The Alpha's Mate

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Chapter 20

Liza’s POV:

“What do you mean ‘he’s staying with Madison’?” I hissed through clenched teeth.

Out of all the people he could've stayed with, he stays with her? How could he do that to me? He knew what she did to me, and what Jason did to me.

I'd never felt so betrayed before.

Tears pooled in my eyes but I didn't let them fall. Asher didn't deserve any more of my tears.

The one person that was born to love me and stick with me through thick and thin abandoned me and became friends with the people that hurt me more than anyone else.

Jay patted me on the back,“It’s going to be okay. He has to come back sooner or later, I know he can’t stay away from you forever.”

I knew that was supposed to comfort me and put my worries to rest but it did the exact opposite.

I knew Asher wasn't going to come back for me, he had Madison now. He didn't need me anymore.

Madison was prettier than me and didn't have the baggage that I carried every day. She wasn't broken so Asher didn't have to worry about fixing her. He could live a happy, carefree life with her.

Maybe that was one of the reasons he left. He got tired of trying to fix me.

I felt like Humpty Dumpty when all the kings horses and all the kings men couldn’t put him back together again.

Maybe I should just go marry Humpty Dumpty.

I was completely losing my mind. But I guess that happened when your mate abandoned you for the girl that made your life a living hell.

I was finally brought back to reality when Jay's voice caught my attention. He had been talking the whole time I was lost in thought and I hadn't even noticed.

I nodded as he continued to talk about random stuff, appreciating his attempt to make me feel better, and once he was done blabbering I made my way up to my room.

I needed to be alone.

But that was a mistake, my room was also Asher’s room and everything in it reminded me of him.

I felt a pang in my heart as I sat on the bed, remembering all the times he held me while I slept so I wouldn't have nightmares.

I've had nightmares every night since he left.

As I studied every inch of the room it felt like the air was knocked out of my lungs. I couldn't breath but I didn't care.

This was all just too much to handle. There was a hole in my heart that only Asher could fill, and I didn't know if I could live with it.

I curled up into a ball in the middle of the bed, pressing my hand against the area of my chest that covered my heart to try to stop the pain.

Eventually it got a little easier to breath again and I started drifting off to sleep when my cell phone rang.

When I pulled it out of my pocket I saw an unknown number flashing across my screen.

Hope bubbled up in my stomach at the possibility of Asher calling me from someone's phone since he left his behind, and I excitedly answered the phone.


“Hello Liza. It’s been a while since we last talked.” The person on the other end of the call spoke.

My body tensed up in fear and my blood ran cold as I instantly recognized the voice.

Why was he calling? Was it to taunt me?

“What do you want?” I growled, anger taking over my fear. I wasn't scared of him hurting me, I had nothing left to lose in this life.

“If you don’t come to the house in the next two hours your precious mate will die.” He said calmly, like he was discussing the weather.

Then, before I could utter another word, the line went dead.

Asher’s POV:

“Maddie, can you get the door?” I shouted from the kitchen. I was busy making dinner for us and someone was pounding on the door, which was very unusual since no one ever came by.

“Yeah, yeah. I go it.” She mumbled as she ran to the door.

I heard it creak as she pulled it open, followed by a gasp of shock.

Curiosity kicked in right away. Who's presence would shock Maddie? Was Liza at the door?

Damn, I hadn't thought about her in a couple of weeks so why was she suddenly crossing my mind? I'd been doing so well keeping my mind off of her by distracting myself with random things like video games and the occasional make out sessions with Maddie.

At first I felt really guilty when we kissed but then I realized that I wasn't doing anything wrong. It wasn't like Liza and I were together anymore, I was a free man that could do whatever I wanted.

Of course, Maddie wasn’t as good of a kisser as Liza, and I didn’t feel the sparks and tingles I felt when I was with Liza, but that didn't matter. The make out sessions distracted me from the pain and that was all I cared about.

I was thankfully brought out of my thoughts when I heard loud footsteps pounding on the floor, and a moment later my curiosity was eased when the unknown visitor walked into the kitchen.

My body tensed as white-hot rage engulfed my body at the sight of him.

Jason. I'd never actually seen him before but I recognized his scent.

“What the hell is he doing here?” He yelled to Maddie.

She came up beside him and placed a calming hand on his shoulder

“He’s here because Liza’s pregnant, and it’s not his.” Maddie explained, her eyes widening as she spoke like she was trying to give him some secret message or something.

Jason’s calm and collected expression turned shocked for a split second before he composed himself and put his walls back up.

“How long has she been pregnant?” Jason asked, his question directed towards me this time.

“Two and a half months.” I answered. Why did he care?

Jason cursed under his breath and faced Maddie, it looked like they were having a silent conversation. They were probably using their mind link.

“Nice going dad.” Maddie snapped after a minute.

This just went from confusing to really confusing, what the hell was going on?

“It’s not my fault.” He shot back.

“It’s all your fault! You’re the one that did this to her, you should have been more careful!” Maddie growled.

What was she talking about? It wasn't like Jason was the one to get Liza pregnant.


Everything suddenly made sense.

Two and a half months ago Liza was kidnapped by Maddie and Jason and he ended up beating her and taking advantage of her.

I lunged at him but he must've known it was coming because he quickly moved to the side and I fell to the floor.

Then, in one swift movement he was on top of me and throwing punch after punch at my head.

I didn’t even have time to react before he delivered one final blow and I fell unconscious.

When I opened my eyes all I saw was black. The room was completely dark.

What the hell?

Once my eyes adjusted I took a look around.

I was in a run down basement that had mold growing in one corner, and as I focused more I noticed specs of red all over the carpet.

I tried to figure out where I was and why I was there but my pounding headache wasn’t helping. I tired to lift my hand to hold my head but found that my hands were tied behind my back.

I looked down and saw that I was in a metal chair with my ankles tied to the front legs of the chair and my waist bound to the back of the chair.

I tried to break the chains holding me in place but I was weaker than normal.

As I struggled to escape memories slowly came flooding back to me.

Liza never cheated on me. Jason was the one to get her pregnant.

That's why I attacked him, but he was ready for it and ended up knocking me out. And now I was being held captive, which meant that I was in their basement.

This was the place he kept Liza.

I looked around the room again and realized that the blood on the carpet belonged to my mate.

I let my rage run wild, hoping to gain enough strength to either shift or break my restraints, but nothing was working. I was still to weak.

I wasn't able to break free so I had to figure out a different way to get out of this mess. Maybe Madison would come down at some point and I could convince her to let me go. I knew deep down that she wasn't as evil as she let on, so I had a chance.

As I waited for something to happen, a thought struck me. Why wasn't Jason down here now? I knew he was the kind of guy that liked violence, so why wasn't he making the most of me being tied up and unable to fight back?

Was he busy going after Liza now that he knew her baby was his? I knew he wouldn't just do nothing about the situation.

But was he evil enough to kill the unborn baby? And possibly Liza?

My heart dropped at the thought of him hurting Liza again. I couldn’t live with myself if he did anything to her, my beautiful, innocent little mate.

My thoughts got cut short when the door to the basement opened and the stairs creaked and whined as three people made their way down them.

Once they reached the basement the light was flicked on and my eyes met terrified grey ones.

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