Angelic Black

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You wouldn't know if you saw it.

“Look at him it’s that crazy boy from the blacked bricked cursed house on the corner,”

That’s what that woman says when she sees me. Grabbing her little girl and hurrying out of my path. Part of me wanted to walk over to her and go “BOO!” but I felt I would get arrested if I got within a few steps of her after she put in all the effort to get out of my path.

“Remember sweetie stay away from him he’s crazy. He talks to things that aren’t there,” the women tell the little girl

“But why mommy, he looks normal?” The little girl replies.

The women turned her eyes on her daughter and says, “It’s because he lives in the cursed black house at the end of the road,”

The women stopped and looked up only to see I was directly in front of them, and I could tell by the disgusted look on her face that she didn’t care if I heard everything. A part of me really wants to yell BOO! right now, but it won’t make a difference. I walk away and kept on my weekend stroll to the grocery store for my mother. This town has a weird superstition that my parents didn’t know about before moving her a year ago.

There are four houses governed by spirits that protect the land. Well, three protect the town. The fourth is the town’s downfall.

The story goes that over 1000 years ago a creature that threatened the land with plagues that killed the people, the livestock, and the crops within only a few days of contact. They called it the Black Demon. In a brave effort to stop the Black Demon three beings came to help the people. The Red Witch, Blue Wolf, and White Angel. Together they managed to slow the Demons attempts to end life. They sealed his physical body at the cost of their own, but before their physical forms fully disappeared they used their power to remove the plague. Grateful, the people built shrines over the places where each of the physical forms were laid to rest. These shrines were given to three families sworn to uphold the will of the beings and protect the people. The Black devil found out of this plan and tricked the people to make the fourth house for those destined to bring calamity.

At least that’s the story. A millennium later, there are three large families in this town now. The yangs are who uphold the Blue Wolf shrine. The Charms are who uphold the Red Witch Shrine. The Castles are who uphold the White Angel shrine. And I, unfortunately, live in the Black Demon house. It has a bad history of causing men and women to go crazy after only a few weeks of living there. I guess you could say my family was lucky that we got to live normally for so long.

“I wonder if mom would like a new necklace for her birthday, next week,” I said out loud in the grocery store. Everyone around me just stared as if I was crazy.

I didn’t think much of it and just went on about my business with my groceries to the checkout line. After paying I started on my way back home. I guess my family and I are lucky in the sense that none of us have gone crazy. You would think that would stop our neighbors and the rest of the town from looking at us like demons, but I can’t blame them. They probably just think that the demon took over our bodies or something. Crazy if you ask me, but they aren’t far off. The whole story about demon and plagues are real along with the angels, witches, and wolves. The Second day we were at our place he appeared in front of me in my room. My parents don’t know this, but they say for a while I was cut off from the world, or at least that’s how I acted, and then one day I started acting normal again. Honestly, if I didn’t love my parents I wouldn’t have made a deal with that demon. I don’t know if this was when I cut myself off, but since I don’t remember doing that I can only assume that I cut myself off when I was forced to talk with him. When he appeared in front of me he took me to a void of darkness. It was there he asked me to use my body as a vessel. I originally declined terrified, but then without hesitation, he threatened to drive my family crazy if I declined a second time. It’s honestly not as bad as you would think. All he does is use my body as a sort of taxi, so he can move around the city freely.

He’s like a big kid who was grounded and wanted nothing, but to go outside. Yeah, the little guy isn’t so bad, he’s the size of a child, and he acts like one. Most of the time I feel like a father, but I enjoy having him around. Plus, in exchange for using my body, he gave me the ability to make anything I write outcome alive, so I made up a bunch of characters and they pop up every now and again to help with my boredom or give me advice like what I should get for my mom’s birthday next week. They really come in handy, but the best part is no one else can see them, so people think I’m crazy and cursed.

“I really want a nap,” I yawned while walking back home.

“Yeah, well I want food,” A voice said from behind me. I turned to see the short demon dressed in all black with his usual grin floating in the air looking at me.

“Do you even like regular food demon?” I ask while I started to ruffle through the bags I had.

“You know I like human food and I told you to call me Kasen,” He yelled getting a little flustered.

“Calm down, I know you like food and I know your name. I just like to see you flustered,” I threw a doughnut in his direction. “Hopefully that holds you over,” I gave him a smile and Kasen returned the gesture and started munching on his doughnut as we were walking back home.

Yeah, this is the relationship I have with the evil Black Demon, Kasen. He’s the kindest person I know and I’m glad that I made that deal with him.

“Hey, kid!” A girl yelled out from in front of my house.

“Who me?” I asked confused genuinely wondering if they were talking to me.

“Yes, you. Now give me the demon or should I take it,” she lowered her head as if to hide her eyes. Masking the expression on her face.

“Look if you’re with the church, I’ll tell you the same thing I told the pastor, there is no de….” Before I could finish my statement her face was next to mine. She Placed her arm around my neck and whispered.

“Let me rephrase myself, give me the black demon behind you or go to hell with the rest of your family,” I was stunned and didn’t know what to do. So many things were running through my head like who is she, how can she see Kasen, but most of all I wanted to make sure my family was alive and safe, so I spoke without thinking.

“If you had hurt them. You’re as good as dead,” I don’t know what came over me, but a part of me really wants to kill her.

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