The Arcane Chronicles: Book Of Fire

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Can fire truly burn in the darkness? Once a wanted criminal now turned school teacher how will Teran adjust to his new life not being on the run?

Fantasy / Adventure
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A cloaked figure walks briskly down an alley to a wooden door with a light shining from the bottom crack.

The figure stopped in front of the door and gave it three sharp knocks, after the third knock a small panel slid open at eye level on the door slid open revealing a set of eyes and then slid closed, followed by a series of locks being clicked open and the creak of the door being opened inwards;

“Evening,” said a tall greasy haired bearded man as the figure stepped inside the door;

“Good evening,”said the figure as it took off its hood revealing the face of a pointed chin woman with black hair and hazel eyes.

The room set before the woman had a bar up against the left wall with shelves behind it that held bottles of drink and different varieties of cups, mugs, and glasses with the rest of the room having stools, chairs, and tables with people scattered out across it;

“Ah, Maradith” came a voice from the far side of the room.

The woman gave a sigh as she walked over to the owner of the voice, which was an older man with white combed hair and a short beard to match,

“Good evening Frederick,” the woman said as she took a seat across from the man,

“I assume you got my message,” the man said lifting his glass of whiskey up to his mouth,

“Yes Frederick I did and I find it quite ridiculous,”Maradith said crossly.

“Yes, I know it does sound that way, but he is our only hope to keep our students safe,” he calmly said setting his glass down on the table.

Maradith scoffed and rolled her eyes.

“Safe! he is a murderer and a monster how can he keep the students safe?”

“But he is also a man of reason,” Frederick said tapping his finger on the table.

“Even if he is where would we find him he’s been missing for seven years,” she said shaking her head.

“Finding him I can say is no longer a problem,” he said clasping his hands together on the table.

Maradith raised a suspicious eyebrow.

“Whatever do you mean?”

“I received a message some time ago saying that they’ve found him; he was trying to crossover the Swedish border from Norway, he’s currently in Clarkson Prison awaiting trial,” he said as he grabbed his glass and took another drink.

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