The Alpha's Mate

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Chapter 25

Liza’s POV:

“We’re going to find her” Jay had said.

Yeah right.

That was three days ago and my mom was still missing

Not that long ago I got her back and I already lost her again. Why was life so unfair?

I was adopted by an abusive werewolf, tortured by him and his daughter, saved by my mate who ended up running away from me, and now my mom was missing.

Seriously, what did I ever do to deserve this?

I’d racked my brain so many times since they told me my mom was kidnapped, for anyone who could've possibly had a reason to take her, but came up empty every time. It made me realize that I didn't really know her at all.

At this point I had completely lost hope and I was pretty sure everyone else had too.

So here I was, locked up in my room, wasting away. Life couldn’t possibly get worse, and the never ending pain I felt couldn’t get stronger.

The sound of a big bang downstairs, followed by several screams and more banging brought me out of my self pity. Out of sheer boredom I decided to go down and check it out. It was probably just a rouge or something trying to attack. Maybe I’d jump in front if it so it tore my head off, at least then the pain would stop.

I was stunned when I got downstairs to find Madison being pinned down by two guards. That was the last thing I expected to see.

“Let me go I’m trying to help! I have information for you guys!” She screamed for her life, literally.

I knew those guards were seconds away from killing her and she knew it too, so I decided to be nice and help her since last time my life was in danger she helped me.

“Guys, let her go. She won’t hurt anyone.” I ordered the guards.

They instantly let her go and she sent me a grateful look.

I just gestured for her to take a seat and she complied.

“So you say you have information, what is it?” I asked, getting straight to the point.

“I know who has your mom.” She told me.

That caught my attention, along with everyone else’s in the room.

“Who?” I demanded, squinting my eyes in suspicion, why would she know anything about what happened to my mom?

“My uncle, he’s out for revenge.” She explained, her voice unwavering. She wasn't lying.

We all shared a confused look which Madison caught.

“He’s furious that you guys killed my dad, he wants to get back at all of you by taking Liza’s mom. He’s been calling me and telling me what he has planned because the thinks I'm on his side, but I don't want to hurt any more people.” She told us, looking down in shame for everything she did to me. At least she was trying to make up for it now.

“Where's he keeping my mom?” I asked, trying not to let the hope I felt seep into my voice. I didn't want her to know how important this was to me.

She shook her head, "He hasn't told me where he is."

What reason would her uncle have to keep his location from her I the thought she was on his side? Was this all part of some plan?

"Is this a trap? Did he send you here to spy on us or something?" I voiced my suspicions.

Everyone in the room except for Ava and Jay nodded in agreement, probably thinking the same as me.

“How could you think that when I proved last time we saw each other that I didn’t want to be bad? When I got help that pretty much saved you and Asher.” She defended herself.

“Don’t say his name!” I yelled.

Everyone in the room went silent and cowered away from me. They knew the power I had and they were probably scared that I'd accidentally lose my cool and hurt someone with my energy.

“I think she’s telling the truth.” Ava spoke up, breaking the tense silence.

“It’s worth a shot Liza.” Jay added.

But what if Madison was lying? She could tell us that my mom was in Canada or something and when we got there it could all just be a trap to kill us.

Maybe she was the one mad at us for killing Jason.

But the sincere look on her face and the fact that Ava and Jay thought she was being honest was enough for me to change my mind.

We didn’t have any other information so this was our only option.

“So what’s the plan?” I asked.

Ava and Jay shared a smile before we all got down to business.

“Madison should stay at the pack house where we can keep an eye on her in case she actually is on their side.” Jay started, sounding more professional than I’d ever heard him sound.

“You'll tell us whenever your uncle calls, and when you answer the phone immediately goes on speaker phone so all of us can hear.” Jay spoke sternly to Madison.

She gave him one strong nod.

Next Jay turned to the guards to address them.

“Once we know exactly what this guy is up to and where he is, we go in and get Liza’s mom, that’s our first priority. And if we can, we capture everyone who’s involved in this and bring them to our jail.”

The guards all answered “Yes sir” in unison and marched off to wherever they usually go.

“What do you want me to do?” I asked.

Jay shook his head, “You don’t have to do anything, just eat and rest.”

I was our most valuable asset with my powers, why didn't he want to take advantage of that?

As I opened my mouth to protest Becca came skipping through the door and the words died in my throat.

“I have so much to tell you about my mate!” She squealed happily as she took my hand and dragged me to her room.

I guess her happy, excited attitude rubbed off on me because soon I was smiling and giggling with her.

“Tell me everything.” I said when we were sat on her bed.

“Okay, his name is Garrett, he’s the Alpha of a pack from out of town, and he recently took in a stray guy named Jake.” She told me.

I was smiling at her widely but when I heard the name Jake my smile dropped. Something in my heart ached when I heard the name.

“Tell me about Jake.” I requested.

She gave me a questioning look but complied, “Garrett said that he took Jake in about two months ago, he found him in the woods in wolf form looking really unhealthy, and like he was running away from something.

“Garrett asked Jake about his life and where he came from but he didn’t give much away, so Garrett doesn’t know much about him.” Becca told me.

Every time she said the name Jake I felt a jab in my heart. I didn't even know the guy but it felt like I did, or like I was supposed to know him.

“When is Garrett going back to his pack?” I asked, changing the subject.

Becca gave me a bright smile, “He told me he’ll stay as long as I want him to, isn’t that cute? And he wants to introduce me to his pack soon.”

I smiled, “That’s great.”

“Hey, why don’t you come with us?” She suggested after a moment of thought.

No was the first thing that crossed my mind, but then I started thinking about that Jake guy. I would meet him if I went with them to meet Garrett’s pack, and then I could figure out why I got a weird feeling every time I heard his name.

“Sure, I’ll come.” I told her.

She let out a girly squeal, “This is gonna be so much fun!”

I laughed at her enthusiasm.

“So when are we leaving?” I asked, cutting off her squeals.

“Next week.” she answered.

So by this time next week I’d be able to get some answers.

For the first time in what seemed like ages, I felt excited for something.

“Hey uncle Dave.” Maddison said calmly.

“Hey princess.” He responded.

She winced but went with the script she was told to follow.

“What have you been up to lately?”

Everyone leaned closer to the phone so they didn’t miss his reply.

“I’ve been keeping this filthy whore alive so that I can get on with the next part of my plan.”

I balled my hands into fists to control my anger. That guy had no right to talk about my mom like that.

“Good, what’s the next part of the plan?” Madison asked, looking around at everyone for a moment before training her eyes on the phone in her hand.

“I’m gonna drag the whore around the woods so her pack will catch her scent and follow it to where we are. Then, once they’re here I’m gonna get all my buddies to attack, simple as that.” Dave told her.

“You’ll never win, they have a strong pack!” Madison exclaimed, it sounded pretty believable too.

“I have a lot of buddies Maddie, over a hundred, so you don’t have to worry.” He reassured her.

Everyone exchanged worried looks, he had over a hundred while we only had fifty at the most.

“When are you gonna do the next part of the plan?” Madison asked, making everyone snap their attention back to her phone.

“In a week, probably during the night.” He told her.

“Okay, well good luck, I hope you get the revenge you wanted. Love you, bye.” Madison said and hung up the phone.

“One hundred.” She whispered in horror.

Everyone started panicking and talking at the same time, it was turning into total chaos.

I stood up on the table and screamed “Shut up!” at the top of my lungs.

To my surprise everyone actually silenced and trained their eyes on me.

“Everyone calm down, we can ask some packs around here to help us out, and Becca’s mate is an Alpha of a pack somewhere out of town so they can help too.” I told everyone.

It seemed like that was all the reassurance they needed because they all snapped into action, talking about which packs to ask and stuff like that.

“That was great, you’re a born leader.” Becca complimented me when I jumped down from the table.

“Thanks.” I said shyly. I wasn't good at taking compliments.

“No problem girl.” She replied with a smile.

“Maybe we should meet your mates pack a few days earlier so we can ask them for help.” I suggested, partially because it was a good idea but mostly so I could meet Jake a little earlier. The curiosity about him was eating me alive.

She nodded in agreement, “I’ll go call Garrett right now and tell him what’s going on.”

Hope lifted my heart, soon my mom would be saved and my life would at least get a little better again.

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