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I’m Sorry What?

A/n: I wanted to post a few more chapters for those who aren’t beta readers. I may upload to chapter 8 but those who are beta readers look out for May’s update. You’ll read the full book and Maybe even the prequel I was planning to put out with it. Still kind of deciding. Okay enjoy!

Chapter 6: I’m Sorry, What?

Halei’s POV

“She’s been out for 2 days, her heart rate is steady and she seems okay, but large traces of silver have been embedded into her bloodstream as if she’s half silver.” I hear some shuffling. “Oh, and that tattoo, I haven’t seen anything like it. It’s made of silver!” The voice sounds excited, yet surprised. “She may be the only wolf to not only have immunity to silver but also is able to use it as a defense.” A female’s voice I could tell now, the voice sounds almost angelic.

This couldn’t be heaven, right?

I try and force my eyes open, but they fail me snapping back closed. “She’s moving.” Ace’s voice chimes in. “Halei, I know you can hear me. Please stop moving and relax. Everything is alright.He says this softly, and I physically relax, though my mind is racing. “Okay, good, can you try and open your eyes?” I open my eyes slowly, allowing my eyes to adjust to the light in the room.

“Hey…” My head is pounding, but I ignore it.

“Hey, how are you feeling?” His hand slips into mine to comfort me, but I pull my hand away.

I sigh and sit up slowly, “I am alright.” Immediately he looks at me with disappointment. Just like my brother, he doesn’t say anything. But then it hits me, all memories of me attacking him come flooding back. “I hurt him…” My voice immediately turns hoarse.

How could I hurt him!

“He is fine…” His breathing wavers, and I can tell he isn’t telling the truth. I look at him intently.

This is my fault.

He sighs, “Alright, fine. He’s…sleeping.” He shifts in his spot uncomfortably. The lady in the doctor’s outfit smacks him across his head. “Ow!” He rubs his head, “Alright, alright!” The lady looks at him pointedly. “He’s healing from silver. He has only spoken a few words since you attacked him.” He says the last part lowly.

“I’m sorry, what?” I ask.

No! How could I let it out? It’s my fault!

This is why Im not supposed to have a mate. I don’t deserve one, not with this beast inside of me. The first chance I saw him, I ran, and on top of that hurt him in the process? I’m a terrible per

“He will be okay. Our Alpha is strong and has survived a lot more things than he likes to let on.” She comforts me. She seems seasoned, yet physically, she looks young. That is the one thing about wolves; we can be in our 50s and still look like a twenty-year old. Our aging is slower than those of other supernatural abilities. It is why we can live centuries, if not a millennium. Her hair is auburn, while her eyes are a familiar piercing mint color, slight freckles with a scar across her eyelid. Even with that, she is stunning.

“Take me to him,” I respond. My body is fighting me until we fully know ourselves that he’s okay.

He must be okay.

“I don’t know if—”

“Take me to him!” My voice comes out stronger, more demanding. Both do a double take before she pulls out a chair that has wheels on it.

I look at it questionably, “What is that thing?” Gosh, you stay locked up in your own home and a cellar for more than half of your life and suddenly you get new ways to sit.

“You don’t know what a wheelchair is?” Ace questions me. Once I shake my head, his response is, “Where have you been locked up all your life?” He laughs afterwards, but little does he know…Come on. Sit, I’ll take you to him.

“Sit? In that wheelie thing? No thanks. I will just follow you.” I hop off the bed only to hopelessly tumble onto the floor. Before Ace can come over and help, I get up. “Whoops.” I smile at him, Well, lead the way.” For a quick second, he looks over at the lady before shaking his head and walking out.

“My name is Eeleina, by the way!” she calls as I walk out.

“I’m sorry.” I stare at his sleeping figure, hesitant on whether I should hold his hand or not. “I didn’t mean to hurt you it’s just—” I look to my cursed tattoo. “I’ve been through so much and… I shouldn’t have been given a mate. I’m too horrible of a person.” A whimper fills my head and automatically tears come to my eyes. Shame takes over and my head bows. All courage I have is gone in an instant...

They are right, I am a monster.

All those years I tried to prove to everyone I wasn’t, but this— this proves them right.

Sparks light my hand and wrist as I realize his hand is on me. I lift my head and look into his beautiful hazel eyes. “I forgive you.” He smiles as something familiar passes in his eyes. I think I’ve only seen that look from one person.


I finally turn my hand around and take his hand in mine. A smile of pearly white teeth greets me back within seconds. God, he is so good-looking! Beautiful is what he is.

A knock sounds at the door and it takes everything in me not to scream. I snatch my hand away and get up before the door can even open.

The squeaking noise hurts my eardrums, but I bear it. “You are awake!” Some lady screeches causing me to wince horribly. My head pounds as I almost tumble over. Sometimes I hate my hearing.

Suddenly, a swarm of people barge into the room, knocking me to the back. Everyone talks at once, my eyesight twinges, and the booming headache I have gets even bigger. Before I know what is happening, strong muscular arms wrap around me and I am lower than everybody else.

My heart pounds like I am running a marathon, but the sweat starting to form beneath my skin is beginning to suffocate me. I can’t breathe. No, my lungs are collapsing and my thoughts are wandering! The control of my limbs is shutting down and everything seems to be moving in slow motion.

A swarm of black threatens to take over my sight and bury me— trap me within my own deadly thoughts, rendering my emotions hyperactive at one single time.

I feel everything and nothing.

Drowning in my own pain and misery— I thought nothing could be worse than the torture bestowed upon me! I am highly mistaken because reliving everything is far worse and more agonizing than anything! The love I never received from my parents piercing my heart over and over, the ache of my trembling body after the injection, the searing of my skin igniting from past doubt and loneliness.

Trapped and forever alone.

Something I could never escape if my memories lay relentless within my dark and twisted no good of a mind.

“Everyone, OUT!” A figure above me yells before my eyes slowly close. The murmurs of a masculine voice calm the waves hitting my stomach but not the thoughts that hinder me. “Stay with me!” This is the last I hear before all is silent and flashes of my past trap me in the abyss of my horrid mind.

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