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Would you like to be a Beta Reader?

I understand that starting/becoming an author in this world is hard, in terms of getting people to know you and your books. I would love to offer some of you readers a position to be my beta readers.

Beta readers read everything before a book or teaser comes out. So whether it's my offically published book or here on inkitt, you can read all of the book. The big thing here is getting criticism on things I need to work on or things I do well. Now, I know all of you who have read Alpha Neale (aka Shifted in Silver) want to read the rest. This is a chance to do so, my only thing is that once it's published, leave me a review.

Reviews are necessary to help drawl readers to my book, so if you could that would be Soo great.

Now, it is an agreement so also know if you violate any of the following rules (when you are chosen) you will be removed from the beta list.

Rule 1: Be honest not rude.

If you do not like something I wrote, please do not be disrespectful about it. Just tell me how you thought what I did was wrong and how I may fix it.

Rule 2: Do not steal my writing.

All works of mine are copyrighted so if stolen the fine is up to $150,000, don't do that to yourself.

Rule 3: Do not share my works.

Don't send my emails and or products to anyone, whoever is on my beta list are the only people who have access. I monitor each email and can see if it has been forwarded.

Rule 4: Enjoy the free updates and communication on everything up and coming.

I can only pick a certain amount of people but if I have to kick someone off, that person will be replaced.

If you are interested email me at [email protected]

Okay, happy readings! 😊

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