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Burn in Hell

Chapter 3: Burn in Hell

Halei’s POV

“Oomph.” I hit the ground hard. My jaw got unaligned from the punch given to me by none other than Adonis himself. I get up slowly spitting the blood from my mouth and realigning my jaw. “That all you got?” I smirk. I love playing mind tricks on him. He seems to hate me more and more every day, it’s the only bit of fun I get from this place. I guess spending 6 years in this place will do something to you.

“This isn’t a game girlie.” He barks. A disapproving look crosses his features. He tries to punch me again but misses and I catch his hand in my chains wrapping it around his wrist and turning it quickly. A satisfying snap comes from it and an even bigger smile comes to my face as his yell pierces my ear. I may have sensitive hearing but for his scream I couldn’t feel better. He kicks me square in my jaw and I stumble back, just a little. He looks at me weirdly.

“Oh what? You were expecting me to go down like every other time?” Hah! I laugh, “I love pain.” I lick the blood off of my lips. I grew accustomed to the pain I feel whenever someone lays a hand on me. Even wolfsbane doesn’t hurt me, as much, it still burns like hell but, I could bear with it. “Oh and if we are going to spar so often could you at least brush your teeth? It recks to high heaven.”

His eyes burned with hatred, “How are you still going? Year after year and nothing. Nothing has broken you! HOW!” He yells popping his hand back into place. The skin already formed a black and blue.

“Oh, I’ve got one thing you could never take away from me. Hope. Hope is the one thing I will never and I mean never be rid of. Hope that I’ll get out, hope that I’ll see my brother again, hope that I’ll see my grandparents again, hope that I’ll find someone who will love me and not use me.” I smile, “That is something you’ll never, not in a million years, take away from me.”

He growls running towards me. “Ugh! I’ve had enough!” A sting of something followed by a cold feeling in my arm slight pressure follows before the item is taken out. A syringe.

First it was a scream, then unhinged shaking, then pain unlike anything I have ever felt before. My body stayed like that, paralyzed for weeks, without food, without drink. I just lay there with no one to help me. My eyesight always faded in and out, he never checked on me to see if I was alive, no nothing of the sort.

That day tormented me. Mocked me. I couldn’t speak to Reece, I didn’t even know if she was alive but, one day— one day I felt her fighting. She fought to survive and I would too. That’s how I survived, that’s how my life kept going and my body didn’t give up. Reece was here for me and she’d been through too much for me to give up any day.

“Well hello, sleepy head. How was your nap?” He raises his eyebrows like he’s actually awaiting my response.

As if he’s going to get one.

“So, not going to answer? Awe, I was really expecting one of your great comebacks. Dammit, it’s really the highlight of my seeing you.” He stares down at me with a glint in his eyes. “Seeing you lay there like that… God that just makes a man want to—“

“Burn in hell!” My voice is unrecognizable. Deep, daring, menacing. It horrified me.

“Only if you go first.” He winks.

A low defining growl escapes my lips. It rattles my chains and shakes the ground beneath my feet. “I hate you.”

“Feelings mutual.” He sighs. “Now, let’s see, what’s next on my list…” he looks at me before his eyebrows raise and a smile forms upon his lips. “Experimentation, part two!”

I shake my head furiously, “No!”

“Well, you have no choice. Clark, bring me my special gloves and the materials.” He waves off the guard, shortly after Clark returns with a bin on wheels. Right on top is the gloves he loves so very much. “Ah, thank you.” He excuses the guard, “now let’s see what else the king put in his… Concoction.” Putting on the cow leather gloves he picks up the first item.


Why a plant could hurt so horribly bad, I have no idea. Turning my head I brace for the burn that travels through my skin to my very soul. I let out a scream before the burning sensation stops and my tender skin begins to heal. “Okay so not that.” I see him pick up wolfsbane but before my head could turn he slashes my face with it. I could hear my skin sizzle but the pain was short, like the sting of a bee. “Hmm, that’s new but… That’s not it.” He picks up one of the last items which I can already tell was a silver blade, I could never mistake that smell. However the usual hum I would hear from it doesn’t seem to be coming from it. Scrunching my nose I prepare for the unfathomable pain but it doesn’t come. Opening my eyes I stare at the silver knife being sliced through my skin and still, I feel nothing.


I know it’s silver— it has to be, the smell– why is it not hurting me?

The skin heals instantly but as he kept the knife there practically mesmerized by what was happening, it looked like the blade itself was melting. The substance drips onto my skin forming some type of figurine on it… Forming the dagger once held.

What took me by surprise was when it was soaking in as if lotion— as if a tattoo. A silvery tattoo of the knife, and it was quite beautiful.

Adonis’ face practically drops in shock. His mouth hung open and his eyes wide as saucers. “Im– impossible.” He stutters.

Lifting my arm I stare at the tattoo in amazement. So cool! Not being able to be affected by silver is definitely the best thing that could of happened to me!

Until it wasn’t.

The next weeks were traumatic.

I found out that when I shift, especially when provoked, silver comes out of our claws. Not only that though, I can also manipulate silver into anything and it comes right from my body. Knives, balls, arrows, etc. I thought it was great until Adonis began using me to kill his enemies and betrayers. When I first said no he forced me to shift and branded me on the hip, something that still didn’t entirely heal yet. I honestly don’t know if it will.

“Okay.” He brings a man in who looks too horrified to defend himself against anyone here. “Alright, you know what to do.”


“Do it or your grandmother shall pay for it with her life.” He barks.

A fierce rage makes its way into my heart. This was going to be impossible to decide but I shouldn’t have to decide. I know if Nani was here she wouldn’t even let me hesitate in saving her life over him using me again.

A weird warm sensation travels through my body slowly and before I even knew what was happening Reece was taking a big chunk out of Adonis’ face. Grey, everything was grey. His blood, mine. All of it. His little minions filter inside the room making the mistake of leaving the door open. Reece slashes them instantly making them crash to the floor screaming out in pain. The hearts of each so purple it was almost black. She never touched the man Adonis wanted us to kill. She didn’t see a reason to, that man’s heart is tainted but not poisoned. She runs and runs as all vision around me fades into nothing.

The scent of oak filters into my nostrils and the cold piercing my back. My eyes snap open abruptly but the sun makes me squint them closed again. My hair was filled of crud and the clothes I wore from the day Chase helped me escape was in tatters but I was thankful.

I got out of it alive.

I couldn’t help but smile at myself thanking Reece inwardly for everything she’d done for me my entire life.

She was a strong wolf and I could not have survived without her.

Reece? I call out to her.

“I’m here, I’m right here.” She replies weakly.

What happened?

“We survived. That’s what happened…” her voice fades out of my mind.

Reece? No answer.


I hate to admit it but the beast I kept locked away actually helped me too. I believe that’s mostly why we’re still alive, the beast isn’t done yet. It is hungry and still craves for something. 

A/n: There is a bonus part to this Chapter but I don't know if I should merge it or just keep as a bonus Chapter.
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