Choosing Destiny: The Chosen

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Chapter Fifteen: The Prediction Has “Come” True

As they dragged me out of my room, all I could hear was confirmations about how the prediction had come true. What were they talking about, they told me that I might be a target? I could feel a little anger in my hazed mind, and I should say I was getting tired of the vervain. They supposedly had the culprit, huh? I am this Great Evil they had been searching for, and if that were true; I would have been able to break out of this bondage.

“Everyone, our threat has been averted! The Evil One has been caught. She is going to die soon. We will not be giving her a whole day!” Henry said.

“Are you crazy? Destiny is an innocent young girl,” Jade said.

“We have sympathizer, grab her,” Henry demanded.

“Enough! Henry that is enough,” the Water Elders said.

“Of course,” Henry said, bowing.

“Destiny has done nothing but cause heartache and destruction since she arrived. If she isn’t the real Great Evil, she’s his marionette doll. Doing as she’s instructed.”

“That’s a very big stretch,” Kevin said.

“It would seem that way, but John came here to warn us. So, did Mira, and they could have barely escaped with their lives.”
“This is insane. We haven’t seen hide nor tail of this threat and now suddenly we’re supposed to believe she is the one that did it?” Claire asked.

“Those people were sacrifices. She had to make so many blood sacrifices for it to work. Then she would give her own life to the Evil One.”

“Since Destiny also has some of her human blood, she would also pass on her witch powers, we didn’t want to alarm all of you,” Henry said.

“How is that even possible?” Max questioned.

“She’s only been a vampire for a short time. Her own human blood hasn’t passed out of her body yet,” Mira answered, seeming solemn.

“Everyone make way; we have to prepare the body.”

I could see all my friends clear a path. Their looks will haunt me in the afterlife. I could feel the hurt and betrayal dripping off them. I wouldn’t cry or reach out for them, it would only show my weakness. If what these Water Elders were saying was true, I wasn’t letting any of my friends die.

They took me into a dark and dank room with a pool in the middle. I didn’t realize it but the pool was filled to the brim with vervain, and I could see venomous snakes swimming around. I guess they are going to torture me first before they kill me. I saw wooden knives and more ropes. I also saw wooden bullets and a pistol.

Henry walked back out to make an announcement. He told them if they wanted to say any last words to me before I died, they could. No one moved. I guess since they were satisfied that no one had anything to do say to me, they pushed me in the pool. The vervain burned like fire, and the snakes were irritated by the sudden movement and they struck me repeatedly.

I yelled, I cried, and I tried to fight against the ropes. But it made everything worse. I wanted to die, but I could tell the Elders had other plans. The Air Elders were brought in to draw out all my oxygen. The Earth Elders filled my mouth and throat with soil, and the Fire Elders set fire to certain parts of my body and then would put it out; there was no torture as bad as this.

I think the worst part was having the air pulled out of my lungs and slammed back in. The vervain burned, but it didn’t feel like I was going to burn up from lack of air. The snake bites were almost a joke, because they knew that the snakes couldn’t kill me.

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