A Child's Imagination

By Salora Corrine All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Children


Children dream of things far and wide, big and small, and the things they see are beyond what most could think of. Stories with elements from different cultures should do the trick in ignighting the flame of your child's imagination; be they a mighty knight or a fair princess, this book was made for all. Opening a new world with every page turned!

Little Witch, Haven

A large house stood seemingly vacant behind a pair of large steel gates high upon a hill; it was deep within desolate woods, making it hard to see. While it was in perfectly good living condition on the inside, the outside said differently. Inside of the house there was darkness, barely lit by the sunlight that streamed through the large windows with partly opened curtains of plum. The particles of dust seemed to dance with one another in what little sunlight they had. The darkened walls were painted a rose red with the floorboards a glossy oak.

Family pictures hung with a few tables with drawers rested underneath. Each one had different objects placed upon them for decoration. The sound of soft classical music roamed through the hallways as the pitter patter of a pair of tiny feet bounced off the walls. As a tiny figure ran by one of the windows the curtains swayed, allowing some of the light to hit against the large crystal chandelier for just a split second. Giggling sounded through the halls, an innocent sound that couldn’t rattle a mouse.


The tiny voice was just above a whisper as she casted her tiny spell. A show of fireworks went off, the bright colors bouncing off the clear glass of the chandelier.

“Haven, darling, would you please come here?”

“Comin’ mama!”

Her little voice was as high pitched as any little girl’s voice would be. She rushed in the direction of her mother and into a well lit bedroom where a beautiful woman waited for her. The girl was known as Haven Nadrer, a little tot of age five. Born with silky locks of black that she loved to keep in two ponytails on the side of her head with pretty blue bows. Her eyes, a sherbert pink that were seemingly always full of sunlight, and her skin as white as milk. Haven dressed in a black dress that swung to her knees with a white flat collar and frilly, white ankle socks and black mary janes to match.

“There you are, my little ghoul.”

A woman of beauty beyond compare sat on the edge of her bed. This woman went by the name of Lethretta Nadrer, a powerful witch who ran a simple shop within her home with her little Haven doing her best to help. There was nothing that the little girl hadn’t seen, there were few to none who weren’t welcomed to the shop too. Lethretta had silky hair of coal that flowed to her waist that she kept in a loose braid over her shoulder. Her skin was snow white, bringing out her eyes of lavender.

She dressed in a white dress with a sweetheart collar, the skirt being asymmetrical. The front went to her knees while the back went to her calves. She wore a black spiderweb embroidery corset with a pair of black flats. She stood and held out her arms to her child, a warm smile painting her soft features.

“It’s almost time. Let’s go open the shop.”

Sherbert eyes lit up with zest as she rushed into the arms of her mother, excited to start the day. To have another day full of magic and wonders, it was something that Haven could never wait for. The little five year old placed her head on her mother’s shoulder as she walked towards the far east of their mansion, opening a door to a dark room.


It was a simple word, but because of it, all the lights in the room had lit up. The five year old was set down again before her mother spoke again.

Nal va’ckt tu. Kels fei ta yeve.

Things began to float around the shop, and, as she did every time, Haven watched in wonder though she had seen it many times before. A smile had lit up her face, and her eyes were as bright as the sun. Items floated to shelves as the brums swept up anything left from yesterday. Haven watched as the pen picked itself up and began to make note of the day’s orders and shipments.


Lethretta uttered the last word and the door swung open, the window curtains opened to let in light, and the room began to smell of magic. Magic always had a wondrous smell to it, it always smelled of sweet things like marshmallows and freshly cooked cinnamon buns. The magic that was part of the final spell, opening the door to a universe that connected many.

“We have a few orders from yesterday, they’ll most likely come in soon. Are you prepared to greet them, darling?”

Lethretta smiled as her little girl nodded, she was nodding so fast that her mother worried her head would fall off! The older woman let out a tiny snort laugh before she lead the little girl behind the desk and placed her in the chair to wait for business. Haven hummed her own little tune happily as she watched the people outside make their rounds for the day, proud of the place that she was able to see almost every day. How many kids came to the shop to play with her? She had lot a friends, so Haven would like to think it was over a billion or trillion!

Of course, this was just her estimate.

She grinned even more when she heard footsteps making their way down a cobbled street that was near the house shop. A figure with broad shoulders and a heavy built walked inside. Excited to do her first greeting of the day, Haven gave her best smile and spoke with a loud and excited tone,


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