Choosing Destiny: The Chosen

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Chapter Six: During the Hunt

Max and I met up in the central part of the building. I could hear the blood pulsing through his veins. I was trying to hide my hunger; I could eat later. Max must have been able to tell because he looked at me with a strange look in his eyes. Maybe he was scared.

“Destiny, I think you need to hunt. You’ll starve if you don’t,” Max said.

“Let me guess, if I don’t I’ll desiccate?” I asked, half joking.

“Yes,” Max answered.

Nerd. Leave it to him to be an expert in all things supernatural. His knowledge may come in useful. He may can help the Elders figure out this looming danger. Maybe he can give us a shot.

“Okay, so what do I need to do?” I asked.

“Well, unlike what you did in New Orleans, you need to just take a little blood from someone.”

“But they will scream or they will remember who I am.”

“Didn’t you compel them? You can help them forget and not scream.”

“Okay then.”

I walked out with Max behind me. He said he would help me. Said he knew a couple of places in the area that would have isolated people. He also tried to tell me not to vamp out in front of a lot of people. The supernatural world would scare a lot of people.

Somewhere in the back of my mind I thought they deserved to be scared. I felt way superior to humans. They need to know their place. Someone should teach them a lesson. They need to know they aren’t at the top of the food chain.

Then the smell of human blood caught my attention. I took off running in the direction of several men. I could run faster than Max, so he couldn’t stop me. I can feed however I see fit now. I could almost hear myself laughing maniacally in the back of my mind.

As I neared the campground I heard the men laughing and talking. Ah, a group of buddies must be gathered around the campfire. Probably telling stories about all their conquests. Telling dirty jokes. Maybe they are making demeaning comments about women.

As I got a lot closer I focused on what they were saying. Of course, I could smell alcohol and a hint of marijuana. They were talking about women. Of course, their words shouldn’t offend me because they are intoxicated, but they did. I could feel the white-hot rage taking over.

Next thing I know, I have stripped down to my underwear and walked to the center of the campers. I guess I thought it was a good distraction tactic. Maybe they would be in awe of me, and think I was there for a good time. Maybe they wouldn’t think I was there to kill. They would have no idea this was their last camping trip.

“Hey, baby, what are you doing in a dump like this?” one guy asked.

“Oh, I’m just here to have a little fun,’ I said in my best sultry voice.

I looked all of them in the eye. I conveyed a silent message. I grabbed the first one with incredible speed. I bit into his throat and the coppery liquid going down tasted amazing. It was like euphoria.

I have fed before, but I don’t know what was so different this time. Maybe it was the alcohol and drugs, or maybe the fact that he was slightly turned on. Whatever it was, I couldn’t wait to sink my teeth into the other guys. When I finished with the first one, I carelessly tossed him aside and tried to determine my next victim.

Deciding was easy. This guy was fat and balding, and he was fidgeting immensely. He wouldn’t put up a fight. In fact, they all thought they have gone blind. I have cut off their outward senses, they are trapped in their mind; in their own nightmares, no less.

In about twenty minutes I had all six men drained of blood, and I yearned for more. I needed it. I had to have it. I was ravenous for more blood. I still had time before I was found out.

I caught a sweet smell north of where I was at. A nice rose mixed with vanilla, it was most intoxicating. An easy target no doubt. I took off towards the girl. Luckily, it was a human scent, I couldn’t deal with anything supernatural.

I scared the girl. I muffled her scream with my hand. She attempted to fight and it irritated me. I snapped her neck and then started to feed. She tasted delicious, and I was hooked immediately; she tasted nothing like alcohol but like human food.

I drank and drank until I was full. Such a young girl, she died well before her time. I didn’t seem to care. She served her purpose very well. I was thankful.

Then an unusual scent hit my nose next. It smelled delightful, and it kind of smelled familiar at the same time. Unable to stop myself I took off after it. The smell of cologne mixed with the earth was wonderful. I didn’t know anything could smell that good.

I stalked the creature unknowingly. I saw flame red hair and gorgeous blue eyes. This guy was built like he worked out a lot. He was gorgeous, and I mean any girl would want to be with this guy. When he turned to face me, I saw the face of a gentle soul.

A soul that was going to meet God by the time I’m through with him. I decided to throw distraction out the window. I’m not going to compel him either. So, I decided to just pounce. I drowned out his screams.

I could taste his fear in his blood. It only egged me on more. I became more aggressive in ripping his throat out. I loved the feeling of control. I could feel his life-force getting weaker and weaker.

I heard someone walking, and I started to panic. I couldn’t be caught like this. I finished this fellow off quickly instead of drawing out the pleasure. I had to hide quickly. No one needed to see this.

“Matt! Matt are you okay?” I heard someone scream.

Oh, no. I had just killed Taylor’s brother Matt. How am I going to tell him? Will he even know it was me? What am I going to do?

I looked down at myself to check my appearance. Blood had managed to drip down all over my body. There was no way to hide this. Taylor will never forgive me. It’ll make things very awkward between us.

I tried to hide behind some trees, and I prayed they conceal me well enough. I hoped it hide my shame from Taylor. How could I be so stupid? This is the second time I’ve killed someone I know. Why can’t I get this right?

“Matt, come on buddy, where are you?”

I watched from my hiding spot as Taylor stumbled upon the body. He looked hurt and sad and a mixture of something else. I had never seen someone so heartbroken.

“No, Matt, please! What happened? Who did this to you? Why did you have to go off alone?”

He looked angry as he looked at the marks on Matt’s neck. He knew, and I know that he knew who did it. He was going to kill me. I had no doubt in my mind about that. I could even hear him let out a growl.

I began trying to sneak away. I was doing good until a twig snapped under my foot. I stood still and tried not to breathe. I was frozen in place. I just gave myself away.

“Come out! I know you’re there! I can smell you,” Taylor shouted.

I sighed. There was no way out of this, so it’s best to fess up now.

“I am here, Taylor,” I answered.

“How could you, Destiny? He did nothing to deserve this!” he yelled at me.

“I was hunting, and I got carried away.”

“Yeah, I followed your trail. You’ve killed eight people tonight.”

“I am sorry about Matt. I really am, I didn’t realize it until it was too late.”

“Come on, I have to get you back before you kill anyone else. Try and kill me, and I won’t think twice about ripping your heart out.”

I couldn’t help but look a little downcast. He had yelled and waved his arms at me. He didn’t have to point out I killed as many people as I did, but he did it to prove a point. I let the tears stream down my face as I felt the guilt eat at my heart. I’ll never, never, ever be able to look him in the face again.

“Destiny, I don’t hear you following me! Don’t think about running either. You have to answer for what you did.”

I followed behind him obediently. I don’t know if it was the fear of dying or the shame I felt. He didn’t kill me like I thought he would. Maybe his plan was to keep me alive and make me suffer in guilt. I mean, what better torture is there than that?

We made it back to the building. There was a whole lot of commotion going on inside. It was like a frenzy of panicked movement. It was a little scary and I did not feel comfortable going any further. Then something caught my attention.

What caught my attention was startling and exciting at the same time. Now just to figure out if this is good or not.

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