Choosing Destiny: The Chosen

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Chapter Nineteen: Now For a Game of Hide and Seek

My friends got into a defensive stance. We knew now that fighting them was inevitable. The Elders stood to face us, and we waited for them to attack. But no one moved. Were they scared of us?

I noticed they were looking at me, and then I knew. They thought I was dead, and now that I am alive I was weakening their power a little bit. We stood there waiting to see who would make the first move, and not at all by surprise did the Elders charge us. It seemed they were interested in fighting us one-on-one. A clever divide and conquer technique.

I had to keep an eye on Max, he wasn’t strong enough to fight them and who knew if vervain weakened them. The Elders were quick and strong, stronger than I would have thought. Mira and John were fighting on our side, apparently, they didn’t know what the Elders had been planning. It just goes to show you how stupid all of us were being. The threat wasn’t to come; it was already here.

One of the Elders went to bite Max and when they did they yelled out in pain. Max always drinks some vervain in his tea. Then the Elder went to snap his neck and was hit by lightning. I looked over at Claire and mouthed my thanks to her. She winked and kept on fighting.

I could see her out of the corner of my eyes, she was a skilled fighter. She managed to hit her targets dead on with lightning, but the Elders proved to be very resilient. They just bounced back, and that’s what scared me the most. How can we destroy something that can’t be hurt? Maybe we could stake them in the heart and that would solve our problem.

Kevin was struggling with an Elder but Selema helped him out. She also helped Joey who was pinned down by one of them. She tried to weaken them with aneurysms, but they didn’t stay down long.

Zane was having the best luck, but he wasn’t fast enough to stake them. What none of us realized though was that they were fighting us into the center of the room. Where they would have us surrounded and we couldn’t escape the bloodbath. The one who did notice was Taylor who transformed into this giant panther, and he looked beastly. He managed to push some of them back.

All our attempts to fight them seemed to be in vain. Until I looked outside and noticed that we had a full moon. Kevin and Joey will be transforming before long.

“Guys, protect Kevin and Joey!” I yelled.

We could hear the breaking of bones as both men started to change. Fighting off the Elders were hard when we were trying to make sure that we didn’t get killed by werewolves.

“Joey has finished his transformation,” Jade said, worriedly.

Werewolves are known for killing vampires ruthlessly.

“He’ll be okay. We will be okay. Jade don’t panic, Joey would never hurt you,” Zane said.


“Joey is like my brother, and he knows how much I care. You’re safe.”

“Guys, a little more focus please,” I said.

“Right,” they said in unison.

With both werewolves transformed and with the help of Taylor, we all gathered in one corner. Claire put up a force field that no one could break. We watched the giant wolves and the giant panther fight the Elders. We were hoping the wolves would land bites because they are deadly to vampires. But the Elders decided to take that chance to retreat.

But we followed them outside and continued the fight. We couldn’t let them leave, not with the havoc they will cause. We must stop this here. The Elders were still strong, so we decided to put our strongest fighters first. Jade and I advanced on our own.

We growled and we know we looked feral to the others. Our veins showing under our eyes and our eyes changing colors. We charged in and tried to land some deadly blows to these jerks. Jade managed to bite one of them, and they howled out in pain. But Jade looked like she had just been poisoned.

I could smell the vervain in their blood, and I guess they decided to use our own weakness as their strength. So, I grabbed Jade and joined the others. We sent in the witches and Aron next. Aron tried to suffocate them, but it didn’t work. Aron couldn’t suck out enough air.

With everything we know failing, what else could we do. The Elders were getting antsy, and the sun was slowly starting to rise. They streaked off without warning. Sunlight can hurt them, and we need to prevent them from obtaining any jewelry that will allow them to walk in the sun. That was their weakness right now and we could use it against them.

Melena looked at me with a ‘what now’ look on her face. I just shrugged my shoulders and watched the sunrise. Everyone else seemed to think they had better enjoy this sunrise because it could be the last one we ever see. We needed to come up with a plan, and we needed one quickly. But right now, we have survived and we needed to enjoy the small thing.

“What now, O Great Leader?” Melena asked.

“I have no idea,” I said.

“Oh, great. You’re sent back to help us and you are just as useless as before,” she snapped.

“Melena, that is enough,” Aron said.

“But—but” she whined.

“No,” he said.

“We did well to survive,” Joey said.

“We did. We have to stop them though,” Selema said.

I looked around and saw that Zane was holding Jade, Max was with Claire, Aron and Melena were together, Oliver and Adina were holding each other fiercely. Then I noticed the slightly new development: Joey and Selema. I sighed. If we have each other we will be okay. Now a game of hide and seek is in order, and I hope we’re all ready to play.

Because what’s to come is going to be a real test of our friendships.

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