Choosing Destiny: The Chosen

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Chapter Eleven: Octoberfest

As I walked down to the main area of the compound, I noticed some decorations. I had almost forgot that Halloween was right around the corner. There was incense burning all over the place. There were water bins with apples, and I could detect a hint of catnip burning too. What was going on here?

Hopefully something to take my mind off of that awful letter I just read.

“What’s going on?” I asked.

“Our Octoberfest. We have a celebration all night,” Selema said.

“Cool,” Kevin said, coming up out of nowhere.

“That is neat,” Taylor said, coming up from behind me.

“Yeah, it’ll start tonight at nine,” Selema said.

I watched as she scurried off. These witches and stuff, they get to do all the cool stuff. I mean they celebrate Samhain, or something like that. I’m a vampire, I don’t get to celebrate a holiday. I’m scary to people every day.

It sucks. I looked down at my clothes and noticed I may need to change. I turned to Taylor.

"I'll be back. I want to change into something more comfortable."

"Be back quickly, it'll start in forty-five minutes," he said

I ran to my room and went to the small bathroom. I ran a brush through my long hair. The curls looked good. I ran a toothbrush over my teeth for minty fresh breath. I changed into a green tank top and some denim shorts, and when I was satisfied with my look, I headed back downstairs.

“Destiny, come sit,” Claire called.

"We were just going to go around the circle and talk about our stories. It’s always best to get to know who you’re going to work with,” Jade said.

I took a seat, and looked at Oliver who appeared to be the one starting.

“I know you all wonder why I call myself a Guardian. I discovered my powers a few years back, and I couldn’t decide what I wanted to do with them. Some people in my situation would have turned bad. I didn’t want that, and since then I’ve helped save the world a couple of times,” he said.

“From what? Why haven’t we heard anything?” Melena asked.

“It wasn’t anything major. I handled it in secret,” Oliver said.

“How did you meet Adina?” Kevin asked.

“I needed some technological help. I heard she was the best person to go to. When I saw her, I thought she was the most beautiful girl I had ever seen,” Oliver said.

“Well, I thought you were being a complete pain,” Adina quipped.

Everyone laughed. Having a married couple around is going to be fun.

“Jade, how did you get turned into a vampire?” Aron asked.

“I was young, and I had unknowingly fallen in love with a vampire, John. He didn’t turn me out of love, he turned me to prove a point. He killed me in front of the people who were going to kill him. He left me to awaken on my own.”

“That sounds lonely,” Joey said.

“It must have been horrible to awaken with no one to explain anything,” Zane said.

“It was horrible. The sunlight hurt my eyes badly, and I was incredibly hungry. I killed everyone I could ever care about, and I had to flee the one town I loved more than anything. It was the one place I was important, and everyone thought I was dead after that.”

I felt sorry for her. I got up and gave her a hug, and told her that she had been treated horribly. I can understand how she feels, and I am glad that my parents weren’t alive to see me like that. It would ruin me for life, and I would never get over it. I hate that Max must know I am a vampire now, and that he has been on the receiving end of my vampire hormones.

“Zane, how did you discover your powers?” Claire asked.

“Well, my mom was a witch. She didn’t really practice much, but she told me that I had inherited her powers and the powers of every ancestor I had. I was scared and she died before she could teach me anything. My dad had no idea.”

“Bro, that’s rough. I hate that for you,” Joey said.

‘Bro?’ Who says bro anymore? I couldn’t laugh because Zane’s situation wasn’t funny.

“Yeah, but I got along okay,” he shrugged.

“Joey, what about you?” Selema asked.

“I was born a witch on my dad’s side, and a werewolf on my mom’s side. It was a shock when they found out. My dad didn’t tell my mom he was a witch, and she didn’t tell him she was born a werewolf. Talk about growing up freaky.”

“So, did you have to kill someone to activate your werewolf curse?” Max asked.

“Yeah. I didn’t mean to, she attacked me, and I responded. I pushed her too hard and her head cracked on the side of a table.”

“That’s what happened to me. Only I wasn’t attacked, the girl was harassing me and wouldn’t leave me alone. Then she tried to kiss me and I pushed a little too hard and she hit her head hard on the wall and didn’t wake up,” Kevin said.

“You guys have had such a rough time. Why don’t you cry me a river?” Melena said.

“Melena, why don’t you tell us more about yourself?” Jade asked.

“I’m not interested. You guys have seriously bored me. When do the festivities start?” Melena asked.

“Right Now,” Selema answered.

“Thank God,” Melena retorted.

’We’d still love to hear something about you,” Selema said.

“Why would I want to do that? I have no interest in telling any of you my story. When all of this is over with, we’ll all go back to hating each other,” Melena snapped.

She sure was a piece of work. We may not hate each other after this. We could all be friends, and I hope we can move passed some of the things that have made our lives so rough. Melena was just a spoiled sport. Who needed her anyway?

We had all been talking and getting to know each other better that time seemed to fly. But we did have time for one more story.

“So, newbie vamp, were you alone when you turned? Or did you have someone show you the ropes?” Melena asked.

Her question caught me off guard.

“Yes, I was alone. This jerk turned me in a dark alley. It was like he singled me out intentionally,” I answered.

“Oh, so you really think you are something special, don’t you?” Melena said, maliciously.

I decided to ignore her, and I turned my attention to Claire.

“Claire, tell us about your lightning,” I said.

“Well, it was meant as a curse from a witch. She thought I was being negative about nature, and she cursed me with the hardest thing to control. Now I can do all sorts of things with it, like make shields, reflect things, and just plain out kill if needed.”

“That is kind of cool,” Kevin said.

“Cool? It’s kind of painful,” Claire said.

“Now that would suck,” Joey piped in.

Wow, everyone has been through so much. I am truly not alone with my pain. I am not the only one that has had things thrust upon them. We may seem like a merry band of misfits, but I think we may have a real shot at working together. We can all use our differences as strengths.

Once the celebration started, we didn’t have a whole lot of time to talk. The girls bobbed for apples…and failed. The boys drank and joked around. We could smell the catnip and incense burning. We danced around the bonfire, and we laughed.

The Elders watched us having fun. They seemed to enjoy our delight in having something fun to take our minds off the impending doom. Aris was even having some fun himself. He tried to bob for apples…and he succeeded. Maybe he wasn’t so bad.

We partied on until after midnight, and the Elders made us go to bed. It was great to have some fun, and we had some awesome people here. The incense was supposed to keep bad spirits away; I did know that much. The burning catnip I had no idea about. All I know is I am glad for the chance to act normal.

Little did I know that my ‘normal’ was going to go right out the window.

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