The Alpha's Mate

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Chapter 26

Liza’s POV:

“Today? Are you serious?” I exclaimed.

Becca nodded, “We need to give Garrett’s pack as much time as possible to prepare for the fight.”

“But the fight is in a week.” I argued.

“Actually it’s in six days.” She rallied.


“No buts. We’re going today and that’s final.” She shut down my complaint and it was obvious that I didn’t have a say in this.

I sighed in defeat. Was I really ready to meet this Jake guy? As much as I wanted to figure out why I felt the things I did whenever I heard his name, I still didn’t know if I was ready for the answers. There was this nagging feeling in my stomach, but I didn’t know if it was about Jake or the fight to save my mom. mom.

“Now pack up. We’re leaving soon.” Becca said, and with that she left my room.

I sighed yet again and opened my closet. At least packing would be easy, all I wore was jogging pants and hoodies. It wasn’t like I needed to impress anyone.

“And make sure to pack some decent clothes, not just those hideous things you’ve been wearing lately.” Becca ordered, popping her head back into my room.

She knew me too well.

I stuffed some “decent” clothes into my suitcase along with my usual sweats before flopping onto my bed, tired from the small chore. The littlest things tired me out these days.

Just as I was drifting off to sleep someone burst into my room and jumped onto my bed, scaring the life out of me.

“There’s no time for napping! Go get dressed and I’ll finish packing for you. And make sure you look presentable.” Becca ordered, giving me a stern look.

“Okay, okay.” I grumbled, making my way to my closet yet again.

I put on a pair of black leggings and a tank top, then I slid on a cardigan and black and white converse. That was the most decent thing I was comfortable wearing.

Becca nodded in approval, much to my delight, when she saw me.

“So why do I even have to look good?” I asked, flopping back down onto my bed where she was now lounging.

“Because you’re going to meet my mate and his pack, you have to look good so I can show you off, duh.”

I chuckled at the crazy girl beside me.

She suddenly jumped off my bed and grabbed my suitcase. “Lets go!” She exclaimed, grabbing my hand to drag us both downstairs.

“What’s the rush?” I laughed once we were downstairs.

“Garrett’s waiting outside for us.” Becca explained, leading me outside after her.

“Hey baby!” She exclaimed when she laid eyes on her mate, totally forgetting about me.

I was happy for her but at the same time I felt a pang of jealousy in my heart. There wasn’t much I wouldn’t do to get my mate back.

As I approached the pair I couldn’t help but think about how cute they looked. They were perfect for each other.

“So do I get a proper introduction this time or what?” I asked once I was caught up to them.

“Oh yes, I’m Garrett, and you must be the lovely Liza that Becca has told me so much about.” Garrett replied politely, sticking out his hand for me to shake.

I gladly shook his had, “Yes I’m Liza, it’s a pleasure to finally meet you, Becca hasn’t shut up about you.”

“Okay, that’s enough of that.” Becca interjected, clearly embarrassed.

We both chuckled and got in what I assumed was Garrett’s car.

“So how long is the drive?” Becca asked five minutes into the drive.

I internally groaned, she better not be one of those people that constantly ask how much longer it would be until we arrived. I certainly didn’t sign up for that.

I immediately pulled out my phone and pulled in my earphones to drown out the sound of Becca’s voice. I loved the girl but she was a professional talker, and I’d rather not hear the couple flirt the whole ride. I found all of that gooey love stuff repulsing ever since he left.

I tried to shake all the thoughts of the person that ripped my heart in two by closing my eyes and focusing on the music blasting in my ears. Hopefully this drive wasn’t too long.

I must’ve fallen asleep on the way because the next thing I knew, I was being woken up by Becca not so gently shaking me.

“C’mon get up sleepy head, we’re here.” She said, shaking me some more.

“Okay, I’m up.” I grumbled.

As I stepped out of the car the most intoxicating, yet strangely familiar, scent hit me like a ton of bricks.

“Do you smell that?” I asked Becca.

She stiffened and shook her head no.

I shrugged, maybe I was just imagining things.

“There’s a cabin separate from the pack house that Garrett said we could stay in. Why don’t we go check that out?” Becca suggested, changing the subject.

“But I want to explore and meet some people.” I whined, but the truth was I just wanted to meet Jake. I needed to find out why I felt this weird connection to him.

“We have lots if time to do that tomorrow, we should just go rest, it’s been a long ride.” Becca replied, taking my hand and dragging me to the cabin. She had a bad habit of forcing me to go places with her, but I didn’t mind much. I’d be walking through life lost without her.

Once we got settled in I told Becca I was going to bed and then went to my room, but there was no way I was going to sleep tonight without some answers.

After some contemplation I decided to climb out the window and go explore on my own. I knew Becca would disapprove since I had a habit of getting myself into bad situations, but I couldn’t just sit around and wait.

Soon enough I was walking around aimlessly, hoping to find something or someone that could give me some answers.

I didn’t know how long I explored but it was starting to get dark and I was losing all hope when I finally bumped into someone.

“Woah there little lady. Where did you come from?” A deep voice asked, steadying me so I wouldn’t fall.

“I ah, I just got here today.” Was my lame reply.

I looked up at the guy to find black eyes and a smirk looking down at me.

“Oh you must be Becca or Liza.” The guy said.

“Liza.” I answered, taking a step back to get some distance between us. I got bad vibes from him.

“I didn’t think you would be so pretty. We could have a lot of fun, you and I.” He whispered in a husky voice as his eyes scanned me from head to toe.

“No thank you.” I squeaked out as dread filled my body. I didn’t like where this was going.

He took a dangerous step forward and I took a step back in return.

“Don’t walk away from me little lady.” He ordered.

“W-what do you want?” I asked, my whole body trembling in fear now.

He took another step forward, “I’m just looking for a good time.”

I instinctively stepped back, wrong move on my part because I was on the ground groaning in pain before I had time to react, and he was looking down at me with a sadistic smirk.

“P-please don’t do this.” I pleaded, tears prickling my eyes, but I refused to free them and give him the satisfaction of seeing me cry.

“If you won’t cooperate I’ll just have to do this my way.” He hissed, crouching down so he was face to face with me, his sour breath fanning across my face and making me shiver in disgust.

The trauma of everything Jason did to me came rushing back and anger raced through my veins, replacing my terror.

“Go to hell.” I growled, throwing whatever energy I could muster up out of me and at him.

He flew back about ten feet, giving me enough time and space to get up and run for my life, literally.

I could hear his footsteps behind me but he wasn't catching up, I must've hurt him.


I was running blindly through the dark forest with absolutely no idea how to get to safety, but I didn't care. All I knew was that I had to get far away from that guy. But at the same time a part of me wanted to just give up and let him catch me. Maybe the would put me out of my misery.

There would be no more pain, no more suffering, no more longing for my mate to come back.

There was no point in living when your other half was gone. I knew I wouldn't be able to find another love like the one I had with him, and I'd never be able to truly enjoy anything because the pain was too strong.

I stopped dead in my tracks, finally giving up. I didn't have the energy to fight when there was nothing to fight for.

I heard the man's footsteps get closer and closer but I didn't panic. I just felt grateful that someone was finally going to take the pain away.

His sadistic, cold laugh rang through the air when he saw me and still I felt no fear. Even when he was standing right behind me, all I felt was peace.

“Just get it over and done with quickly.” I whispered.

He silently took the final step so his chest was pressed up against my back.

His hands found their way around my neck and squeezed tightly for a second, but then he released me.

What the hell?

Suddenly he was in front of me.

“Why should I do this your way? You deserve to suffer.” He spat.

I gave him a blank stare, “I suffer every day, more than you’ll ever know.”

“You don’t know anything.” He growled.

“I know more than you think.” I said, rising my voice slightly.

My cheek stung as his open hand connected with it in punishment or talking back I didn’t pay much attention to it. The pain I constantly felt was a million times worse than a simple slap.

“Impressive.” He whispered, shaking his head as he walked in a circle around me.

“What shall I do with you?” He asked himself.

I rolled my eyes, this guy was ridiculous. I'd find it comical if I wasn't in such a dangerous position.

“Maybe I’ll just kill you quick and easy after all, you don’t seem like much fun to torture.” He mused, again more to himself than to me.

He stood directly in front of me and placed his hands on my neck again.

“Such a waste of a pretty face.” He said sadly, shaking his head.

Just as he positioned himself to get leverage to snap my neck, something jumped out of nowhere and knocked him away from me.

A huge black werewolf tore into the man's throat, killing him instantly, before turning to face me.

Its stunning blue eyes gazed into mine with an intensity I couldn’t explain, knocking the air right out of me.

Familiar eyes that haunted my dreams, eyes that I never thought I'd see again, were right in front of me.

I blinked, rubbed my eyes, then blinked again. I had to be dreaming, right? This couldn't be real.

But it was.

There he was, standing right in front of me.


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