The Alpha's Mate

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Chapter 19

Asher’s POV:

"Congratulations. You’re going to be a father Asher.”

It had been two days since I got the news. Two days since my heart shattered. Two days since I left the pack house.

After I got the news I ran out of the room, out of the house, and out of the country.

Now I was somewhere in Canada, or at least I thought I was.

I couldn't believe Liza would cheat on me. It must have happened something during her training when we didn't get to spend a lot of time together.

How could she hide what she did so well? She acted all innocent and I never even saw guilt in her eyes. Maybe I never really knew her.

When I found out who got her pregnant I was going to rip him apart in the most painful way possible.

Was I not enough for Liza? Was this my fault? Maybe I should've spent more time with her, and told her how much she meant to me more often.

After the two days I spent thinking and cooling off, I decided best to head back to town. My parents were probably worried not knowing where I was.

But I wasn't going back to the pack house, not with Liza there. I needed time away from her, seeing her would only hurt.

I could easily find another place to stay at for a while, I had a few friends from school that didn't live at the pack house and they'd be find letting stay for a while.

With that in mind I started running back to the small town that all my problems resided in.

Back to the town my mate was in.

I shook my head, trying to rid my mind of all things Liza. I needed to stop thinking about her. She wasn't worth the pain.

But we do need her. She’s our mate no matter what my inner wolf whined.

No. We could go on without her. We could handle the pain. Jay lost his first mate and he survived.

Now it was our turn.

Maybe there’s a logical explanation for this My wolf tried to reason with me.

She cheated on us, there was no excusing that.

And with that in mind I pushed my wolf to the back of my mind and ignored his protests.

The rest of the run back home was as peaceful as it could get while going through the heartbreak of your mate cheating on you. And when I stepped foot into town I was met with a wave of relief, followed by overwhelming pain.

Relief that I was back in the only place I ever called home, but pain because I was close to Liza.

I was walking aimlessly through the woods in my human form with nothing but a pair of red basketball shorts on when I caught a familiar scent. A scent that caused all my muscles to tense up and put me on high alert.

Madison came out from behind a tree, a cocky smirk on her face.

“What’s brought you to this side of the woods?” She asked, rising a perfect brow.

Only now did I realize that I was in the woods right outside Liza’s old house, and when I concentrated I could faintly smell my mate's fading scent all around me.

And then I smelt the foul stench of Jason and my blood boiled, I'd never get over what he did.

“If you’ve come to fight my dad he’s not here. He disappeared about a month ago and hasn’t come back since. I don’t know where he is.” Madison told me.

I shook my head. “I didn’t come here to start anything. I didn’t even mean to come here, I was just walking around.”

She cocked her head to the side, looking deep in thought.

“What’s wrong?” She asked after a moment, and it sounded like she had an ounce of real concern.

I sighed. Should I tell her? I mean it doesn’t really matter if she knew, what could she do about it?

“Liza’s pregnant.” I finally whispered, my voice cracking at the end.

Madison's jaw dropped at the news.

“Nice going Asher.” She droned sarcastically once she got over the initial shock.

I glowered at her, “It isn’t mine.”

“So she cheated on you.” She stated, but something in her eyes was off. She looked doubtful.

I nodded stiffly.

“Well are you going back to your pack house and facing her or are you hiding from your problems?” She asked after a moment of silence.

“I’m not going back for a while.” I answered, pain swelling in my chest at the thought of seeing Liza.

“Well you’re welcome to stay with me. I won’t try anything on you, I’ll even be nice.” She offered.

Why would she want to help me? Did she feel guilty for the stuff she put Liza through? I doubted that. Maybe she had a hidden agenda and this was all some part of a master plan.

“C’mon, I won’t bite. And I could really use the company. My dad just abandoned me and I don’t have any real friends.” She persuaded.

So she was lonely and needed a friend?

I couldn't help but pity her, even though she deserved the loneliness.

“Alright.” I agreed. If this was all a trap, I just walked right into it.

Liza’s POV:

“Liza you have to calm down. He’ll come back.” Becca tried to reassure me.

I ignored her and continued to cry. Nothings been able to stop the pain I felt since Asher left. The only thing that could calm me down was him.

But he wasn't here.

“What if he doesn’t come back? What if he’s so disgusted with me that he never comes back because he can’t bare to look at me?” I voiced my fears.

“Ash isn’t disgusted with you. It’s not your fault that Jason took advantage of you and got you pregnant.” Becca replied, her eyes telling me that she believed what she was saying.

“What if he doesn’t know it’s Jason’s! What if he thought I cheated on him?” My voice broke at the end of the sentence. I'd run away too if I thought he cheated on me. My heart would be broken.

What if that was how Asher felt right now?

“Making up what ifs all day isn’t going to bring him back, there’s nothing you can do so you might as well calm down.” Becca snapped, surprising both of us. She had been so nice and supportive since Asher left but she finally had enough.

And she was right.

There was no reason for me to worry myself to death. Asher would come back when he was ready to. Nothing I did would change that.

"I want to get some sleep now." I told Becca, hinting at her to leave my room so I could be alone.

She gave me one last look of pity before leaving my room and closing the door behind her.

Once I was alone my tears got heavier. My heart ached to be cuddled up with Asher as I fell asleep, but instead the bed was cold and empty without him.

I just wanted him to come home.

Today marked two weeks since Asher disappeared. Two lonely, heartbreaking weeks.

“You look like crap.” Jay commented when I walked into the kitchen.

“Oh thanks.” I snapped, not in the mood for teasing.

“Sorry Liza.” He apologized quietly, giving me a guilty look.

Why did he feel guilty? He didn’t say anything that bad.

As I looked at him closer I noticed his leg bouncing nervously and how he wouldn't meet my gaze. Something wasn't right.

“Is there something you’re not telling me?”

“Is it really that obvious?” He muttered under his breath, but I still heard it.

I have him a stern look that told him to spill the beans.

“Okay, Ash is in town, he has been for a while but he’s not ready to come back to the house yet.” Jay finally admitted after a couple seconds of hesitation.

What? Asher was in town? Why didn’t anyone tell me?

“Where’s he staying?” I demanded.

Did Jay think I was going to track Asher down? Was that why he kept this from me?

“Liza, it really doesn’t matt-”

I raised my hand to stop him from talking, knowing that he wasn’t going to tell me what I wanted to know unless I made him.

“I’ll ask one more time, where is he staying?” I growled dangerously, taking a threatening step toward him. I wouldn't actually hurt him but if he thought I would maybe he would tell me the truth.

Jay's eyes were filled with fear when he finally told me what I wanted to know.

“He’s staying at your old place with Madison.”

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