The Alpha's Mate

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Chapter 16

Liza’s POV:

“Liza! Wait up!” Asher called out as I made my way back to the training room.

I turned around and came face to face with my handsome boyfriend.

“Ash, what’s up?” I asked causally.

“We need to talk.” He said, grabbing my hand and pulling me in the direction of our room.

I sighed, “I don't have time right now. Can’t this wait until tonight?”

“I’m tired of waiting, I want my mate back. It’s killing me to be away from you all the time.” He snapped.

“We can spend every waking minute together after the battle.” I snapped back.

When I say battle, I mean the event in which I was created for, the sole reason I had my powers.

A couple days after Jay, Asher and I arrived to the kingdom, the werewolf God came to one of the worriers in his sleep and told him that there was going to be a battle that I needed to fight in.

The God also told him the battle would be against hunters and an unknown species similar to werewolves, so everyone's been on edge and training ever since.

“Liza I’m not trying to make you stop training altogether, I just think you need some time off every once in a while and I need time with my mate.” Ash said in a soft voice, love and pain written all over his face. It was clear that he missed me.

I sighed, how could I say no to him? Besides, I knew how he felt. In the two months we'd been here I'd barely had any time to see or speak to him. I got up early, trained all day, and then saw Asher when I went to sleep.

The more I thought about it the more I missed spending time with him.

“I’ll talk to Hakkon.” I told him.

His eyes widened in surprise as he pulled me into a tight embrace and whispered thank you a million times. He didn't expect me to cave in.

“But seriously I have to go.” I said as I stepped out of his arms.

The smile dropped from his face and a frown formed on his tempting lips.

“I have to convince Hakkon.” I explained before turning around and running to the training room.

“No. End of discussion.” Hakkon snapped.

“But I’ll be weak if I don’t spend time with Ash. He’s my mate and it hurts to be away from him all the time!” I tried to reason with him.

Convincing Hakkon was probably the most difficult thing in the whole world.

“You need to spend all your time training.” He argued, waving his hand to dismiss the conversation.

“I won’t help you win the battle if you don’t cut down my training hours.” I told him, stubbornly crossing my arms.

What Hakkon didn’t know was that I would fight no matter what, but if lying was what it took to get more time with Asher, I'd gladly do it.

He took his sweet time before stiffly nodding.

I jumped up and down, clapping my hands like a little girl. I was so happy that my hours were getting cut down I almost hugged Hakkon, but he wouldn't have let me.

“Now quit acting like a four year old and get into your fighting stance.” He ordered, getting right back to business.

Training went by surprisingly fast and soon I was in my room waiting for my mate.

He walked through the door no more than five minutes later and I slowly got off the bed with the best sad expression I could muster up.

When he saw my expression his face fell and a concerned look took over. I felt bad for making him worry but I didn’t let my act slip.

“Asher.” I said sadly.

“Liza, what’s wrong?” He asked, concern very evident in his tone.

“Hakkon, he said...” I trailed off.

“Oh no. He won’t let you cut your training hours down?” He finished my sentence.

“No, he was fine with it after a little convincing.” I said happily, a big goofy grin replacing my fake sadness.

Now Asher’s expression was one of pure confusion.

“I can’t believe I tricked you!” I exclaimed between laughs.

Once he caught on his expression changed once again, but this time it was one of anger and disapproval.

I immediately felt guilty for scaring him like that, and playing a prank on him.

“Gotcha!” He exclaimed with a smile.

I glared at him as he laughed at me, he tricked me right back.

“Now we’re even.” He said once he calmed down.

“I only have training for six hours a day now.” I old him once we were snuggled up in bed.

“That’s good. What are we going to do tomorrow?”

I had to think about that for a second. There wasn't much to do around the kingdom.

“I haven’t had any time to explore the kingdom yet. Can you take me on a tour?” I finally suggested.

“It’s a date.” He replied happily, and I could tell he was smiling even though I was facing away from him.

I let out a loud yawn, training is really exhausting, and Ash chuckled at the noise.

“I think someone’s tired.” He teased.

“You try training for a whole day and tell me you’re not exhausted afterwards.” I defended myself.

“Okay, I’ll get back to you on that.” Was the last thing I heard before falling asleep.

Asher and I were walking through one of the many gardens in the kingdom when we saw Jay and Ava.

I was so happy that Jay got a second mate. He deserved it.

“Hey guys.” I greeted when we got closer to them.

“Little miss powerful. Why aren’t you in training?” Jay teased.

“Well Mr. Weakling, for your information, I got my hours cut down.” I replied, hands on my hips and a sassy smile on my face.

“How did you manage that?” He asked in disbelief, everyone knew how stubborn Hakkon was.

“I’m pretty persuasive.” Was all I said before grabbing Ash’s hand and walking away from the cute couple.

“Very impressive!” Jay called after us.

“They’re so cute together!” I squealed when we were out of earshot.

“Not as cute as us.” Asher said, slinging an arm around my shoulders.

I gave him a quick peck on the cheek, “True.”

“We should head back inside.” He suggested after a few more minutes of admiring the gardens.

I nodded in agreement and together we headed back to the castle.

Once we were inside we grabbed a quick bite to eat before I had to go back to training.

I hoped the battle came soon. Training was really starting to get on my nerves, I just wanted to spend more time with my mate.

After saying goodbye to Ash I walked into the training room, ready to sweat, and was surprised to see Hakkon talking to the seeker.

They didn’t notice me come in so I stayed where I was and listened in on their conversation.

“-That soon?” Hakkon asked.

“That’s what I saw. Hunters and beasts I’ve never seen before in the clearing nearby on the next full moon.” The seeker replied.

The full moon was next week. The battle was really that soon?

I should've been happy to know that it would all be over soon, but instead I was completely terrified.

“We better get prepared. All of the worriers, Asher, Jay, and Liza all need to be in training immediately. They’ll be training from early in the morning until late at night.” Hakkon declared.

Without another word, the seeker walked past me and out the door. It didn’t even seem like he noticed me, but Hakkon sure did.

“Did you hear that whole thing?” Hakkon asked, his voice and expression showing his disapproval.

“No. All I know is that the battle is on the next full moon.” I quickly told him.

“Well then you know that your training hours are going back to how they used to be.”

I nodded so he knew I heard him, and without another word we began the training session, but I couldn’t concentrate the whole time. I was too busy worrying about the battle being so soon.

What if someone died? What if Asher died?

I didn't know what I’d do without him. He saved me from Jason and showed me what love was. I couldn’t lose him.

With that in mind I worked even harder so I would be invincible in the battle. I needed to protect everyone I cared about.

“This session started off rough but you recovered well. Good work today.” Hakkon complimented before dismissing me.

I was so exhausted I could barely make it up the stairs and to my room.

I stumbled through the door and fell onto the bed, letting out a sigh of relief when my head landed on my pillow. It felt like I was laying on a cloud.

Like I expected Asher was already in bed.

“The battle is on the next full moon.” I mumbled to him before my exhaustion took over and I fell asleep.

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