The Alpha's Mate

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Chapter 30

Liza’s P.O.V:

Two days until the fight against Dave.

Two days until I got my mom back.

I'd only been at Garrett's pack house for four days but it's felt like years. Thankfully today was the first real day of training, since all the neighbouring packs arrived last night, so at least Asher would be too busy to try to talk to me. I was still avoiding him so I could become less dependent on him.

Since I already knew how to fight and use my power, I was exempted from training so I decided to call up Jade. It was the perfect day to get together.

We planned to meet at the food court of the mall we met at, so that was where I was currently going.

The drive there was silent, but not peaceful. When I was alone and had nothing to distract me, the thought of what I was doing to Asher tortured me.

Thankfully the drive wasn’t too long and soon enough I was siting next to Jade, sipping a chocolate milkshake while she grimaced at me over my cliché choice.

“I don’t know why you're judging me so much for liking chocolate milkshakes, it’s the most popular flavour.” I defended myself, quickly adding “Do you have a boyfriend?” To change the topic before we started debating over which milkshake flavour was better again. We could debate over that for hours.

“No.” She said quietly, blushing like crazy.

“Are you lying to me.” I asked, feigning hurt.

“No. Well not really. I mean, sort of?” She muttered hesitantly, never meeting my eyes.

I raised an accusing eyebrow, “So you are?”

She dropped her head to the table and groaned.

“I don’t know!” She exclaimed, suddenly sitting back up and throwing her hands in the air.

It took everything in me not to burst out laughing, but by some miracle, I kept it in.

“I think he likes me, and I know I like him, but he hasn’t put a tittle on our situation.” She explained.

So it was one of those relationships. I bet that guy was one of the most popular guys in their school, and he was probably pretending to be a ‘player’ so he looked cool.

“I think you should talk to him about it, and if he tries to avoid it, threaten to stop the friendship or whatever it is.” I told her, hoping that he liked her enough to do whatever she wanted.

“What if he doesn’t care and moves on to a new girl?” She whispered, probably imagining how that would go down.

“If he doesn’t care, he’s not worth it.” I stated simply, and the determination in her eyes was enough to tell me that I had given her the right advice.

“Okay enough about me. Do you have a boyfriend?” She asked, changing the subject.

My heart dropped at the question. I knew she’d ask but I still wasn’t prepared.

“Not really.” I replied, looking down at my milkshake.

“What’s going on?” She asked, her eyebrows raising in concern.

“It’s just, he’s left before and I was crushed. And now he’s back and I don’t know if I should let him in. I don’t want to get hurt again.” I explained, swirling my straw in my lumpy ice cream drink.

“I think that if you love him, getting hurt is a chance you should be willing to take.” She answered, and when I looked up at her she had an encouraging smile on her face.

“You’re right. I need to stop being a dramatic baby and just forgive and forget.” I stated.

I needed to stop torturing both myself and Asher, and embrace the time we had together. Who knows that would happen in the fight against Dave. One of us could die and all that time I spent avoiding Asher would all be for nothing. I needed to make the most of the time we had before the fight.

“Go make it right with him.” Jade encouraged me, taking the final sip of her milkshake.

“And you go talk to your player.” I replied, smiling teasingly at her.

After that we went our separate ways, and soon I was back at Garrett’s pack house looking for Asher.

“I haven’t seen him all day.” Becca told me when I asked about my mate’s whereabouts.

I sighed and tried to think of where he might be.

Two hours later I was still walking around the pack house, looking for Asher. I checked the field everyone was training in, and even asked some of the pack members if they’d seen him, but no one had. He was nowhere to be found.

What if he left again?

Have some faith in your mate my wolf defended him, and I had to listen to her. If I didn't stop thinking so negatively I'd never be able to trust Asher.

I sighed in defeat when I asked another person about Asher and they didn’t have an answer.

Eventually I decided to go back to the pond I had my freak out at after my talk with Ava. It was a peaceful place that I could properly gather my thoughts in, and as I walked through the woods I tried to think of the good things that could come from me letting Asher back in.

We’d both be happy.

The pain would go away.

I wouldn’t feel guilty anymore.

That all sounded really good to me. As soon as I found Asher everything would go back to normal.

When I finally arrived at the pond I found someone else already sitting by it.

“Asher?” I asked when I realized who the person was.

His head quickly snapped in my direction, not expecting anyone to be here.

“I’ve been looking all over for you, I wanted to apologize.” I said, taking a seat on the ground beside him.

He gave me a confused look, “Apologize for what?”

I looked down at my hands in shame as I revealed my plan to stay away from him so I wouldn't get hurt if he left again.

“But I’m not scared anymore. I trust you and I love you. I just want things to go back to how they were before all of this.” I concluded my explanation, finally looking up at him.

Asher pulled me into a tight embrace which I gladly returned, loving the feeling of safety I had when I was in his arms.

“I love you so much.” He whispered into my hair, pulling back from the embrace a few moments later to give me a sweet kiss on the cheek.

“What do you want to do now?” I asked after a while of comfortable silence.

“Well.” He began, getting up and offering a hand to help me up, “We could make some popcorn and watch a move in the pack house, they have a huge T.V.”

I vigorously nodded my head in excitement. The plan was so simple but it was something we never really did. We'd always had something stopping us from doing normal couple things.

Together we walked hand in hand back to the pack house, chatting the whole way. It felt like nothing bad ever happened between us, we were completely happy and comfortable.

When we entered the pack house we ran into Jay and Ava.

“You two look happy. I’m glad you made up.” Ava said, shooting us a smile that didn’t quite reach her eyes.

“We’re meant to be together, nothing’s going to come between us anymore.” I told her, my voice slightly defensive, but not enough for anyone other than her to detect. She knew exactly what I meant.

My talk with her made me doubt Asher, and if she was really my friend she’d want me to be happy with him. I could never understand her motive to make me question him.

“Garrett and Becca cooked tonight so I suggest you guys get something else to eat if you’re here for dinner.” Jay warned us, effectively changing the subject.

Asher gave him a nod, “Thanks for the heads up man.”

After that Jay and Ava left while Asher went to make some popcorn, leaving me in the living room to pick out a movie.

I ended up choosing New Moon, the second Twilight movie, just for the irony. It was a movie about supernatural beings, mostly revolving around werewolves so how could I not pick it? We are going to die laughing during the movie.

“Really? This?” Asher asked, his face screwed up in disgust as he set a bowl of popcorn on my lap.

“It’ll be funny!” I exclaimed, laughing at the face he was making.

True to what I thought, throughout the whole movie Asher and I laughed hysterically. The way they portrayed werewolves was hilarious.

“That was awful.” Asher chuckled as the credits rolled.

I nodded in agreement, a smile spreading across my face. My heart felt like it would burst from the amount of happiness I was feeling, and Asher's smile told me that he was feeling the same thing.

“You know I love you right?” He asked, completely out of the blue.

I took his hands in mine and gazed into his eyes, “I know. And I love you.”

The smile on his face was wide before he leaned in to gently kiss me.

Intense sparks flew as I pressed my lips harder against his, kissing him with everything I had.

Our lips danced in perfect synchronization with so much passion and desire that I felt like I was floating. I'd never felt anything like it in my life and I never wanted it to end.

“Maybe we should take this back to your cabin.” Asher whispered between kisses, his voice low and husky.

“That's a good idea.” I breathed, wrapping my legs around his waist as he picked me up so we could leave the pack house.

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