Choosing Destiny: The Chosen

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Chapter Seventeen: Opening the Doors of Death

I could feel my body quickly desiccating. My skin turned grey and my veins seemed to be standing out above my skin. Do you want to know how I know all of this? I seemed to be having an out of body experience. It was like I was looking down at my body and what was going on.

I looked freaky and scary. Do all vampires look like this? Maybe it’s just freaky because I am dead for good. Ah, I bet you’re wondering about that, how does the heroine of the story die? Well, a story can go on without its lead girl, right?

Well, see my body is dead, but my spirit is not. Weird, right? I can’t help anyone or talk to anyone. I am stuck in limbo, which sucks. You can see the people you care about, you can hear the people you care about, but you can’t reach out to the people you care about.

And I bet you’re wondering what I meant by love had killed me twice. You see my first death was at the hands of John. And while John seems to be a good person, he only turned me because he was afraid I would hurt Mira. Mira didn’t want me dead, she did want me out of her hair though. How do I know all of this?

Even though I didn’t hang around Mira and John much while they’ve been around, I have observed them. John and Mira care deeply for each other. Even if she told him a lie due to a vision she may have had, he did it to protect her. She would have thought I was a danger, even if I am just new at being a vampire or a witch. She’s known about her powers for a while and have used them to gain an upper hand in society.

So that is the first time that love has killed me. Yes, I do love Taylor; and I know I made a mistake. I didn’t do what I did out of spite, I did it so he would move on. He loved me so much and he kept forgiving me even when I didn’t deserve it. I was a bit surprised he drove the stake through my heart.

So, now you see love has killed me twice now. I guess I asked for it, and Taylor was giving me my one wish. I wasn’t strong enough to withstand all that pain. He probably feels bad that he gave me the easy way out. It’s not his fault really, I did egg him on.

I was lost in all my thoughts when everything started to change. I was thrown in a room that looked like it could have cost a person a fortune. There were expensive looking red chairs, and rugs, and the coffee table looked out of this world. The mahogany wood looked great, and I tried to steer clear from it because I didn’t want to be stabbed with it. Chill, it’s just a habit, I am not used to being dead.

“Destiny, welcome,” said a woman’s voice.

I turned around and saw my mother. I could feel the tears in my eyes, and I could see her eyes watering. She ran up to me and wrapped me in her arms. The calmness I had been feeling went out the window. I cried so hard into my mama’s chest.

She tried to soothe me the best she could, but when she looked up at the clock she tried to reason with me.

“Destiny, we haven’t gotten much time. Look, things are going astray on Earth and I need someone to help fix it. You can go through that door, which will make your death permanent. But you have another choice, you can walk through that door, and return to life.”

“I don’t want to go back,” I tried to tell her.

“Look do you see that door opening, it’s Death’s door. He beckons for you. The longer you stay here, the more in danger you are.”

“He can have me!”

“Young lady, don’t talk like that. I need you back on Earth, I need you to fix the problem John created.”

“Why me?”

“Because your friends need you! You are special! You can put an end to this. Go back and save them!”

“I don’t even know how to help them! I couldn’t even save myself! I haven’t been able to keep anyone I care about safe!”

“Adam found peace, my child. You need to find peace. The battle may be long, but if you give up now, they’ve already won. You can help your friends. Go, give them hope. Give them strength.”

This got my attention.

“Don’t let Death’s doors open anymore. Run, go back. You have a choice. Now be a reasonable person for once in your life.”

I watched Death’s door open a little bit at a time. I didn’t have long, and I knew I needed to make a choice. I didn’t want to leave my mom, and I wanted to see my dad. But I couldn’t leave my very human brother behind to fight these things. I knew what I had to do.

I looked at my mom, and I gave her a quick hug. Death’s door was almost open, but I knew I was faster. I dashed out the other door and headed back to my body. As I tried to position myself in the same way as my body, a bad thought occurred to me. But I had to push it aside and hope I remembered it when I woke up.

As Death’s door completely opened, I was back inside my body. But I will never forget how terrifying Death looked, what was so scary was how normal he looked; like he was human but he was reaping souls. He couldn’t reach me now. Just as his hands where reaching for me, I woke up. I was alive and I was free. No restraints were there to stop me.

I knew what I had to do.

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