Choosing Destiny: The Chosen

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Destiny has her heart set on becoming a famous dancer, but what happens when something comes along and messes that up? How will she rise to the challenge? On her last night in France, Destiny gets attacked. She awakens to discover she's not entirely human. She's been turned into a vampire and she is sent to a small town to help save the world. How can she fight off the darkness when she can't even fight her bloodlust? How can she fall haphazardly in love with someone when the love of her life is dead, rotting in her home?

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Chapter One: The Unknown Murder

I was running, running for my life. I ran into a dark alley, and I knew it was the last place I needed to be. My silky red dress was ruined and drenched in water because I had fallen in several water puddles, and I was tired. I needed to stop for air desperately, but if I did, my pursuer might catch up with me. So, I kept on running and hoped I would make it home alive.

How much ground have I covered in the last few hours? Or, at least it felt like hours. I must have been running for miles and miles. I didn’t think I could possibly run anymore. Just give up already, I thought.

I heard footsteps behind me, and my panic spiked. I could barely breathe.

“Destiny!” the man called.

I ran on anyway. He was going to overtake me. Was this going to be my last night in France? This is exactly what had happened to my brother when he had gone missing a few years ago, I was sure of it. How could this be happening to me?

I suddenly fell on something I could not see, something invisible that my eyes must have missed. There was a hole in the ground that was visible now that I had fallen. I had been stupid to believe I was going to make it home. This guy seemed inhumanly fast. I felt rather slow compared to him, how could that be?

As he came closer I could hear him humming Give in to Me by Letters from the Fire. I was terrified, and I didn’t understand what he wanted. Why should I fight? Will it do me any good at all? What do I do?

And then he spoke. He had a nice voice, but it was laced with a little venom.

“Destiny, why do you insist on being so foolish? Did you think I wouldn’t find you?”

I looked up at him. He had dark hair and dark eyes. He was handsome, but his features were feral. I had sensed he was very dangerous. It had been that same instinct that had told me to run, but now I was trapped.

I whimpered. I didn’t like this at all. I had really wanted to outrun him. I guessed running on the track team hadn’t helped me. I knew I had done all I could.

“Do you want me to make this easy on you?” he asked.

I glared at him. I could tell he was enjoying my discomfort. He was such a pig! What was he going to make easy? I wasn’t exactly sure what he was talking about.

“What are you going to do?”

“I’m going to give you the power you’ve always dreamed of, young lady.”

“I’m only human! No human has any form of power! You’re insane!”

“It’s time you learn that humans are not on the top of the food chain anymore.”

I was on my feet by then. I then, stupidly, backed into a wall. Big mistake. He just laughed at me. I sure didn’t think any of it was funny.

He looked at me and smiled a charming smile. I just stared at him blankly. He had fangs that seemed to have extended to a great length, and I couldn’t believe they were real. I knew all my gothic friends wore them. I was shaking so much that I just fell to my knees.

“Yes, I don’t think you will fight me at all. You know, I can make this quite pleasurable for you.”

He advanced on me, and I began to panic, and I wanted to scream. What’s going to happen to me? I had no other choice than to surrender myself to him. His fangs pierced my skin and I let out a painful scream, and the man just kept on draining the blood out of my body. I attempted to get away from him and everything became more painful. When I was dizzy and on the verge of unconsciousness, he pulled away.

“Now, you’ll drink from me.”

I nodded. I watched as he made a cut from his collarbone to his breast. I obediently latched on to his chest and started drinking. It tasted good. I was absolutely disgusted with myself.

Was I going to die? Undoubtedly so. At least I had no one that was going to miss me terribly. Both my parents were dead, and Max was still missing. Adam, my gorgeous, sweet, smart, sensitive boyfriend might miss me, but he could move on. I know he will. How could I have let this happen?

It was just like mom and dad’s car accident. If Max and I hadn’t been bickering about something unimportant, my parents would still be alive right now. But no, her dad had got distracted while trying to play referee. Mom was trying to tell Dad to watch the road.

That was when disaster struck; a car had swerved over in their lane. It’s a wonder Max and I wasn’t killed. Their dad died on impact, but their mom died in the lonely confines of a hospital bed.

Slowly, I came back to the present. All of this wouldn’t have happened if I had just stayed home like Adam told me to. Not that he knew what was going to happen. A party was just too good a deal to pass up though. Wow, I didn’t know I liked parties quite that much. Funny it seems I go to every party my friends throw.

I knew I shouldn’t have gone to Mira’s party. I couldn’t explain it, but somehow after I left her house, I knew. Surely Mira didn’t have anything to do with this. Mira would never know about vampires. I felt relieved when I put the facts into my head. Of course, Mira didn’t have anything to do with me being hunted down.

All of this was running through my mind. When the man started to speak, it was in an evil and amusing way. It sent chills down my spine.

“Destiny, you will awake in glory. Maybe you can accept the true nature of what you are becoming.”

I summoned up what I could of my strength to make a feeble attempt at a threat. It took me a little bit to find my voice. I could feel just how cold the words sounded as they formed in my head. When I spoke out loud, I put as much malice as I possibly could in my voice.

“If what you tell me is true, when I come back, I’m coming after you. Your blood will be mine then.”

“I believe you would find a way to kill me, darling,” he laughed.

I couldn’t speak anymore. I couldn’t feel. I couldn’t see. I could only hear. This was it, and it was wonderful. This was my death.

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