Shifted in Silver - Alpha Neale

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Alpha Adonis

Chapter 2: Alpha Adonis

Halei’s POV

Something stings my face, making me jolt awake. “Ah, these are the pretty eyes I’ve been told about.” A man with seemingly impossible coal black eyes stares back at me. His breath reeks, as if he hasn’t brushed his teeth in a couple months, but his body is tall and muscular. His muscles bulge out of his t-shirt without him even trying. The white streak in his hair only adds to his beauty, I cannot lie about that.

“Who are you?” I demand. The temptation to spit in his stupidly handsome face is almost at 100%.

“Alpha Adonis. I’m sure you’ve heard of me.” He smiles exactly when realization hits me. This is Blood Moon pack?

Oh, heaven above, why have you punished thee?

I look around, nothing but the smell of sulfur and blood meets my nose. I gag instinctively. Gray stone walls and a grate on the ceiling are all I see along with a door, probably made of steel by the smell of it.

It’s no use; you’re not getting out unless you magically have the strength of a thousand men. That’s reinforced steel you’re looking at.

“Oh, he must not know what we’re capable of.” Reece replies inwardly.

Well, it’s been a long time since we’ve transformed because you-know-who stuffs us nonstop with wolfsbane and chains made of silver, I respond indifferently.

She scoffs inside my head, “We can still take them out.” The walls keep getting smaller and smaller, closing me in.

I hate small places.

My face flies everywhere as the pound of my heart sounds as if a song in my ears, going faster and faster. My body is getting numb, and mind is wandering off into the Netherlands within it. Strong urges begin invading my head, and I feel my eyes shift threateningly. I have to get out.

“I know what you’re thinking, but… I’m pretty sure it’s in your best interest to stay here and not try and escape because somebody you love will pay for your actions.” He smiles holding up a tablet that shows my grandmother. She is tied up and completely knocked out.


Fear everything, every single emotion flood in at once. “Don’t hurt her!” I yell, yanking myself out of the silver chains I just realize are on me. They hit the floor with a clank. Without me thinking, my hand goes around his throat strangling him. I feel my eyes shift, and for the first time in years I feel Reece’s power and energy flow into me, sending a beautiful sensation down my spine.

He smiles as if this isn’t affecting him, but the way he shifts says otherwise. The stench of his overconfident self inflates my nostrils, and I want so badly to just rip his jugular out.

End him. The beast purrs as bloodlust imprints everything within my sight; it is a grey world that I have no worries for.

Without warning, an electric current shoots from my leg all the way to my head, my body shaking uncontrollably before I tumble to the ground. His smile the last of what I see before black specks infiltrate my eyes and close me off.

My eyes flutter open. New and thicker chains around my wrists burn me. “Ah, she’s awake.” He says. His deep baritone voice annoying me more than ever.

“What do you want?” I bite out. I can feel my anger rising just by seeing him, the beast I keep locked up is slowly creeping closer, eyeing its prey. He will be mine.

“I want you to do everything I ask of you. If you do it without any sass or fighting back, then you and your grandmother will survive. If not… well let’s just say it won’t be pretty.” He smiles deviously. “Now, I want you to transform.”

“Wha— I can’t. I still have wolfsbane in my system, I could die!”

“First of all, you’ve been out for a week, and I am pretty sure all of your insides came out, hence the horrible smell in here. Second, did I not just say you have to do anything I say? You had no problem in showing your wolf eyes to me before.” He shakes his head, “God, none of these children listen these days.” He seems agitated. Good.Do I have to say it again? Shift or I will make you shift.” He warns.

I try.

For the love of God I try, but Reece just isn’t giving in.

“Hmm, I thought you’d be an easy one. Guess you want your grandmother to suffer.” His hand snakes around me and latches onto my rib. He tweaks it and not even 5 seconds later my body breaks into millions of pieces. I roar out in pain, tears stinging my eyes but this time I can’t collide with the floor. No, the chains are hanging me. Burning me. I didn’t know you could make someone shift, but he just proved you could.

“Welcome to Hell.” He mumbles against my side.

I don’t think he knows it, though.

No, I don’t think he does.

He doesn’t know that Ive been through Hell and back, and I am not afraid to go through it again.

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