The Alpha's Mate

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Becca’s P.O.V:

“Help! Something’s happening! The monitor is going crazy!” I yelled, gripping Liza’s hand as the machines that kept her alive all violently beeped.

A doctor and two nurses rushed into the room, and when they were finished checking all the machines a small smile grew on their faces.

Why were they smiling? My best friend was dying!

“It’s time.” The doctor told me, before instructing a nurse to prep Liza for surgery.

“Oh.” I breathed, excitement and dread bubbling up in my stomach. I felt like I was going to throw up.

A few minutes later they wheeled her off to surgery and I anxiously paced in the waiting room.

This was going to be the happiest and saddest day of my life. I was losing something but gaining something precious in return.

Two hours later the doctor came out and gestured for me to follow him into the hallway.

“It was a successful procedure. Liza didn’t make it, but the baby did. It’s a boy.” He told me, sympathy in his eyes.

I didn’t know whether to cry happy tears or sad tears.

Liza was pregnant when she fell into her coma, and five months into the pregnancy her brain activity stopped. She was declared brain dead, and her mom decided that we would keep her on life support until she had the baby, and afterwards we’d let her go. She didn't deserve to suffer in a hospital bed forever. She needed to be with Asher.

And as for the baby, I was adopting him.

“Can you come with me? We have paperwork to fill out and you need to pick a name."

I silently followed the doctor and once I was handed the paperwork I filled it out as quickly as possible. I just wanted to see the baby.

When it came time to pick the name, I didn’t hesitate. As I wrote it down I smiled, tears pooling up in my eyes.

Finally, after a monstrous amount of paperwork, the doctor brought me to see him.

Liza and Asher’s baby.

My baby.

Our baby.

I couldn’t hold back my tears any longer when I saw him. He had his mom’s beautiful blond hair and his dad’s stunning blue eyes.

I gently picked him up and smiled down at the miracle in my arms.

“Hey there baby Asher.” I whispered to him.

"Your mommy and daddy love you very much even though they can’t be here, so I'm going to take care of you and give you the life they dreamed of giving you."

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