Shifted in Silver - Alpha Neale

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*Important Announcement*

Hi my wonderful readers! 😊

I just have a couple announcements for you all:

1. I am not going to be writing more of Beta Ace, infact I am going to be taking it down within the next few days. I feel there is no proper use for it because some may not even know his and Ravenna's (Rae's) story because the whole book of Alpha Neale and Alpha Neale 2 is not out anymore. Plus I haven't updated it in so long, so sorry.

2. Bitten Love will be updated as soon as I am done publishing Shifted in Silver (Alpha Neale, which should come out by the end of November if all goes well.) I promise y'all waiting has not been in vein and I feel you will love this stand alone book!

3. New series: It's going to be called The Created. The Created series will consist of two primary characters, Agent Malcolm "Steele" Ryder– a wolf shifter with the ability to control any metal substance & Zella Ra'nae Bludgeon– part every supernatural species.

A little teaser preview:

She was out of her mind— insane and I knew it. I shouldn't have pushed her too far but, I did and now the world's most deadliest woman to walk the earth is free without restriction.

What have I done.

Final comments: Y'all I can not tell you how hard I've been working lately between school and actual work and writing it's been a lot but I promise you won't be disappointed when everything comes out.

Thanks 💕


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