Choosing Destiny: The Chosen

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Chapter Sixteen: Love Can Kill

My torture went on for hours. Or what felt like hours. They would drag me to the edge of death and then they would feed me blood so I could get better. It was agonizing and brutal and I just wanted to see black. Finally, they pulled me out of the pool and strapped me to a chair.

I almost wish they would interrogate me, but no words were spoken. The only thing that could be heard were my screams and their laughter. I think they enjoyed hurting me. A Water Elder grabbed the pistol and loaded it with wooden bullets. If I took one of those to the heart, I would die.

“Tell me what you know! What are they planning?”

“I don’t know! I swear I don’t know!”
My screams were drowned out as I felt more pain on my body. They had even taken to injecting poison into my body, and with me being as weak as I was, it’s a wonder it didn’t kill me. I couldn’t imagine treating a person this way, but these guys had no problem with it. When that ceased to work, they took to more unpleasant measures. Like the pistol.

He aimed at my arm and shot. I have never felt this kind of pain before. I yelled and jerked at my restraints. Nothing would make me happier than to rip their heads off and make them pay for what they have done to me. They will answer for what they have done.

“How do you like that? Now you know the pain of all your victims,” he sneered.

I growled.

“Baby, now there’s no need to get snippy with me,” he mocked.

“You will pay for this,” I whispered.

“What was that?”

“You will pay for this.”

He grabbed one of the wooden knives, cut across my skin. He held up a vial and let the blood pour into it. I hissed and begged for him to stop. He then moved to my abdomen and cut there, and I watched as more blood poured into another vial. Why was he collecting my blood?

I was halfway unconscious when he left me. I couldn’t even focus on what he was telling the others. He had taken fifteen vials of blood with him. I wish he would come back and finish the job, or was he too scared to do so? I was too weak to put up a fight.

I could make out angry noises from outside, but I couldn’t focus enough to understand what was happening. It was just two people, and one of them was extremely mad. I wanted to yell for them to leave me alone. They had what they wanted, couldn’t they let me die in peace? Obviously not because the door opened.

All I could see at first was a dark shadow.

“They asked me if you were worth saving, and I told them I would have to talk to you myself,” a voice said.

That voice, I know it. Come on, Destiny, think. I loved that voice more than anything.

“Am I really just a snack to you?” Taylor asked.

I was shocked, but I maintained my resolve.

“Yes, and when I get out of here you’ll be the first one I kill,” I spat.

“So, I what I thought I felt wasn’t real? You were just trying to lure me in?”

“From day one, baby. Are you surprised? You shouldn’t be, I mean I did compel you all those days ago so that I could snack on you.”

I wish I could tell him this was all a façade, but it wouldn’t help me now.

He walked away from me, where the wooden weapons were. I heard him playing with one. Taylor would never kill me on his own. He seemed mad for a different reason. What had they told him?

“I hold in my hands the keys for your release, or a wooden stake to put in your heart. Why was Matt a sacrifice for you? He could have been a good ally. I could have been your sacrifice.”

“I thought he sent a better message. I thought killing him would keep you in line.”

“You don’t mean that. You’re not a killer, not really.”

“Taylor, I am. It’s my nature. He tasted so good.”

He hit a wall by where he was at. I don’t know if I was making him mad, or if he was really seeing right through me. He looked at me as if he was torn, and then he stormed out of the room. He was probably going to report what he had learned. Could he forgive me for this, ever?

What I heard next broke my heart. I could hear him weeping, weeping for the loss of his brother and for me. What have I done? I’ve always broken everything I have ever touched, but I have never broken a person. I tried to drown him out, but I couldn’t and it made me cry.

I could make out more voices. Max was trying to defend his little sister, and Claire was on his side defending me. Jade was trying to tell him it must be a defense mechanism, and Zane backed her up. Oliver and Adina believed I was forced to say those things. They tried to tell him I was a sweet girl.

What surprised me though was Melena and Aron. Aron had always been nice to me, and Melena always had an attitude with everyone. Aron said he couldn’t believe me, and that he thought I was a good person. Melena thought I was lying to save my own skin, and after he thought about it, Aron agreed. That right there is how love can be a bad thing.

Taylor seemed to brush off everyone as he walked back in. He walked in with a kind face. Like he had found peace.

“I can’t forget what you have done, but I can forgive you. I don’t know what’s compelled you to lie to me, but whatever you need I will get for you.”

“Need? I don’t need what you can offer. You’re best to just go about your own business, little boy.”

I couldn’t let my resolve falter. It would be better for him if he hated me. How do I get him to do that again?

“You don’t mean that. I can get you some blood, I can get you some food. I can get you your freedom.”

“Go ahead free me, but just wait and see how many people survive.”

That seemed to ignite a hatred in Taylor. Shapeshifters are angry by nature, so I was expecting him to transform. What happened though? He ran at me and plunged the stake into my heart. I guess he thought it was his best chance at saving me.

People say that love can’t kill, but don’t listen to them; because it killed me. For the second time.

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