The Alpha's Mate

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Chapter 11

Liza’s POV:

When my eyes snapped open I half expected to be laying next to Asher. Maybe what happened after school was just a nightmare or some prank.

But all my hope was crushed when I looked around and saw water stained cement walls with mold growing in the corner closest to the stairs.

I immediately knew where I was.

I tried to stand up but my hands, feet and waist were tied to the chair I was sat in.

I began to panic the longer I tried to break free, nothing I did was working. I was trapped and vulnerable.

The familiar creak of the stairs as someone stumbled down them caught my attention and my heart hammered in my chest. I was absolutely terrified of what was about to happen.

When Jason reached the bottom of the stairs he sent me a sadistic smile.

“Did you miss me?”

His voice alone made me flinch back in fear.

As he walked closer to me the foul stench of whiskey and cigarettes invaded my nose and brought back all the memories of abuse I experienced from him.

I felt sick and afraid, but to my surprise anger overpowered all other emotions.

I was furious that he took me away from the happiness I was beginning to have.

I was resentful for all the times he hurt me.

But above all, I was outraged that he took me away from Asher.

“Answer me you little whore!” He yelled, walking around the chair so he was behind me.

“Answer me or I’ll kill you!” He threatened, pushing my head to the side with something that felt like metal.

Did he have a gun?

“I would rather die!” I screamed back, pulling at my restraints even though I knew I couldn't get free.

I could feel the anger radiate off of him as he stepped back in front of me.

“You bitch! Never talk to me like that!”

The sound of flesh hitting flesh rang in my ears as his hand connected with my face, and I let the pain fuel my anger.

My face grew hot and I began to shake. My body didn't know how else to deal with the way I felt.

I was so focused on my rage that I didn’t notice Jason untie my restraints, and before I could react he had thrown me to the ground and pinned me down with his body.

“I’ll teach you a lesson. I’ve waited so long for this.” He whispered in my ear.

I could hear the clink of this belt as he threw it to the ground and my blood ran cold. I was paralyzed in fear as I figured out what he was about to do.

I tried to yell for help or get him off of me but nothing worked. He was to0 strong.

As the panic set in I found it hard to breath and the room started spinning.

The last thing I remember before passing out was the feeling of my pants sliding down my legs.

Asher’s POV:

I got to my car expecting to see Liza leaning against it, waiting for me like usual, but she wasn't there, and when I scanned the parking lot and she was nowhere to be seen.

Maybe she was still in the school?

“Hey.” A female voice greeted from behind me.

I spun around to face the girl.

“Who are you?” I snapped. My wolf was going insane, he had a feeling our mate was in trouble, and I didn't have time to chat with this random girl.

“I’m Maddie.” She told me, fluttering her fake eyelashes flirtatiously.

“Nice to meet you Maddie, but I don’t have time to talk.” I quickly muttered, walking past her.

I was in full on panic mode. I had to find my mate. I had to know that she was okay.

I looked around the entire school and mind linked Becca and Jay but they didn't know where Liza was. They last saw her outside by my car.

I knew then that someone had to have taken her. She wouldn't have just run off.

I immediately ran into the woods and shifted. This was all my fault. If I hadn’t taken so long at my locker this wouldn't have happened.

I sniffed, trying to find Liza's scent, to no avail. I couldn't track her. Scents didn't last long, especially if the person was in a vehicle, and I was too late.

Now I had to think.

Who would want to kidnap her?

I ruled out her mom right away because she was moving into the pack house next week, she had no reason to take Liza.

The only person I knew about that would want to take my mate was her adoptive father Jason. He could want revenge for Liza running away.

And I remembered Liza telling me about Jason's daughter, I think her name was Madison.

Then it clicked in my brain.

When I first noticed Liza was missing a girl named Madison tried to talk to me, maybe that was part of their plan. She would distract me so I couldn’t find Liza’s scent.

But that meant they were werewolves too, how else could they know about tracking?

I mind linked Jay and some other guys to tell them about my suspicions.

“Where are we going exactly?” Jay asked through the link.

I stopped dead in my tracks. I couldn’t remember where Liza used to live.

“I-I don’t know.” I told him.

I ran back to school, shifted, got dressed in clothes the pack kept in the woods behind the school, and tried to hunt down Madison. She was the only one that could lead me to Liza.

But after an hour of looking for her I accepted the fact that she had already left.

I had to wait until tomorrow so I could get it out of Madison at school.

Liza’s POV:

I woke up strapped to my old mattress.

Memories from before I passed out came flooding back and my stomach flipped at the reality of what happened.

I wanted to cry and scream for help but that would do me no good. So I concentrated on my anger, and the more I thought the angrier I got.

I realized I had a lot to be angry about.

I was kidnaped, beaten, raped, my mom was alive but never wanted me, and I might never see Asher again.

The rage took over my body and I shook violently until every bone in my body ached.

I heard several cracks and pain shot through my body but I didn’t make a noise. I just got angrier. It felt like every bone in my body was breaking.

It felt like hours of pain before I heard the ropes around me snap and suddenly I was standing on top of the bed.

I looked down and what I saw shocked me.

There were two white paws where my legs should've been.

I walked over to my dingy old bathroom and squeezed through the door so I could see myself in the mirror.

I studied the stunning wolf staring back at me in disbelief. She had a cute pink nose and steel grey eyes that stuck out against her white fur. And as I glanced closer I noticed the tips of her ears and tail were black, like they had been dipped in ink.

I couldn't believe that what I was looking at was my own reflection.

I quietly howled with joy, and as much as I wanted to further celebrate my first shift, I had to get out of here. Fast.

I ran up the stairs and broke through the front door, moving faster than I thought possible, and in seconds I was safely in the forest across the street.

I ran and ran until I felt safe enough to relax, and only then did I take in my surroundings.

There was nothing but trees in every direction and I had no idea where I was or how to get to the pack house.

I escaped the danger of Jason, but in the process I stumbled into a whole new problem. I was completely lost.

Asher’s POV:

I managed to get through the night, and after an excruciating wait I finally got to talk to Madison before school started.

To my surprise it didn't take much convincing to get her address, and soon I was on my way to save Liza.

I passed the address to Jay and three other guys as soon as I got it so they were right behind me for backup.

As I got closer to the house I could smell three wolves that I didn’t recognize. They were obviously rogues.

I assumed two of them were Madison and Jason, but who was the third?

I always hated that wolf form scents were different than when a werewolf was human, otherwise I might have been able to know exactly who all the scents belonged to.

I was brought out of my thoughts when I saw a flash of white out of the corner of my eye.

I stopped in my tracks and headed in that direction, letting my instincts lead the way.

The guys were questioning my abrupt path change but I ignored them. I felt like something was pulling me towards whatever that flash of white was.

And as I got closer I realized that it was a female werewolf. The third unfamiliar scent.

“Who are you?” I sternly questioned through the mind link.

Usually the link only worked with people in your pack but sometimes if you tried hard enough it worked with outsiders.

She spun around to face me and I almost collapsed when I realized who it was.


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