Mom looked tense now and Dad entered the room.

“All that doesn’t matter. And we are not asking you for your thoughts. We are telling you that they will be told about the reality right now. Our decision is final. Arrange for a room for us to speak with them and get them cleaned up.” The man said sternly.

“Yes, of course. Olivia, you show them to the room. I’ll get them ready for the news.” Mom who was looking tense and fightened led them out.

“Emma, Ethan, get cleaned up and meet me in my study in five minutes.“Dad said, leaving soon after.

We were now cleaned up and in Dad’s study waiting for him to give an explanation.

“Dad who are those people?”

“How did they appear out of nowhere?”

“Why did mom call them ‘your higness’?”

“Are they royal?”

“They’re supernaturals, aren’t they?”

Me and Ethan kept firing questions at him one after the other, not giving him the chance to speak.

“Quiet! Calm down both of you. I’ll answer your questions. Yes, they’re royal supernaturals. And that gives the answer to why you’re mom referred them to as your highness as well as to how they appeared out of nowhere.” he told us with a serious look on his face. If not for the serious look on his face, I would have definitely burst out laughing.

“And why are they here? What do we have to do with any of this?” I asked dad, unable to connect the dots.

“They’re your real parents and are here to take you back home.” And that’s when my consciousness decided that this was enough information for the day and I blacked out.

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