Choosing Destiny: The Chosen

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What does destiny mean to you? Is it something you were chosen to do or be? A path you were always meant to go down? Well, for twenty-one year old Destiny, it's being chosen for a life in the world of the supernatural. Can she survive it? When she finds herself in a small town of which she is not familiar, she faces many obstacles. She also has many unanswered questions. Will she find the answers? Maybe this new adventure will answer some questions about her past. Questions she would rather not have answered at all.

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Chapter One: Unknown Murder

I was running, running for my life. I ran into a dark alley, and I knew it was the last place I needed to be. My silky red dress was ruined and drenched in water because I had fallen in several water puddles, and I was tired. I needed to stop for air desperately, but if I did, my pursuer might catch up with me. So, I kept on running and hoped I would make it home alive.

How much ground have I covered in the last few hours? Or, at least it felt like hours. I must have been running for miles and miles. I didn’t think I could possibly run anymore. Just give up already, I thought.

I heard footsteps behind me, and my panic spiked. I could barely breathe.

“Where are you?” the man called.

I ran on anyway. He was going to overtake me. Was this going to be my last night in New Orleans? This is exactly what had happened to my brother when he had went missing a few years ago, I was sure of it. How could this be happening to me?

I suddenly fell on something I could not see, something invisible that my eyes must have missed. There was a hole in the ground that was visible now that I had fallen. I had been stupid to believe I was going to make it home. This guy seemed inhumanly fast. I felt rather slow compared to him, how could that be?

As he came closer I could hear him humming an odd little tune. I was terrified, and I didn’t understand what he wanted. Why should I fight? Will it do me any good at all? What do I do?

And then he spoke. He had a nice voice, but it was laced with a little venom.

“Foolish girl, why do you insist on being so difficult? Did you think I wouldn’t find you?”

I looked up at him. He had dark hair and dark eyes. He was handsome, but his features were feral. I had sensed he was very dangerous. It had been that same instinct that had told me to run, but now I was trapped.

I whimpered. I didn’t like this at all. I had really wanted to outrun him. I guessed running on the track team hadn’t helped me. I knew I had done all I could.

“Calm down, this will be over quickly,” He said.

I mustered all of my courage to send him a glare. He laughed right at me. Apparently he was enjoying seeing me in pain.

“W-W-What are you going to do?”

“I’m going to kill you,” he said.

The way he said it made it seem like he confessed this all the time. How brazen is he?

“N-N-N-No, please don’t kill me! I have a family! I’ll give you whatever you want!” I begged. (Totally don’t have family to look for me.)

He only laughed more. Then he started walking towards me. I tried kicking out with my legs to try and get away. He knelt down beside me and reached out to brush the hair out of my face. If I wasn’t in the situation I was in, I’d say it was a nice gesture.

“How do I know you wouldn’t try to go to the police?”

He made a valid point. If he let me go, that’s my first stop.

“If you leave now, I won’t tell anyone. I promise. I’ll go straight home and forget what happened!” I continued to plead.

“You’re lying. There’s no way out of this for you,” he sneered.

I tried to scramble to my feet when a sharp pain hit me. I forgot that I may have possibly broken my ankle. I looked up to see him observing me. He looked amused. I wanted to slap him.

“I see that fire in your eyes. That’s why I chose you. You have a fire that burns deep within your being. I have no doubt you could have accomplished big things in your life.”

In the pale light of the alleyway, I could see him give me a full-fledged toothy smile. The odd thing is, his canines were extended. They looked like fangs. He bent his head down and brushed the hair away from my neck. He snapped my head back so he would have better access, and he sank his teeth in and started drinking.

I cried out in pain. I had never felt something so awful. It felt like someone was setting my skin on fire and poking my throat with fire pokers. When he had his fill, I was almost unconscious. He made a tiny cut on his wrist and stuck it to my mouth.

“Drink. It’ll make you feel better.”

I nodded. I feebly grabbed a hold of his wrist to hold it in place. I drank until he ripped his arm from mine. The copperly liquid going down my throat tasted good...and it made me sick. Then he started to stand to watch me struggle to breathe.

Was I going to die? Undoubtedly so. At least the only person I had left in my life to miss me was my boyfriend, Adam. My parents were both dead, and my dear brother, Max; has been missing for a couple of years now. My face would be plastered on milk cartons and on the news for weeks, and then when no trace of me shows up anywhere, I’ll vanish from everyone’s memories.

I’ll be the twenty-one-year-old girl that had a promising career as a dancer and I was gone from the world too soon. Everyone at my college would tell the news reporters they were my best friend, and that wouldn’t be true. No one would be the wiser because I wouldn’t be there to contradict them. I would be the cautionary tale for parents to tell their daughters to not walk home alone at night. I’d probably also be the reason why some of these girls start taking self defense classes to keep themselves safe.

All of this was running through my mind. When the man started to speak, it was in an evil and amusing way. It sent chills down my spine.

“Destiny, you will awake in glory. Maybe you can accept the true nature of what you are becoming.”

“How do you know my name?” I asked, weakly.

“You know, I killed a girl in this same spot eight hundred years ago. I knew her name because I watched her for weeks. I’ve been watching you. Watching you go to party after party and flirting with boys that are not your boyfriend. When you awaken, if you awaken, be sure to maintain that spunk you have, becasuse it’ll come in handy.”

I summoned up what I could of my strength to make a feeble attempt at a threat. It took me a little bit to find my voice. I could feel just how cold the words sounded as they formed in my head. When I spoke out loud, I put as much malice as I possibly could in my voice.

“If what you tell me is true, when I come back, I’m coming after you. Your blood will be mine then.”

“I believe you would find a way to kill me, darling,” he laughed.

I couldn’t speak anymore. I couldn’t feel. I couldn’t see. I could only hear. This was it, and it was wonderful. This was my death.

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