Shifted in Silver - Alpha Neale

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Chapter 5: Scent

Halei’s POV

“So, what happened? I mean when I found you, you had frostbite like everywhere. You were all bloody, but I think it wasn’t your blood, and your clothes were ripped horribly. Plus, I think you were hallucinating too because you were screaming

As if I couldn’t get away

Those past moments tore through me like a tidal wave. I can’t help the tears that start streaming down my face as familiar agonizing pain swims through me. My palms are sweaty and trembling. My feet weak, unable to let me stand, but before I can hit the ground, he catches me.

My breath comes out in shaky puffs and my body feels incredibly hot. I’m sweating. “I’m sorry. I didn’t know this was…” His eyes glaze over in a worried state. “Dammit, he couldn’t give us more time.” His head shakes a little bit, but I can’t help but feel a sense of safety in his presence, like I could trust him with my entire life and not think twice about it.

I still can’t stop this attack happening to me.

“Halei, just breathe. I am here for you.Reece comforts me, “in and out.” I try to follow what both she and Ace say, but the fear creeps in at the second I am almost stable. Closing my eyes and squeezing them, hoping that it’ll get rid of the pain and torment from my parents— Adonis— sighing heavily, an incredible vanilla, strawberry, oak type of smell envelopes me, snapping my eyes open. “What’s that smell?” I ask, adjusting myself upward. Simultaneously, the panic attack seizes and excitement invades afterward. Reece lurches forward so fast I barely can hold her back.

“What do you mean?” Ace asks, confused.

“You don’t smell that?” wait, “I’m sorry, I forgot my senses are heightened.” His head tilts like he’s even more confused, so I explain more. For some reason, ever since birth, I could hear from miles away and smell anything within 500 yards, and as I kept growing, those abilities became… expanded. I also have a lot of extra strength I really don’t need.” It’s how I knew what was coming for me when I was with my parents. I won’t tell him that, though, at least not right now.

“Oh, okay. That’s— cool.” He smiles. Oh, I should tell you—”

The smell keeps getting closer and closer until my senses just want to give in to it.

“I have to go. I-I um, sorry.” I walk out the door only to knock into some man stumbling back a few steps. I don’t know if I imagine it, but I can swear I feel sparks ignite along my skin that is exposed.

The scent that I smelled before is right in front of me, it’s him. “Mate.” Reece purrs. Everything hits me in that one moment where all I can do is run. I slide from under his gaze before he can trap me.

“Wait!” I hear his harsh intake of breath “Don’t let her get out!” A warm husky voice calls after Ive run away from him. I can’t stop the shiver it sends down my spine. Suddenly everybody who was minding their business appears in front of me. My feet skid to a stop and my eyes assess the situation.

Tall and built, short and thick, wide while medium sized. Easy.

I practically slide through them, no problem, thank God for me being skinny, and run out the double doors.

“Halei, why are you running? This is our mate.” Reece snaps at me.

Reece, think about all the things we’ve been through and then look at the man we are presented. You know that people who are supposed to love us torture us. What if he’s no different? I reply as Ileap into a tree and start swinging from it.

“Halei, stop right now or I will force you to.” She threatens.

As what she says rings in my head, I can’t help the memory that creeps up from within me.

You either do it or I will force you to. Kill her!” An innocent girl sits before me horrified. She’s crying, pleading for me not to do it. Adonis just stares at me expectantly.

My breath hitches in my throat, ugly sobs begin coming out of the girl and my heart breaks. Why do you want me to kill her? What did she do?” Tears flow down my cheeks.

He sighs, “Halei, no one in this world is innocent. There are things she did that no one else even dared to try before. She brought forth chaos and there are repercussions for such. Now do it or I will make you, and you won’t like the outcome.” He warns.

“Please, I beg you.” She pleads, “don’t, please!”

“I’m sorry.” I whisper to her before my hand goes around her throat, easing out all my anger into one force of strength and something else. It’s something I found consumes me and makes me lose control. She squirms within my grip, coughing and trying to free herself. Forming a knife of silver, her eyes widen dramatically as it swiftly plunges into her chest.

Adonis’s wicked smile is all I see when she is completely dead, her eyes glossed over in a haze, blurry and frosty. “I didn’t think you’d do it.”

“You’re sick.”

“Thank you, I worked my entire life to be this sick.” He winks, “Now that I know you’ll do it, we have a lot more to do.”

“I am not killing anyone else.” The girl’s face stains my mind. Every time I blink, her face reappears. I don’t know if I can ever sleep again.

“You’re doing what I say for you to do regardless of if you want to do it or not. You, my little beast, belong to me.” His hand reaches up to my face, and jolting away, I tumble onto the floor. “You’re only making this worse for yourself… but I like the challenge.” His eyes change to a crimson red, his claws extend, and his wolf starts to come out.

“I think, if you don’t want to get hurt— shift.” His voice is guttural.

Only thing is, I can’t shift; he knows this– I won’t hurt Reece again, not this time. This time I am going to have to use what he has taught me. If only his wolf isn’t twice my damn size!

It snaps its jaw, the growling echoing off each wall barricading me in. Licking its lips in anticipation, it steps closer, slower. Its muscles ripple as it moves, right until it plunges right at me.

Before I even realize what I am doing, I see Neale hit the floor, crying out. Angry slashes run across his torso and only then I realize they came from me. “Oh my God! I’m—” a terrible shred of pain runs up my spine into my head and I collapse right next to his shivering, erratic body.

I feel as if I am pulsating, but the pain renders my thoughts useless. I turn my head slowly toward him. My mate, somebody they said I shouldn’t havecan’t have. Now, I see they are right. I don’t deserve him at all.Alpha” the last I hear before my body paralyzes with pain.

Men come from all directions carrying my body and his to some place with extremely bright lights. I force my eyes to close as my retinas are burning to no end. “I’ll deal with her. You tend to Alpha.” The woman’s mint green eyes stare down at me before she covers my mouth with a mask,deep breaths.

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