The Greylek Initiative

By Thegunsayshi All Rights Reserved ©


Chapter 5

If I could, I would explain the Society. But there isn’t so much I know.

I know that they took me. I know that they wanted me for my gifts. To use as an experiment. To use as a weapon.

It’s the same for all of us here.

I don’t remember it well. We all have our memories removed after we are rescued; the recollections of our time in the Society are too traumatic to keep. They would crack us open; shatter us into a thousand pain filled moments. For someone like me, dancing along the rooftop of control on the best of my days, it would push me over the edge. We get meds to take each night so that we don’t ever remember, so that that will never be a risk. That’s what Night Hawk says.

Stella takes them. Jason takes them. Even crazy Kyla takes them.

I only take a half dose. That’s why I get the nightmares.

Even though removing these memories is a necessity, there is also a side effect. We don’t remember the Society, yes, but we don’t remember anything else either. No family, no friends, no Christmas day walks in the park. Nothing. As far as I’m concerned, my life only began a year or so ago. It’s a good deal, sanity and a fresh start, minds no longer overwhelmed by troublesome feelings about people who are probably dead anyway. We have friends, sure, but only those who train besides us and can take care of themselves.

The institute is the safest place in the world for us- The only safe place. Here we are protected and nurtured, here we are free to explore the abilities we have been given. The Society cannot touch us.

Neither can the sun.

It’s still worth it. With all the training we get here, I don’t think anyone could take us.

Most of us leave in the end- either relocate to a different compound to receive further training, or to join Night Hawk’s team, straight off the bat. It’s completely up to us of course, when we go, but most leave after two or three years. It’s natural, the next step in a progression. I know I’m planning on leaving soon, as soon as I get a mission out in the field, to test my strengths and prove my worth. I absolutely cannot wait to burn my enemies to the ground.

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