Choosing Destiny: The Chosen

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Chapter Ten: Hunger

I told Taylor I needed to do some small hunting. I told him I would try to stick to a bunny diet, and not touch a human. I told him to wait here for me, and I would be back within the course of an hour. He reluctantly let me go, and I could tell he wanted to come monitor me. I couldn’t make him feel any better.

“I’ll be back, I promise,” I said.

I was glad I had recovered the ability to walk.

“I’ll come looking for you if you aren’t back in an hour. Starting now,” he said while he looked at his watch.

I nodded and sped off. I could hear the wildlife around me, and I tried to hone in on something that was close. I hoped animal blood would suffice me enough to last a couple of days. I don’t have to have human blood, it just smells and tastes so amazing. There’s nothing like it in the whole world.

I found some deer in a clearing not too far from where Taylor was waiting for me. Deer have sensitive hearing so sneaking up on them is going to be hard. I decided the best approach was to speed in and tackle the deer. I could feel my canines extending, and I felt the very sudden urge to rip the deer’s throat out. I took off.

The poor deer didn’t know what hit it. I pinned it down and sank my fangs into its throat. The blood tasted bitter, not as good as the human stuff. I drained the deer and turned to its companion that was trying to run away. It didn’t get far.

As I drained the second deer I heard a gasp. I looked up and saw two young men with rifles in their hands. I panicked and compulsion honestly didn’t cross my mind. I sauntered up to them with blood dripping down my face. I had to do something quick.

I thought about just snapping their necks, but I could hear their heartbeats. Their hearts quickened because of their fear. Maybe just a little taste? I could drink and not kill them, right? Just one tiny taste won’t hurt anything.

I grabbed the first boy, I didn’t bother to take in his features. The sound of the blood flowing through his veins was too much. I could feel my canines extend once again, and I couldn’t stop myself. He tasted wonderful, and I was a little sad when his blood stopped flowing. I dropped the boy to the ground.

Now the second one got a little more creative. After he recovered from his shock, he took his gun and shot at me. I could feel the sting of the bullets, and they didn’t faze me. I shook my head slowly at him, and he took off running in the other direction. I could feel the excitement of the hunt, and I relished in it.

Catching him was not a problem, but I didn’t like the struggle he put up. I had to break his arms because he kept trying to punch me to get free. He should learn to not hit girls. I enjoyed ending his life, more than I probably should have. As he was drained of blood and his life force came to an end, I felt a strange emotion.

Now normally I didn’t feel guilt after a kill. But something felt so very wrong, and I think I knew the source of it all. I was feeling all the guilt of Matt’s death at my hands, and I couldn’t handle it. I decided right then and there to not take another human life. I would find another way, and I would get help from Jade.

I hunted for a few minutes more, draining blood from some stray dogs, bunnies, and more deer. As it neared time to go back to Taylor I made sure I couldn’t smell the human on me. I suddenly felt weak at my knees when I saw Taylor again. I had betrayed his trust again, and the only thing I could think of was letting him kill me. At least that way humans wouldn’t be in danger anymore.

“You did it again, didn’t you?”

“Taylor, go ahead kill me. I didn’t mean to do it this time. I panicked and I could have compelled them, but I didn’t.”

“I can forgive you this time. You need help, and I realize that no one has taught you to deal with your hunger.”

“Why do you keep forgiving me?”

“The forgiveness isn’t for you, it’s for me. If I spent all my time angry, I would never notice the good in you.”

“Thank you,”

I cried. It was genuine tears and I think he knew it too. So, when he picked me up for the second time that day, I buried my face in his chest and wept. He pulled away and gestured for me to follow him as he walked back towards the building, and I made a silent promise to not be controlled by this hunger. Hunger will not get the best of me anymore.

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