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Sir Tristan the crystal power boy

By jojo All Rights Reserved ©

Adventure / Fantasy

Chapter 1

  Sir tristan was originally a  boy who lived in town at  this Riverssaince village ,the village next door,and it has a big lake in closed in it with a rim hill circling around it.  Thats how he got his last name"Tristan of the LAke".  He as  once  a peasant boy on a small lake side house with a small lake house there,and he used to go out to strawberry valley and also deliver  things to and from the New Hobbitonia  area,just on the other side of  Riverssaince village.  But later,he moved to Cambria and lived there,because  his friend alex ,the merboy,swam up to the lake sometimes and rode on his back down the Muddy Mo river to the shores of prince Taylor's demesne and to Sugarvillage too where Lady Drew lives.  Speaking on sir joel  his friend he met after he moved to cambria,  joel was lady drew's adopted brother, and he had become one of my best squires who was turned into a knight by both me and prince taylor,i remember the day i knighted and beamed the 8 cambrian boys with the silver power, and prince taylor was with me.  ever since,as a result  joel's super power is he can  also blow white sugardust from his mouth  and either make those he blows onto very  happy if good,or turn them into a a rock if they are very bad ,wherein,they'd  have to be cracked open  from their hardened sugary shell or else they're finished.  But now back to Tristan of the lake.   
Tristan had moved to Cambria because he made some friends there with the Cambrian kids,and he got a better job there as a river errand runner and a watch boy.  Tristan sailed down blue river or hopped along the river walk or on the rocks through cambria.  Alex sometimes pushed along his sail boat,because he has gills on his ribs and some fins on his feet.  Their 7 cambrian kid friends,one is named joel , all had different jobs but they were so welcoming and friendly,that tristan decided to stay with them and have fun,especially to escape the demands of his master who had adopted him back in Riverssaince lake.  Inn a way he had escaped,but his master  came after him and demanded him slave away again,but now he had his 7 cambrian  friends stand up to the master who was a knight too.  They battled with him and pushed him in the river,and so he didnt come back to demand tristan have to return.   
Tristan learned that he had power to communicate with insects,and so he could blow gently at butterflies near the pond at the grain silo castle at Golden ball park,and he also could calm the bees who made honey at Friar Addio's little cambrian honey farm.  Tristan was offered a cave by the  blue river shore and he wore a cambrian tunic.  Well,it was much later,a couple years when sir jojo had met him and the other 7 friends ,joel,and dakotan ,adam,gavin ,liam ,jacob ,matthew ,along with tristan.  all were chosen as the super 8 knights of silver,because jojo could see their auras were  right for the job.Jojo ,me,also knew that the 8 kids were  somehow had been so close to taylor as a friend,that the fact he was chosen as the prince who was worthy to make the golden ball of Southlandia be able to glow in his hands alone,had somehow rubbed off an energy to his 8 friends with also special powers.  MAny reason was because taylor and the 8 kids had  made a loyalty oath of friendship one day during a country outing in Greenleafia town,and swore loyalty to each other,so that they knew he was to be prince of cambria and they said theyd serve him as his worthiest knights,and so the ball's power had kind of rubbed off onto them,enhancing their auras with a glow of orange,but only jojo could seem to see it.  He took to askng the cambrians during a visit to taylor's coronation ceremony,to ask the cambrians to make fish net silver costumes for the 8 boys and some pearl studded cone hats and belts.  The 8 boys had a new strength,when jojo beamed a silver lazer of love energy on them and it made them have a strength and the ability to fly in the air,so long as they had  silver dust,which they soon shed forth from their skin and hair as flakes,once he told them all they must do is eat one of the taylorian large mushrooms near the white castle,which before had only produced green mushy wonder fertilizer within them,but now ,the boys were told to touch them in the field under schneider mount,and then ever since that day,the mushrooms also sometimes some of them give off silver glitter too!  These mushrooms soon became so wealthy a  resource,but they rarely give off such glitter,mainly the boys do once a month,and they hover fly and slow motion leap in the air.  A few extra friends of the super 8 such as Cameron kentucky a wild blond kid from Sugarvillage,he joined ,but he has no superstrength,but he helps them,and flies around too.  His job is mainly to help watch over Greenleafia town,while some of the boys watch Cambria,and Avalon, and the Taylorian demesne.  THis relates the story how the super 8 knight boys came to be,and they also  were given power rings from jojo later on to join as part of his 100 silver knights elite force.  They were the 8 to add to the 92 others.  Tristan has  this sweet perfume smell  that emits off his body alot and the bees love him ,but they respect his privacy.  He  sat in his cave dooorway over the river blue and sang guitar songs,especially down in Central village in cambria.  His eyes are so lovely and he sparkles sometimes,like magic.   

  Well,in the present time  we move forwards to this 2015,and a quiet life its been for tristan the past several years,living in his cave, but recently his friend Alex the one time merboy,came to visit him,and alex has grown taller ,but he shifts because of a youth water morphosis like some have where their twenty looking on some days and 12 looking on other days,or once a month.  Nicky romeo,jojo's other hubby does that ,as does a few others.  Alexander  told him how he is now a special  elite force  Color rainbow kids representing the color blue,at parkvillia and Great North town,for Chieftain atreyua.  He was also the mayor of Parkvillia for a few years.  One of Jojo's hubs Robbie Earsley  came following up to see them at the cave.  Well,that day,they went out to have fun like regular kids,and walked on the catwalk of silver pipes over the river to connect over to Coney town.  Tristan could fly anyway,but when robbie slipped and had to hold onto the pipe,tristan leaped over and flew in the air and grabbed him up ,flying in the air.  these silver pipes were magically grown from a molten silver at one time that had been enlarged by Ashto's magic emerald and made a strange effect of causing the metal to grow into wild and weird  shapes,to expand and made these  jumbles of catwalks and pipes like an oil factory  would look  over in Coney town.  When  suddenly Tristan touched the  metal silver pipe,a surge of energy  flowed through him,it was silver energy,and it made him vibrate and feel good.  Then suddenly,the vibrations around them,made them teleport to  a land to the northwest of there,in Cornacapia land,in its region of  white pampas grass and  white bok choy trees.  only robbie earsley did not teleport there,  and he  wondered where they went.  where tristan and  alexa  went to was  at  A small lake  there and it had a white cottage  on an island in the middle of the lake, the  round  cottage  had a  white sugar look to it.  There,it was LAdy Este of valinor,this was her second lake,and she had chosen Tristan with Yavanna the other lady of power,to teleport earlier to the crystal fortress of north pole in Snowlandia to await sir jojo.  Now,he was here to her,sugar cottage,and within it was  a few crystal bars on a shelf,and they glowed.  Tristan  could hold them and they could now be made to spread over to the nearby cornacapia desert part,and make a growth of crystal valley.  HE threw them and they grew and made such.  HE also could use thought energy and make the last crystal bar into a hover vehicle,and he did,thinking of a sporty car on earth,and it was like a long crystal  hover gem.  HE and  Alexander were amazed to see the crystal valley grow in the desert after he threw the bars in the sand.  But now,what was best of all,is it stopped the advance of the sand people's sand homes,as they had been proliferating  their own kind by spreading their magic sand and blowing it in the cornacapian winds,and it had a contagion which made the land and all people near it to also turn into sand or sand people,with a spell to do their bidding.  Now,with the sand people's sand cone shaped huts,suddenly being crystalized,and oasis of water springing up,their advance was ended,and they were crystalized.  THey fled away,those sand people who could escape on their wind surfers.  One of their slaves,who had partly turned a sand tone of skin with a funny pointed hat and underwear on his pants with a  boa fuzzy looking tail,was named Timmy,and he was once a  traveling jester  but had been made to work for the sand people.  He was so happy to be freed from his slavery to the sand people and he  got on his knees and asked Tristan and Alex to hire him as a personal jester.  "Ok, you can be  our jester!"  They went out to an area where some sand dunes still exists,and some Meerkats and  a  ferret lived there among them,and they could all talk human speech.  The ferret  said jokes to Tim the jester.  So Tim said to ferret"you can hop on my shoulder,we could be a famous comedian troupe,and we will get  the people's attention",so ferret agreed,and said they ought travel to Ta land and visit his ferret family in the blue desert.  Oh,alexander was to be happily welcomed there because he is representative of color blue for Atreyu's Color  Rainbow kids Elite force.  So they got on board the crystal hover cruiser,and used thought energy without an arrow stone,to move forwards.  But before they could go to TA land,they were told by LAdy Este at her second lake in Bok choy forest,to rescue the  crown princess of Merryland,Wensla,is her name,and daughter of Queen Dish Boopa.  here she was kept by the Rock creatures at the badlands rock area of Cornacapia,and their human pirates.  Well,not only this but the rock people started coming to the new crystal valley to eat the crystals,and they also had a few shadow people come to darken the valley crystals.  so then,Tristan and Alex hurried to find help,and thus Este said she knew something good would come,but they must fight the rock creatures with their power.  So tristan and alex and timmy jester came and to their rock  canyon  town,and it was black rocks and craggy and spooky ,but then when creatures giant came out,then tristan pulled out a crystal bar,and it became a crystal sword,then he aimed for the rock giants and they crumbled away.but he also had  super 8 silver energy,and the silver energy  turned many of them into silver  statues.  but was many still  coming on a march,while Alexander  used blue beams  of energy from his aura and  that created  ablue electric  vibration wave and stun them  till they crumbled or turned to blue statues.  Alexander sometimes had his  rainbow  surf hover  shield,but it was left in parkvillia at home.  Well,they  came against the rock creature leader and his pirates,and they ended up having black crystal swords,and a black crystal  valley existed just over the ridge surprisingly.  this was why lady este chose  Tristan  to  create the competing white crystal  valley,since only he was chosen to have power over the crystal growth.and its why  lady Yavannah sent him last month to north pole crystal fortress to meet sir jojo.  His sleep  had made the crystal cottage grow from far away,she told him.  NOw he had the job to rescue princess Wensla.  The rock creature  grabbed her in his arms and began to run  across the valle of rocks and black crystals.  and but then  Timmy the jester  had one special  power with his funny hat,he made the rock chief  laugh,and  the vibrations from timmy's funny cone hat,made the chief  laugh so hard,that he crumbled to dust.  The princess fell into timmy's arms.  she liked him and  they fell in love.  Now all was left was  to battle a new army of rock soldiers coming up with many black crystal swords.  At last,then came a group of Emo looking kids  fromthe west,it was the Dollonians from MErryland's doll valley.  They  came with  many fairies on their  shoulders.  But with no  swords,until  Tristan  touched  one of them with his white crystal sword,and then they all suddenly had each a white crystal sword.  LAdy Este had sent them to help.  The feisty Dollonians  helped but were meek people,and yet good runners.  Now,they helped,but they were scared too,and yet here came a group of long legged Rubber people,and they were fast runners and they were helping the Sand and rock people and pirates.  They were grabbing rubber extendeable arms around dollonians and taking them away to the sand deserts of OZ!  there was no escape once they were there!  A new Nome king was leading them and he was riding a big Kangaroohoo,which is a type of creature similar to a kangaroo but it is larger and more colorful.  Now all but a few Dollonians  were  here,and some had been knocked over by the black crystal swords,and became incased in black crystal too.  What was to be done?  THe new nome king was from Ev land where his grandfather had been once and defeated by dorothy with a chicken egg.  now he had a young guy who he had made heir named Evan,and he was a cold frigid looking person,with ice loooking face and frozen hair,but it was partly a spell on him,since he had chosen to be the heir to the nome king who had no sons,but chose not love.  So happened evan's sister was lauren,of the one who had been adopted by the Red fuzzies tribe  of the island in central sea.  Now,she had been chosen to help  fulfill prophecy to marry sir jojo recently and save  VAlinor and  the laurelin and telperion trees has resurrected ,but as she symbolized some good, he as her evil brother,was  having potential to  become  a force in the land of Ev and all of Oz,and the nome king knew his potential  to take over all the land,since his sister was also a special  aura.  But all that could ruin their potential of greatness was  to take out the love from them.  Well,jojo had helped  lauren  find love,but the nomeking  had  her brother under his spell,and  all from a simple choice to choose love or not. evan chose no love,so he had  a hoverable  surfer,and a  staff to show he was a prince of  the nome king,and wore a black cape.  Now it was,that  somebody had to stop him,and so Alexander and Tristan  tried ,by using their powers of blue lazer electric  energy and  silver  energy,against his  black  lazers from his staff.  THen  it was ,he  blew them far in the sky and  they were  safely in their crystal  hover cruiser,but it spun far  away  towards the OZ desert.  there it landed,and would have crashed but it had a safety forcefield within it,so they had  a safe landing,but found themself in the Oz desert.  An oasis  island was far away and there,they could see the Dollonians  yelling for help,as they were too afraid to cross the sand out of the oasis or else theyd become  dust by walking on the sand.  Tristan  managed to use his  telekinetic  ability  to lift the crystal  cruiser out of the sand,but it was  stuck heavily in a dune.  it didnt turn to sand because it was powerfully protected.  Tristan  hovered over to the oasis with alexander,but  funny timmy the jester and his ferret with princess wensla were still back in coracapia  ,and captured by evil prince evan with the nome king.  Tristan  and the good meek  Dollonian emo kids  were  eating the oasis  berries and coconuts on the palm trees,but seeming marooned,then  tristan realized ,he could use his  crystal hover cruiser and morph it by thought power into many crystal boots,and so theyd walk safely across the desert without turning to sand!  so they did just that,and  went northwest because  Alexander,with his  special aura and eye sight ,he could see  a blue  aura of energy  in a path going northwest. " THis must be the route to Ta land!"  he said,  It was  a blue  invisible  path in the desert prophecied  by the  good witch of TA  one time,that shed make it for the blue color kid,and this was the prophecy.  So alexander  led them  through to finally come upon an actual baby blue color desert.  It was TA land!  Now the special prophecy for this event  was  alexander's  long awaited coming to Ta land,and  his part in helping save the land  of OZ from stopping the  nome king and  his  prince.  THis was to be done finally,and then so, they came to the good witch's castle and she was so excited about Alexander,and so the whole castle ad nearby villages put on a musical show for him.  The large food was give to eat,and it fed the many Dollonian emo boys too,about 300 of them.  She told them ,that only jojo's new wife could defeat her own brother,and so he needed to bring her to confront her brother,and she would have to be actually able to do it by doing a super fast run all the way from  Pink city to  the crystal  valley of white at a pinnacle rock there.  So a Dollonian boy offered to go get her,and he could run quite fast,and with  all their energy of their race being fast runners,they combined their energy  for him  and he had  on  some crystal boots which soon became fluid like crystal water,his whole body did!  He went so fast across the blue desert,and  then he was like  large water drop of crystal swishing through the air,and then over the  Merryland valleys,and Cornacapian plains,far east he went,and came in just a few minutes to Pink city!  it was probably the fastest run anyone had raced.  Then Alexander also  had absorbed much of the energy of dollonians and he gave them some fast running power  added with his electric blue  energy  ,and he  and they sped  like a thunder bolt of blue,towards the  crystal valley from whence theyd been blown away from.  THis time,they sped around the black  crystal valley and were so fast that the nome king and evan couldnt catch them with their black lazers.  They made the Nome king dizzy.  princess wensla and timmy the jester were  rescued!  Timmy was  electrified with alex's  blue energy,and then he suddenly  started running so fast across the prairies and  he laughed with joy as he  went warp speed!  The ferret on his shoulder  had  to hold on tight and he looked funny with his mouth  wobbling at warp speed.  Then timmy finally slowed down when he  jumped off  a prairie hill into a river.splash!  he laughed with joy.  But  now,it was  the Dollonian boy far ahead of everyone,made it to  PArkvillia.  THere it was,sir jojo  was summoned to the office in the palace,adn he met the boy with panting breath and smoking heels.  "  i have come to ask you to bring your wife lauren to  help the  OZians and merrylanders. only she can fulfill a prophecy to stop her brother,this is what  the good witch of TA told us" he said.  "I had not heard of this part of the prophecy but i have met the good witch once,and she is trustworthy.  what must be done to save OZ?"asked jojo.  lauren,now known as laurena,was  recently  turning  into a  frigid looking  girl,as if ice was  growing on her,and it was just like her brother.  A spell from his decision to not choose love,for he had  rejected  a simple  peasant girl who loved him once,over his desire to  choose to  be  heir to the nome king,and forsake love.  Although he  wanted to force marry princess wensla and thus gain heirship to the Merryland throne,and then  overthrow her mother,and  then  conquer on IX and Noland and OZ.  but ,now,it was the sickness of laurena,who had been bed ridden and had to sleep recently in  the warm  room of the fireplace even in summer time,she was  going so frigid and  it seemed she was turning back into  crystal like she recently had been.  Then,the dollonian said she had to run in the crystal boots and  all the way to  the new crystal valley of Tristan,and she would be able to  break a cold spell.  So he put the crystal boots on laurena's feet and  they turned into crystal  tennis shoes.  she  suddenly looked better,and she was brought by ship to  new grey havens and then  over to pink city,  she was wrapped in a cloak from her chills and fever.  Now at Pink city,jojo and thenlaurena  got off on dock and she  had said'yes she knew of this prophecy,she would have to run this race and  then it would defeat her brother.  But then off she went,super fast,like a thunder bolt,going west,the direction from whence  the Dollonian  boy had come. WHoo! she was superfast!  Warp speed over the prairies of west star and Cornacapia to and there she suddenly stopped and found out she had  run right into her brother and ran over him too.  HE didnt know what had hit him.  but he  suddenly  shook on the ground with an electric seizure shock of electricity and  he  then vaporized  and melted  as if he was  ice water  melted!  She  began to  get hyped  with warp vibration  energy  !  And she wondered what was happening!  Then it was  she then  caused the whole black crystals in the valley to explode and the place was  smoking like a volcano.  everyone had to escape the valley,with all the smoke and  shooting  smoke and lava.  They were safe back in the white crystal valley and it had a forcefield around it,and it held back a  mass of smoke coming towards it!  The  nome king  perished in the lava and smoke.  LAurena  was  the cause of the smoke,but she had helped save the place.and now  no one knew where she was.  but she had  seemingly perished,and  yet,  tristan and alexander found her,and they  brought her to the isle of este's second  isle in white crystal valley at the lake.  For days,laurena was unconscious  and lay on a lovely velvet bed in the sugar house.  Sir jojo  came with the Dollonian boy messenger to the isle to see how she was.  No one knew if laurena would awaken from her coma.  Well,so it was,jojo had regretted that he and her had not even yet had sex because she had become frigid  from  the spell her brother had put on her,although unconsciosly so,because their souls were connected,but without love in him,she could not have much love either.  "Oh laurena,your frigidity had come on you soon after we married,and because your brother's lack of love in his spirit had caused  him  jealousy,because he  did not want her to have love with me,else it would weaken him,and his own powers to rule"said jojo.  "Will she live?" asked  timmy.  Also there was Max,and he had  also grown a sort of frigidity spell because of something similar,that his biological father had made an unconscious jealousy and weakened him too.  his biological father recently had been exiled again,by me for being  overbearing with max and interfering with the council.  max was  told to lay on  the floor of the marble house floor and then LAdy Este'  told me to hold  Tristan's hand,and  then so,also max's hand.  She knew  that  max and jojo had  a son who looked like tristan  elsewhere in the universe,a star child.  We could see his cute star child face upon a crystal wall,he looked like  tristan,only younger!  then so,this  allowed  max to gently heal,and  the ice  and plasticy look of him melted and his heart  went  from dark aura to  back to red  aura!  MAx awoke and felt so amazing.  But laurena,was  still unconscious,and she had not healed.  "do i just leave her here,lady este?"  "yes,she will need to take time to heal,if ever she does,for the  wound  of jealousy and  the decision her brother made  to not choose love,was also a spell he put on her once.  When she was young and he was,they lived in the red fuzzies island,and they made a pact that their souls were to follow same path and that the nome king even then fooled them into someday choosing him  to be his heir and rule all of Ev land,where he lived then.  He said at her 18th birthday,she would  be heir with her brother Evan,who was  so happendly  had  a similar name to Ev land,but somehow,these two children were special  with a great destiny to either  rule  with shadows to bind everyone,or  to choose love and  help love spread.   The  Nome king knew her  great destiny and thus hoped to prevent her great destiny too,by binding her soul to her brother,so he  asked them when they were kids if they'd choose to have his power and rule Ev,or to choose love and kisses.  They were shown the beauty of Ev land,and its roses and gardens,through a seeing pool.  they loved it and desired the land!  Being such immature kids,they made an oath to be his heirs ,at lauren's 18th birthday.  Thankfully,she did fulfill some of her good destiny when she married you sir jojo"said lady Este.  "so i  helped  stop  the Nome king from taking control of the sister,by my love for her,but he possessed her brother's soul already but it  was  connected to hers,and  now that he is  vanquished,she is feeling a missing part of him,and thus she may not survive,unless her heart will thaw and  she feels love ,and opens her eyes"said jojo.  The merrylanders  offered to send positive energy her way towards the isle in the white crystal valley.  Jojo  could see lauren's  heart aura and it looked like it was  frozen over with a icy  aura.  She felt cold too,as she slept there.  "MAke a choice,lauren,to break the spell of the Nome king,and choose to love me again,and forget the words you made an oath to when you were young,to rule Ev land".  She whispered'I will rule Ev land! love is irrelevant"she said unconsciously.  Jojo was upset with her and  he did not know how to heal her,but then lady Este' told jojo to kiss Max and  passionately.  Timmy the jester  kissed princess  wensla  also and  the ferret licked  a  Meerkat wearing a lace dress.  Then  jojo also  held  alexander's  hand,as he did  Tristan's ,and love energy beamed forth such wonder,that  suddenly ,  jojo and everyone  appeared in the land of Ev. and here,it was,sir issac greeted them.  The were  suddenly in a gorgeous rose garden,huge red roses and  by the beautiful lake and an exotic town  lay nearby.  Issac  was  jojo's  former squire and now he was  here with the super 8 knights and they  were all in the garden near a fountain.  "The land of Ev has  been renamed  Rosanna,and  it is been given to me to rule  for  just this year"said  Issac.  "But i am to share it with trusted friends,and you jojo and  max and tristan and  alexander,have been called to co rule with me, this is what Lady Yavannah commanded me to do" said issac.  Jojo was  surprised'YEs! ME ,the one who married laurena can rule Ev land of roses,and thus in her place,fulfills the oath she promised to rule it,but i will rule in her stead,being one  with her flesh and soul through marriage,so now she will have both love and the power through me,but through me who has the love" said jojo.  TRistan  was happy"The love does gain the power over the  spell,and she will possibly  heal" he said.  THey came to the small palace,the rose  garden  palace,and it is red and gold,with a dome,and looked like some exotic place.  "ah what beauty is here!" said jojo.  The palace  Rose people ,many were exotic looking  bakini like  girls and  shirtless muscle men all wearing  red,pink,or yellow clothes, put silk robes on them,and  then  the  coronation was  simple,it was  a garland of roses and leaves on our heads.  Timmy the jester  moved to merryland and  moved in with princess  wensla at her  doll palace with her mother  the queen,and they  had fun,when he went to visit the Clown people in merryland,also theyre called the LIpstickians.  They laughed up a storm.  Oh yes,  meanwhile,  LAdy este  watched over  laurena back at the sugar house in crystal valley in northwest corncapia.  She would sleep walk and  hold her hand  as they walked together in the bok choy white tree forest.  Jojo tried not to think about her until she would open her eyes and realize his love for her.  Her heart was still with a frozen aura around it,but  as he now ruled with his  friends in Ev land,now called Rosanna,  she was becoming subconsciously aware of his connection to her and love energy.  But  her mind was not  thinking consciously or  aware of his love for her completely.  But  then a rose  appeared in a glass  container  in her room  at the sugar cottage on the isle,and  it now was  a time  hour glass as it was a magic rose,and it slowly began to drop each petal ,once a month.  Oh this magic rose,was  her time to open her eyes or for her to fall into  vaporization like her brother had !  Well, jojo  had to send a message  all his  friends back in Great North town and Parkvillia,that he  had to temporarily  suspend his  council seat,so he could  help  break the  spell on lauren's  oath to rule Ev land,so that by him fulfilling her oath,as he had the main right to rule  through marriage to her,thus breaking her  spell of  her frozen aura heart.  Jojo could help  restore love to her heart,and if so,the rose in her room,would re-blossom.  One great thing to make love increase,was for jojo to love deeply his  loves and friends,  and somehow  tristan and  issac and alexander  were  specially aurically connected,to make this love stronger.  Others  came to Rosanna land to live at the rose palace too.  Love everyday and night made the  roses blossom in  the land and the fairies were happy too!  As i had mentioned earlier,when Tristan walked along,he sparkled  like a sun speckled river or lake,and  he  and Alexander  walked hand in hand and they kissed and it was  wonderful.  Love is what we need,and  togetherness, its the happiness and joy,the roses  within the heart that continue to blossom everyday.

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Laraine Smith: You are a true artist! You should do this for a living! I love the imagery here! It is magical! You are magical!

Flik: Hi! ^.^ huge fan of yours on! When I saw the note about this contest on The Way We Smile, I couldn't help but rush over here, create an account, and vote! XD Seriously love this story and would recommend it to anyone! :D best FT fanfiction out there. Amazing story, amazing concept that wa...

Giuliana Cassetta: My face is full of tears, I never cried like now with a book or even a movie. I loved every single chapter. I truly don't know what to say, I'm out of words and my eyes hurt from crying. Such an bittersweet story, it's so wonderful. One of my favorites for sure. Keep it up!

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CookieMonster911: The story overall was an adventure that is appealing to any age. The way the characters develop adds a more human characteristic to the novel. The writing style itself is amazing because you can learn every character's thoughts and emotions. The awkward love triangle and jerk moments adds to the ...

catd69: Karim is a very talented writer. When I started reading his journey it took me into the book and I was in the story till the end. I've never felt this way with any other writers stories. If you want to read a gripping adventure, this will be the one book I would suggest you pick.

Alex Rushmer: This was not what I expected, but I enjoyed it a lot Malfoy was always one of the characters that I liked a lot, so I like that a lot of this happens between him and Colette. I read the first couple chapters, and I enjoyed your writing style and am excited to see where you take this story. My com...

Stephen Warner: To start off, I am thoroughly impressed. The writing style is somewhat unique, and the plot seemed to move at a nice and steady pace. However, I was not expecting this to be a vampire book! I am usually not one for novels about vampires, but I was pleasantly surprised! You wrote with such grace a...

rudyoxborough46: An action-packed, mystical adventure awaits anyone wishing to read this novel. I’m amazed at how well you’ve managed to flesh out the characters in this book, and I hope to read more of your work.I’ve read books about goblins and elves and all that mumbo-jumbo before, and most accounts of these c...

ArgyrisMetaxas: Thrilling story which builds layer ontop of layer. A few mis spellings every few chapters. What I found special was that it took a modern day problem and took it to its logical conclusion and plays this realism with gritting precision. I'm always on edge ready to shout from adrenaline. This is gr...

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