The Alpha's Mate

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Chapter 4

Asher’s POV:

As I walked away from Liza I felt cold and empty inside. All I wanted to do was wrap my arms around her and never let go.

And my wolf was screaming at me to go back and drag her to my car so we could spend a little more time with her, but I didn't think she would like that.

I had to play it cool and not overwhelm her. She was human so she didn't understand our bond. I didn't want to scare her away.

So I ignored my wolf and soon he eventually went away.

But by the time I got home, I couldn’t get Liza out of my head. I would be talking to someone and find myself smiling and thinking of her beautiful face.

And even though the memory of her made me happy, I felt empty inside at the same time because she wasn’t here with me. I missed her so much and I barely even knew her.

When I saw Becca come bouncing down the stairs, humming, I saw that as my opportunity to ask about my mate.

I gently grabbed her arm as she walked past me to get her attention. “Did Liza say anything about me to you?”

“Nope.” She told me, popping the p.

Great. She didn’t like me. What was I supposed to do now? How was I going to get her to like me? I didn’t want to screw this up. What if she rejected me?

That last question haunted me and my wolf was howling in pain at the possibility. I couldn’t let that happen. I didn't know how I could ever live without my mate.

I snapped out of my inner babble when Becca half yelled “I answered your question. Now can you let go of my arm?”

I quickly let her go and muttered a quick "Sorry." I forgot I was even holding her arm.

I started to walk away but Becca called after me.

“Why do you care if she talked about you or not?”

Becca and her questions.

I didn’t want the pack to know I had a mate, not yet anyway. If Liza rejected me it would be really embarrassing. And I knew if I told Becca who Liza was to me, she'd tell everyone.

I just shrugged my shoulders in response and quickly walked away before she could interrogate me further.

My last thoughts before I fell asleep were of Liza and all night I dreamt wonderful dreams about what my future would be like with her.

When my alarm clock went off I was disappointed. In my dream I was in a meadow with Liza, having a picnic, and I didn't want it to end.

I reluctantly got out of bed and slowly got ready for school.

First I took a shower, then I pulled on a black t-shirt and a pair of jeans.

Then I ran downstairs and ate a massive bowl of Reese Puffs. For some reason I loved that cereal. I wondered if Liza liked them too.

There I go again thinking about her.

Would I always think about her this much? I kind of liked the idea of constantly having Liza on my mind. It made me feel whole.

Once I finished eating I headed straight to school, I wanted to get there early to see if I could catch Liza before class.

By the time I walked through the school doors students were already flooding the halls so I headed for class. Maybe Liza would be there early. But once I was in the English room I started to grow worried. Becca was there, but no Liza.

As the minutes ticked by I grew more anxious. What if something happened to her? I'd never forgive myself if she was harmed and I didn't protect her.

Thankfully, just before the bell rung my little mate ran into the room.

I let out the breath I didn’t know I was holding, feeling the fear leave my body now that I knew she was okay.

Today she wore a grey hoodie with the hood over her head, practically covering her face, and a pair of dark skinny jeans. Nothing fancy, but I liked her simple look.

She said something to the teacher that I didn’t hear and then faced the class to look for and empty seat.

When she saw that the seat beside me was the only free one she slowly walked over and plopped down beside me.

Throughout class I tried to make small talk with her but she pretty much gave me the silent treatment.

What did I do? She wouldn’t even face me, it almost looked like she was hiding something. But what?

I was about to ask her when the bell rang, cutting me off, and Liza jumped to her feet and ran out of the room.

I called after her but when I got into the hallway she was gone.

Now I wouldn't see her until lunch.

Liza’s POV:

I ran into English just before the bell rang and asked the teacher if I could keep my hood on.

Of course she asked me why, but I was prepared for it and told her that I was mugged, and to prove my point I lowered my hood so only she could see all the bruises.

Thankfully that convinced her to let me keep my hood on. I was safe from questions for one class at least.

When I faced the class to find a place to sit I started to panic. The only empty spot was beside Asher and I didn’t want to risk him seeing the bruises all over my face. He'd be disgusted with me and never talk to me again. And for the first time in my whole life I actually cared about what someone thought of me.

I had feelings for him and it scared me. I couldn’t help but fantasize about Asher and I hand in hand walking down the beach or having a picnic in a meadow.

I knew that would never actually happen, why would a guy like him go for a broken girl like me? But I still didn't want to ruin things before they even had a chance, and I knew my bruises would scare him away.

For the whole class he tried to talk to me but I didn’t say anything. I just looked straight ahead and tugged on my hood. I couldn't risk it.

And when the bell finally rang I packed up my stuff and ran out of the room in record time. But not before I heard Asher call my name.

For a second I contemplated turning around and walking back to him because he sounded hurt. I didn’t want to hurt him, but I was selfish and I didn’t want to lose him because of Jason.

I just shook my head and jogged to my next class.

When the lunch bell rang I got really nervous. I knew I had to face Becca and Asher. I couldn’t take being away from them any longer and I knew they'd want me to sit with them.

I walked into the cafeteria and I swear everyone paused what they were doing to stare at me.

I blushed and walked to Becca’s table, trying to ignore all the curious gazes.

Thankfully by the time I reached the table everyone had gone back to what they were doing and I was left with a frowning Becca.

“Where have you been?” She asked referring to how long it took me to get to the cafeteria.

I just shrugged in response and sat next to her.

Suddenly my hood was pulled off of my head and everyone at the table gasped and looked at me with wide, horror filled eyes.

I looked down at the table like it was the most interesting thing I’d ever seen. I couldn't look at their reactions anymore, I was so embarrassed.

“What the hell happened?” Becca screeched.

“I was mugged.” I calmly replied, making sure to make eye contact. Always make eye contact when you lie, it makes people believe it.

“Oh.” She muttered, stunned.

And that’s when Asher came over and sat down across from me.

Once he took in my bruises he started to shake and through clenched teeth he growled “What happened?”

Before I could answer him Becca said “Calm down she was mugged.”

He didn’t say anything but he started to shake harder and I swear his eyes flashed black.

Then he got up and stormed out of the cafeteria.

I have no idea what just happened.

Lunch passed quickly after that and no one mentioned my bruises, which I was grateful for.

It was the end of the day before I knew it and I hadn't seen Asher at all since lunch. But that didn’t stop me from thinking about him and his strange behaviour.

What was up with him? Why was he so mad when he saw the bruises?

“Maybe he cares.” Something inside me whispered.

Why would he care about me?

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