The Alpha's Mate

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Fairytales are more real than Liza Johnson ever imagined, and her knight in shining armour is right around the corner. But in the real world, not everyone lives happily ever after. Liza has a secret. So does Asher. When their worlds collide they never expect to need each other as much as they do. Secrets are revealed, hearts are broken, lives are lost.

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1


This book has a lot of triggers - mental health struggles, abuse, stuff like that so if you’re sensitive to that please don’t read.

Also this is the first book I ever wrote, I’ve learnt a lot since then so this book has a lot of mistakes, read at your own risk 😂 my other books are a thousand times better! I actually learnt how to write a book after writing this one!

I covered my head and face with my arms, bracing myself for the next punch.

But it didn’t come.

Instead Jason grabbed a fist full of my long blonde hair and used it to tug me to my feat.

“Who the fuck do you think you are?” He yelled his eyes full of hate and anger. He said this every time I somehow did something better than his precious daughter Madison.

If a teacher complimented me or a boy looked at me, Madison would come crying to her dad making me seem like the bad guy.

And every time I got beat for it.

Suddenly his mouth was close to my cheek. I could smell the strong sent of whiskey in his breath.

“You can still make it up to us Liza.” He whispered.

And I knew exactly what he meant.

But I would rather have him beat me to death than what he had in mind.

So I did the only thing I could.

“I’m sorry! I’m sorry! didn’t mean to hurt her feelings! I swear!” I cried.

Over the years I got use to lying. My life depended on it. And sadly I got very good at it.

Sometimes I even fooled myself.

Jason threw me to the ground like a rag doll. “If I ever hear about you flirting with one of Maddie’s fucking boyfriends again, you know what will happen.” He threatened.

I frantically nodded. But he wasn’t satisfied with the beating tonight, so he started kicking at my stomach and back.

Then dropping to his knees in front of me he punched me in the face a couple times and walked away when he was done.

When I was sure he was gone I scurried to the basement where he kept me when I wasn’t cooking, cleaning, or at school.

I flopped down on my dirty old mattress and winced as the bruises from last night made contact with the bed.

I curled up into a small ball and fought back the tears that threatened to fall from my eyes.

I haven’t cried in years. Once I realized crying wouldn’t stop Jason, I found it pointless.

Besides, it made me feel weak and Jason was always yelling about how stupid and worthless weak people are.

I looked around the dark, damp room I’ve grown used to.

It had water stains all over the cement walls and mold in some of the corners. It smelled like damp rotten wood and the cement floor was smudged with red spots.

My blood.

Memories flashed before my eyes as I clearly remember how each drop got there.

My hand absentmindedly found its way to the necklace my mom and dad gave me only a week before they died.

It was a heart shaped locket with a family picture safely inside.

I held on to it like my life depended on it.

Soon my eyelids got heavy and darkness drifted over me as I slipped into a restless, dreamless sleep.

I woke with a start when I realize Jason was yelling my name.

I looked over at the small alarm clock beside my mattress, it read 7:00.

Crap! If I didn’t hurry up I’d be late for the first day at my new high school Sliver High.

I hopped out of bed, choosing to ignore the pain that shot through my body, and ran to the dingy old bathroom that was connected to my room.

I quickly took a shower, then I threw on a pair of dark skinny jeans, a navy hoody, and a pair of black boots.

Next I took out my liquid foundation to cover all the exposed bruises on my face and neck. I had to use the most on a dark bruise that took up most of my right cheek.

Finally I brushed my wavy blonde hair that fell to my waist until it was smooth and shiny.

“Liza get your ass up here now!” Jason yelled. Becoming more and more enraged the longer I took.

I booked it upstairs and almost bumped into Madison.

Today she wore a pair of white skinny jeans, a tight black tank top with an off white leather jacket over top, and a pair of black pumps.

She easily towered over me at 5′7 while I was 5′3.

“Watch where your going. You could have got your horrible stench all over me!” She shot. Tossing her curly brown hair over her shoulder and giving me and icy glare, which made her chocolate brown eyes look ugly.

“Sorry.” I quickly said, never meeting her eyes.

I hated apologizing but I didn’t want to get a beating and be late for school.

The car ride was awkward and silent. Hatred filled the air.

Jason broke the thick silence when he said ” Remember Liza, you and Maddie don’t know each other at school. She doesn’t want to be embarrassed. Am I understood?”

“Yes Jason.” I was quick to reply.

But I had no problem pretending like I don’t know Madison.

I didn’t want anyone to know that I was connected to her in any way. But at the same time I really didn’t care. It’s not like I made friends.

I always sat at the back of the classroom and tried my hardest to make myself invisible.

As we got out Madison shoved me, causing me to fall face first to the ground with a loud thud.

I quickly got up and ran toward the school.

I was just about to push the front doors open when I got the feeling someone was watching me.

Across the parking lot there was a group of seven, maybe eight people.

They were all really good looking. And they were all staring at me. It was unnerving. I wanted to march over to them and scream at them to stop looking at me!

But instead I brought my attention back to the doors and shoved them open.

There were few people in the school, so I must be on time. Or maybe even early. I let out a sigh of relief. Now to find the office.

Thankfully there where signs pointing which way to go and soon I was standing in front of a pretty old receptionist who’s name tag read Mrs. Montana.

She didn’t seem to notice I was there so I cleared my throat and her head snapped up and her dull green eyes met mine.

She gave me a small smile and pushed back her silvering red hair. “Oh you must be one of the new students. Liza Johnson?” She said.

I nodded.

She handed me my schedule and locker number, along with my lock and sent me on my way, muttering a quick ‘welcome to Silver High’.

I looked down at my schedule:

Period 1 - AP English

Period 2 - Phys-ed

Period 3 - AP Calculus

Period 4 - Spare


Period 4 - American History

Period 5 - AP Biology

Period 6 - Art

Period 7 - Photography

Well this sucks! I hate English and calculus.

I made my way to my locker and took some unneeded stuff out of my bag. I don’t need a few of the notepads I brought so I neatly placed them at the bottom of my locker. Then I shut the door and put my lock on.

I was about to walk to English when someone ran into me.

Papers went flying everywhere, and I couldn’t help but chuckle a little.

Soon I herd another chuckle and I learned that it was from the person that I collided with.

I looked down to see a pretty brunette picking up papers and softly laughing.

She had shoulder length hair and ocean blue eyes.

I knelt down and helped her pick up the rest of the papers.

“Thanks!” She exclaimed.

I laughed “No ploblem.”

“I’m Becca, by the way.”

“I’m Liza.”

“What classes are you in?” She asked and snatched my schedule out of my hand.

“We have almost every class together! But I’m not in art.” She told me.

“C’mon ill walk to class with you!” She offered, snatching my hand and running down the hall.

I didn’t even have a chance to talk! She was shooting one question after the other as we jogged to class!

The warning bell rung, which meant we really had to run to get there on time.

Just as the final bell rung we stepped into class, looking like fools as we panted like dogs.

The teacher walked up to me and Becca left my side to find a table for us.

“I’m assuming your the new student Liza Johnson. I’m Mrs. Willson.” She said.

I quickly nodded while my eyes scanned the class.

All eyes were on me.

“Class this is our new student Liza Johnson. I expect you to welcome her, and accept her.” Mrs. Wilson said with a stern voice.

It was pretty embarrassing, but at least I didn’t have to tell the class about myself.

I walked to the back of the room and sat down beside Becca.

Throughout the period we were talking and laughing as she told me about some of the other students. She was about to tell me about some guy named Andy when the door flung open and someone walked in.

I wasn’t interested in looking up to see who it was but I felt their eyes on me so I reluctantly lifted my head and looked up into hypnotic blue eyes.

They seemed to suck me in.

For what felt like a lifetime we just stared into each other’s eyes.

I’m guessing it was really only a second but time seemed to slow down.

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