Shifted in Silver - Alpha Neale

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Chapter 4: Safe

Halei’s POV

I’ve been running for days— weeks.

My feet are tired and my stomach is so hungry I think it ate itself but, I want to be as far away from that place as possible. I want to find Chase and let him know I’m alright; I want to find grandma to make sure she’s alright, I just… I want to do a lot of things.

My body is freezing; I can’t even feel my feet anymore. The snow wasn’t helping either. I could tell it was spring but the snow that fell on the last week of winter was still here.

I haven’t slept.

I can’t.

I won’t.

My knees ache and my arms feel weak but I must keep moving. I have too!

My foot trips on a stupid branch and I face plant right into the thin layer of snow. Tears breach the rim of my eyes and flood out, tears I’d been holding in for a while.

My body chooses to shut down and break. For minutes if not hours I sit there angry sobs shake my tiny body and fear sets in, for a moment it looked like a man was before me.



My throat releases a pained scream, “No! NO! Please, please, please. Don’t take me back, DON’T TAKE ME BACK!” I cry a sob choking me to a stop.

“Relax! You’re safe! You’re safe.” Warm hands surround me, “God you are freezing.” He hands me some type of coat wrapping it around my body. I notice this man’s voice is different, not Adonis’. He picks me up and somehow transforms placing me right on the back of his wolf. He runs and I just lay there petting his fur, my eyes getting droopy.

Something sharp enters my arm and my eyes snap open. I jump off some sort of table and snatch the syringe out of my skin. My eyes bounce from place to place around the room trying to figure out where I am at.

Nothing seems to be familiar to me.

I stalk toward the woman wearing a nurse outfit; she moves back quickly, the delicious smell of fear radiates from her. I look around the room staring at all the medical materials. “Where am I?” I ask as two other women in the room scatter out. My voice comes out as a growl and only now I realize that Reece is too close to the surface. My eyes catch the mirror beside her and now I truly realize why fear was coming from her.

I tore my eyes away, ashamed.

I looked broken, my face full of discolored skin and scars. Skinnier than any person I’d ever seen, I’m surprised that I still have enough tissue to give me the curves of my hips and chest. My hair is light brown with hints of purple streaks, courtesy of Reece’s fur.

I thought I would have healed by now… or maybe those are permanent.

My eyes glow a dark purple with silver swimming around in them, it never occurred that I never saw my wolf's eyes before. I look down, “I’m sorry I didn’t mean to scare you.” I fiddle with my thumbs trying to slow my heart rate down.

“You’re finally awake!” Someone screeches from behind me. My ears ring for couple seconds but when they’re done I turn to the doorway. A bulky dirty blonde haired man with a tattoo covering his neck stares back at me. He runs up to me and hugs me deeply, I flinch not expecting him to do that but when it registers I hug him back.

I haven’t been hugged in so long. It feels… good.

I close my arms around him and finally let go, “thank you.” Tears roll down my cheeks as soft cries shake me. His green eyes take me in as he lets go, he wipes the tears off my face.

“You’re welcome.” He smiles. For about a minute we look at each other before he turns and asks, “May I have a moment with her?” Without further ado she willingly rushes out the room in a hurry. When the door squeaks shut he asks me, “Are you okay?”

I nod and smile, “I am now.”

“Good.” He smiles in return, “oh and by the way I’m Ace.”

“Halei, or Lei for short.” I respond.

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