Choosing Destiny: The Chosen

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Chapter Thirteen: The Trial

A trial? I knew I had killed a couple of people, but I couldn’t control my bloodlust; can they not see I have done so much better? I can do better now, who’s going to defend me? Do I have the right to an attorney, are there vampire attorneys? I am so scared, and I have never felt this way before.

I reached out to Max, who looked mad at what was happening. Would he stand beside me? How is this trial going to work? I couldn’t breathe, and I was panicking. Can a vampire vomit?

“Bring the guilty forward,” an Elder demanded.

I was shoved from behind up towards a podium. I was shoved into the seat and tied to it. I felt all eyes on me, but I was in such pain I couldn’t really open my eyes.

“Destiny Amara Bell, you stand charged with countless murders and betrayal, how do you plead?” Henry said.

“Innocent,” I croaked.

I was going to do whatever to keep people safe, but I was hoping they would have mercy and find me innocent,

“Not likely,” Mira interjected.

And the trial began. I was questioned about the six campers in the woods, about Matt, and about the others that came after that. My only defense was that I couldn’t control my bloodlust, and that I haven’t been a vampire for very long. The vervain killed my skin, I could see it drawing blood from my arms. And then they asked the question that absolutely killed me.

“What about the boys you killed in New Orleans, were they just an accident?” Henry asked, angrily.

“Yes, they were. It was the next day after I awakened. I didn’t know what was going on, I didn’t know who I was or where I was.”
“Oh, sure. You expect me to just believe that?” he spat.

“You can believe what you want, but that doesn’t change the truth. I don’t know what poisonous lies John has told you, but this was all his fault!” I exclaimed.

All eyes turned to John, and he let a big smirk grace his features.

“Yes, I did turn her. Yes, the only explanation I gave her was that she was going to be more powerful. Mira came to me, and she was worried; said Destiny had been practicing witchcraft,” John said.

Then all eyes turned back to me.

“Witchcraft? Really, Mira? I didn’t even know I had magic. Now I’ll never get to use it.” I said, indignantly.

“The girl, she has an attitude. Now, you witch, tell us about the Great Evil,” Kai said.

I looked hurt. Kai was always so nice, and he never judged me. He understood what I was going through. Now I have him as an enemy.

“I don’t know anything, I swear!” I shouted as someone tightened the vervain ropes.

“You sure about that?” Kai said, venomously.

“Y-Y-Yes,” I cried.

“I find you, Destiny Amara Bell, guilty and you are hereby sentenced to death. Take her to her chambers. We will give her this one last day to live and enjoy some pleasantries,” Henry said.

My friends and brother burst out angrily. They shouted profanities at Henry and Kai. Jade even said I was getting better with my bloodlust. Oliver and Adina exchanged looks, and they too joined in to protect me. It did no good.

The Elders used a burst of power to shut everyone up.

“What is spoken shall pass,” the Water Elders said in unison.

I was taken away like a dog. One more day of pleasantries? Why don’t they just kill me now? I was herded out the door and locked in my room. What good was it really to have one more day?

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