Choosing Destiny: The Chosen

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Chapter Four: The Calling

I finally arrived in the small town of Brookhaven, Mississippi. When I say small, I mean like smaller than any town I’ve ever been in. I seem to have found the mainstream boulevard where there’s all sorts of fast food restaurants, a couple of nice dine-in places, and a Wal-Mart. Okay, so this town might be in for a rude awakening if there’s anything supernatural related going to be happening here. These poor people that live in their safe, clueless lives…they’re lucky and I envy them.

I walked by a Rite Aid and some kids were in the parking lot. This must be normal for teenagers to hang out in parking lots. In France, we had specific hang out spots, apparently here teens must hang out wherever they can. I continued walking down Brookway Boulevard and saw families out together eating and laughing and it made me sick. Who are they to enjoy life and all it must offer? Who are they to flaunt they have a family in front of me?

A low whistle was heard to my left. I turned and saw a group of guys standing there watching me. If only they knew how much that noise annoyed me, they wouldn’t be so bold as to whistle at me in that way. I stopped and thought for a minute. I’m a vampire now; I have beauty beyond what any mortal woman can hope to have. My curly red hair must have a nice shine to it and my green eyes must look alluring.

I can use my looks to my advantage here. These guys would be too dense to know that I need blood and badly. No one will miss these idiots I’m sure. I smiled at them and headed their way.

“Hello, boys,” I said, smugly.

One of the guys looked shocked that I even spoke to them. He looked at another of the guys that must have been his brother. I laughed inwardly. Yep, no one was going to miss these guys.

“Hello, miss, how may we help you?” the ringleader of the group asked.

“I’m new in town and I was wondering if you boys would be so kind as to be a tour guide?”

“Of course, we’ll help you,” a guy to my left said.

I hope they aren’t traffickers. I could get myself into real trouble here, but then again, I can fight them all off now. They really don’t look like they would put up much of a struggle when I decide to kill them. If hunting is this easy all the time, I won’t have a thing in the world to worry about.

“What do you want to see first?” the ring leader asked.

I looked them in the eyes and smiled. Compelling these poor boys would be easy. Almost like taking candy from a baby.

“There’s a house on the outskirts of town. I saw it when on my way in. I was wondering if you could show it to me again, I believe that is where I am supposed to be staying.”

“Sure, we can. We hang out there all the time.”

They started to walk away and I followed them. I kept on my guard because something about them didn’t sit well with me. I felt this nagging in my gut that told me I should be the one running. It’s been just a little while ago that I felt actual fear like that. Could they know about vampires after all?

Usually I wasn’t one to worry with anything. Guys were guys and they always put off weird vibes. The only thing I am worried about is not knowing what they will do to me when they get me to this house. They look harmless, but isn’t that how most kidnappers and rapist look? I mean, any bad guy looks like he isn’t that bad of a person.

I shook my head. Get a grip, I thought. I’m a vampire now, I can fend for myself. I don’t have to worry about things that normal girls should worry about. All I must do is keep myself alive.

I could see the house ahead of us. This will be the perfect place to kill these guys. I noticed it was far enough away that no one would hear any screams, and if I had to guess, no one would look for the boys here. I couldn’t keep the smile off my face. If anyone were to see me, I’m sure I would scare them.

The boys turned to me and winked. Ugh, I really hated it when things like helping a girl boosted a guy’s ego. They can’t possibly think any one of them is going to get lucky. I could feel their thoughts swirling around in their minds like the ocean in the middle of a storm. Only one of them had thoughts of getting me into bed…good luck with that.

“I hope this helped you,” the ring leader said.

“Oh, yes,” I said.

When I smiled you could see my canines had extended to their full length. The boys looked surprised. I love the smell of fear in the morning. I reached for one of the boys and was fixing to rip his throat out when I felt a strange surge of power. Suddenly, my air flow was cut off.

I stumbled backwards gasping for air. I wasn’t supposed to need air to breathe, so what’s happening to me? I looked back at the boy and begged with my eyes for him to let me go. I could feel his power recede and I could breathe again. I really need to be careful with this one, but how do I finish him off?

“I hope you don’t think you can take us on alone?” he said.

“What are you?” I asked, hesitantly.

“I am an Elemental, which means I can control one of the four elements. Mine just happens to be air.”

I just stood there and looked at him. Elementals are something of myth, but then again, so am I.

“That explains that then.”

“What’s your name?”

“I am Destiny. You are?”

“I’m Aron.”

“Who are these guys?”

“Kevin, Taylor, and Matt,” he said indicating which one was which.

I nodded. Kevin was tall and had a burly build. He was extremely tan which meant he must be from either the East or West Coast. He had sandy blond hair that seemed as if it was soft. His eyes were so blue that they put the stars to shame.

Taylor was slightly shorter than Kevin with a tan and a muscular build. He wasn’t bad to look at and his eyes shone bright green against his long locks of black hair. I could feel my heart skip a beat as if I was still some petty human girl. Taylor was wearing riding boots and I would have to guess he was from someplace like Kentucky.

Now Matt was just gorgeous. He looked like Taylor only more god-like. His hair was a very bright red and his eyes were a breath-taking blue. He was a little pale, but he was tall and had a very muscular build. I’m sure he’s stopped many hearts with his looks, but a guy that gorgeous must have something to hide.

“So, Destiny, where are you from?” Taylor asked.

“I am from New Orleans,” I answered.

“That’s cool. Where are you two from?” Aron asked, pointing at Taylor and Matt.

“California,” They said in unison.

“Kev, what about you?” Matt asked.

“I am from Tennessee,” Kevin answered.

“That’s nice,” I said to Kevin.

I turned to take a good look at Aron. He wasn’t bad looking himself. He had brown hair and brown eyes and freckles. His hair was wavy and looked like a sea of silk. Girls would kill to have hair that shines like his, and I would know because I would love to have hair like that.

“Okay, so what’s going on here?” I asked.

“Did you follow a Light here?” Taylor asked.

“I did.”

“That’s known as the Calling,” Matt said.

“The Calling?”

“It’s something that hasn’t occurred for over one thousand years. It’s used only by super powerful beings when there is a very strong disturbance. It goes over thousands of miles to find people that are supernatural and bring them to one spot,” Aron said.

“Cool,” Kevin said.

“An ancient art is what the Calling actually is,” a new voice said.

I turned and looked. Could it be? How? There is no way he could still be alive.

“Max,” I breathed.

“Hello, sister.”

I could feel the others’ eyes on me. Of course, there was no need for me to mention much about my past. I don’t owe these guys anything. I was envious of Taylor and Matt still having each other, but now I’m glad that I have my brother to help me figure out what is going on here. How would he know about the Calling?

I resisted the strong urge to go wrap my arms around him. I have not yet got used to my newfound strength and I would hate to crush him. So, I offered up a genuine smile. The tears were starting to sting my eyes though. I felt overwhelmed with joy, relief, and excitement.

Stupid heightened emotions. Finally, I found my voice after clearing my throat.

“Max, where have you been? How do you know about the Calling?” I asked.

“I’ve been here and there. You know me, Destiny; I was always interested in the supernatural. I spent hours studying about it. A lot of it is just myths. I hoped one day I would live to see the Calling happen.”

I laughed. Max always would stay holed up in his room reading about vampires, werewolves, vervain, shapeshifters, witches, and all sorts of herbs that were supposed to protect you from each. Mom would get so mad at him for staying in his room all day. She thought he was in there doing drugs, but she was relieved he was doing something less harmful. His knowledge of the supernatural could help us out.

“I can take you to my people. They can explain things in greater detail,” Aron said.

“More Elementals?” Matt asked, wearily.

“Yes, don’t worry, we aren’t the enemy,” Aron said.

I saw Taylor roll his eyes. I take it they’ve been told that a good bit.

“Your Elders know what’s going on?” Max asked.

This time, I rolled my eyes. Leave it to Max to be the supernatural buff.

“Take us to them, now,” I demanded.

Everyone looked taken aback. I don’t have time to sit around and chat. If we are going to get to the bottom of this, we need to act. We don’t know if our lives are in danger or not. And I’ve learned, playing with someone’s life is not good.

“This way,” Aron said.

We all followed him without question. I just hope his people don’t try to double-cross us.

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