The Alpha's Mate

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Chapter 15

Liza’s POV:

We’ve been walking forever!

I looked over at Ash and saw that he was equally exhausted. Just because we’re werewolves doesn’t mean we can walk forever.

But Hakkon wouldn’t let us stop and rest. Even his brothers begged him to stop but whatever they said went in one of Hakkon’s big ears and out the other.

I pulled one of my many water bottles out of my backpack and gulped it down.

I’m pretty sure we’ve been walking for eight hours straight by now.

“How long until we get to your kingdom?” I demanded.

“Not much longer, child.” Hakkon replied.

“My name is Liza!” I snapped. For some reason Hakkon really liked to piss me off.

He slightly nodded and picked up pace.

I was almost jogging to keep up with him.

Three hours later

“Look!” Jay yelled, pointing to something in the distance.

I struggled to see what he was seeing, but after a while I saw what looked like the top of a castle.

Wait. Castle? We’re here!

Once everyone saw the castle our pace quickened.

With new motivation we all made our way towards the castle, quietly chatting about how beautiful it was.

In no time at all we were standing in front of a giant wall that surrounded the whole kingdom. The only way in was a huge metal door.

“Ava, we’re back. Let us in.” Hakkon commanded into a little microphone I didn’t notice before.

A second later the doors swung open and a pretty brunette was standing in the entry.

“Welcome back.” She greeted warmly.

I liked her immediately. She seems like a nice, kind girl. And she looked about my age.

“Ava, can you show our guests to their rooms? They will be using the three in the east wing.” Hakkon said.

“We’ll only be needing two rooms.” Asher interrupted.

“We don’t allow males and females to share a room unless they’re married.” Hakkon sternly told us.

“She’s my mate, and she’s in potential danger. I’m not leaving her side.” Ash stated stubbornly.

Hakkon shook his head.

“C’mon Hakkon. They’re mates for crying out loud!” Ava exclaimed.

“The answer is no!” He yelled.

The more Asher, Ava and Hakkon argued the angrier I got. Why couldn’t I just share a room with my mate?

My hands started to shake and I could feel energy balling up in my palms. It felt like something was taking over me. I wasn’t in control anymore.

Like last time my hands came up in front of me, only this time I didn’t use air. I could feel the energy leaving my hands and shooting in the direction of Hakkon. In a matter of seconds he was laying on the ground and smoke was coming from him.

“Oh my god. I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean to!” I exclaimed while running over to him.

I dropped to my knees beside him and put a hand on his chest. I couldn’t hear his heart beating and he wasn’t breathing. I killed him.

Tears started falling down my cheeks as something took over me again, only this time I knew it was something good.

I poured all the energy I had into him, willing him to come back to life.

Slowly everything around me disappeared and all that was left was Hakkon and I. I felt unbelievably tired, but before I passed out I saw Hakkon’s eyes snap open.

I let a smile spread over my face as my eyelids closed and the darkness consume me.

Asher’s POV:

I have to admit, what Liza did scared me. I mean she killed a guy and brought him back to life.

But I was also comforted by the fact that she could take care of herself.

I was still going to protect her and risk my life for her if that’s what it came to, but I was glad she had these powers.

And let me tell you, Hakkon got a big wake up call. He’s not going to mess with my little mate ever again.

I turned to Jay who has been lost in thought ever since we got here.

“Dude, snap out of it.” I whispered, careful not to wake up Liza, who was in bed behind the door we were at.

“What?” Jay snapped.

“You haven’t said a word since we got here. I mean, did you see anything that Liza did!” I exclaimed in a hushed voice.

“Yeah, crazy shit.” He said flatly.

“What’s wrong?”

“Nothing. Do you know where Ava is?”

Why would he want to see Ava?

“The last time I saw her, she was in there.” I told him, pointing to the door across from us.

“Oh, okay.” Was all he said before walking over and knocking on her door.

Ava opened it and held it wide so Jay could come in.

What’s going on?

I herd Liza move around in bed and I decided to wake her up. Whatever’s going on with Jay is going to have to wait.

I quietly walked into our room and sat down on the edge of the bed.

My little mate looked so cute and peaceful when she’s sleeping.

Her face is relaxed and her lips are turned up into a slight smile.

I scooted closer to her and brushed some hair off her forehead. As soon as my fingers made contact with her skin, her eyes fluttered opened.

“How are you feeling?” I whispered.

A frown crept into her beautiful face as she tried to remember what happened.

“Is Hakkon okay?” She frantically questioned as she sat up in bed.

“He’s fine.” I assured her.

“B-but he was dead. I k-killed him.” She stuttered as her lip began to tremble.

“He’s fine. I promise.” I told her.

“But how?”

“You brought him back to life.”

Her eyes widened and her mouth dropped opened.

“I can do that?” She whispered.

I pulled her into my arms and wrapped my arms around her.

“Yes.” I said, before leaning down and giving her a quick peck on the lips.

“Now get some rest.” I softly commanded.

“As long as you stay with me.” She whispered.

I gazed into her stunning grey eyes and saw nothing but fear.

“I’ll never leave you.” I told her firmly.

She sighed in relief.

“Do you love me?” She asked after a couple minuets of silence.

“Of course I love you.” I said confused.

“Will you always love me?” She asked.

“Forever and always.” I replied.

She gave me a face splitting grin before climbing off my lap so she could lay down.

I laid down next to her and pulled the covers over us before wrapping my arms around her waist and pulling her to my chest.

Jay’s POV:

Every day the pain and guilt of losing my mate gets more unbearable.

But this is my punishment.

I never should have gone to that party and left Hanna at the pack house.

I should have been there with her when the group of rogues attacked.

I could sit around all day thinking of should haves, but it doesn’t make the pain go away.

The only thing that could ever make the pain go away is having Hanna back.

Or at least that what I thought.

But that all changed when that big metal door to the kingdom opened and I saw her.

She had beautiful long chestnut brown hair and bright green eyes. She was short and skinny and perfect.

For the second time in my life my wolf screamed “MATE!”

But that’s not possible. All werewolves only get one mate. Never in our history has a werewolf had more than one mate.

But somehow I was important enough to have two.

This was my second chance.

This time I was going to get it right.


My beautiful mate is named Ava.

The whole time we were at the threshold of the kingdom I couldn’t take my eyes off of her.

Not when everyone was arguing about who was sleeping where.

Not when Liza shot some kind of energy at Hakkon.

And not when she brought him back to life.

It wasn’t until Ava ran into the castle that I snapped back to reality.

And even then I didn’t really pay attention to what was going on around me.

The only thing running though my mind was that I had to find my mate.

I followed Asher absentmindedly until I found myself outside of Liza and Ash’s room.

Ash was talking to me about whatever happened, so I waited until he finished to ask him where Ava was.

He pointed to a door across the hall and I immediately walked over to it and knocked three times.

The door swung open and revealed Ava.

Without a word she opened the door wider and ushered me inside.

“What do you want?” She whispered so Asher wouldn’t overhear us.

“I-I had to see you.” I muttered lamely.

“I herd you had a mate and she died. How are w-” she started to say but I cut her off.

“I got a second chance.” I said simply.

“No werewolf has ever had a second mate!” She exclaimed quietly.

“There’s a first time for everything, baby.” I flirted.

She blushed and looked down.

“I’ve waited a long time for you.” She whispered.

I smiled and gently grabbed her chin so that I could look her in the eyes.

“I’ve waited a long time for the pain to go away, and you made that possible. Thank you.”

“We should go downstairs to eat, I’m starving.” She said, efficiently changing the subject.

I nodded and took her hand before going downstairs to eat.

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